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Gears of War 3 prepared for its September 20th release holding Launch Parties in Toronto and Vancouver. Serving freshly hacked Locust meat, Gears swag and playtime on the unreleased game these parties were a Gears’ fan fav! The trilogy that started in 2006 is coming to an end September 20th 2011! In case you don’t have your calenders open THAT’S LESS THAN A DAY AWAY! Starting September 15th there were a few different ways of getting to the free event; some got emails from Xbox Live while others found out by playing alternate reality style, following clues and directions to local butcher shops and the event after seeing the GOW 3 promotion video. GOW Meats Shipping Order

A Fan lets me see his Locust Meat!

Packages of realistic but fake Locust Meat and VIP tickets to the event were a reward for finding the phone number and following directions. VIPs were given GOW3 T-shirts while everyone else who showed up received only the bandana. Even though I just got the bandana it was a real hit. Whether it be covering your face, pulling back your hair or hanging out your pocket Gears of War 3 was represented all over the city.


Fake Locust Meat

After lining up beside a Geared out building and being let in 10 people at a time, the first thing you get to do is play Team Deathmatch on a never before seen map. We played 3 rounds and saw the multiple characters as question marks so I am dying to see just who they have brought into the end the trilogy.  A separate station was set up to play Horde on LG’s 3D TV giving a place for you to play outside of the team matches going on.

Setting the Mood


They served free lunch – delicious fresh and real Locust Meat! A bar was set up where two chefs slammed down chunks of meat , pulled out a Machete and hacked away at it, serving it to the fans in pitas with a drink yelling “LOCUST” over the epic music of the game making it extra enticing to the fans watching  GOW Meats: Satisfy your hunger, call today! on the wall while you wait. (Okay, it was really slabs of cooked beef and chunks of chicken.)

SideWalk Graffitti


Downstage from the Locust meat bar there was a tattoo station where fans where getting airbrush tattoos of the Gears symbol anywhere on their bodies. Two artists from Black Line Studios, a popular tattoo, piercing, clothing and jewelry store in Toronto where airbrushing the audience and giving out $20 Gift Certificates to their studio down the street.


Gears of War 3 carvings were taking place live at the event starring Luke Andrews who started with a block of wood, a chainsaw and a blowtorch and made incredible “Lancer Art”. After carving for 16 years for events like the Canadian National Exhibition representing other movies and television he stepped up to the plate when asked by Gears representatives to perform at the event and was well worth the crowd he drew.

Lancer Art



Chainsaw dust, the smell of locust meat and dry ice filled the air and people dressed as COGS took Polaroids and left them out and about at the event on tables and railings for the taking. They also took the fans’ pictures applying a gears sticker to every picture taken capturing all the Gears Fandom. Actually, the only other activities at the event were getting your picture taken. Albeit holding a lancer in front of a green screen, choosing your pose and Gears of War 3 background then taking home another complimentary souvenir was pretty good.


The event was sponsored by Energizer so everyone got to take home a pack of batteries – even if you had to leave before the big finale like this realotakugamer girl who was on her way back home to Niagara missing the end of the Launch Party that included the super special secret performance by Tokyo Police Club!


A great day of Gears settled my itch for the game but now that GEARS OF WAR 3 IS ONE DAY AWAY! I’m going a little stir crazy. For those of you who have never played, grab a copy and get on it. I’m looking forward to the campaign above all but hope to see you all online for a little horde or team Deathmatch action!


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No GravatarThe Gears of War 3 beta has officially started for the owners of Bulletstorm Epic edition (review here) with the promotional code entered on Monday. The long awaited and somewhat delayed conclusion to the Gears trilogy is finally letting the fans get a sneak peak at the competitive side of the game and the visuals. Players get to experience three game modes and four maps spanning the four weeks the Beta will be available. Week 1 is for those that have a copy of Bulletstorm Epic edition and on week 2 people who proffered Gears from select retailers will get to join in. However there are other ways to get in, such as the silly contests @therealcliffyb and @markrein have had going on Twitter.

Week 1 has brought gamers the Team Deathmatch mode and two maps to try out. Each team consists of 5 players and a total of 15 respawns, the last team left standing is the winners of the round. The game style is a best out of three so teams must win 2 rounds to claim victory. The first map available is Checkout which is a tight quartered shopping area that brings many intense and epic moments to the table. The other map is Thrashball which is a stadium style map for a fictitious game that Cole played before he became a Gear. This map is slightly bigger then checkout with an upper and lower field and well as a score board that you can knock down. On the maps themselves the new incendiary grenades can be found as well as the new Digger gun. The Digger launches a slow moving projectile that burrows underground and pops up when it is near an enemy to kill it. It will go through Walls and obstacles and keeps people from camping. The other new guns that are available are ones you spawn with. The Retro Lancer is a powerful mid to close range rifle that has a bayonet on the front, holding B will make you run with the bayonet ready to impale enemies. The other new weapon is the sawed off shotgun, this one takes a long time to reload and has virtually no range but used properly kills in 1 shot and can kill multiple targets at once. The sawed off shotgun is best used if the player has a melee weapon mentality and uses it almost like a melee weapon. The rest of the weapons come back from Gears of War 2 but have the ability to have skins unlocked for them, adding style to the game.

There are a lot of things to unlock by playing the beta, and a few things transfer over to the retail game such as the Cole Train outfit and the Golden Retro Lancer once they are unlocked. There are also special finishing moves for each weapon that need to be unlocked by getting a certain amount of kills with that weapon and they are very satisfying. The dedicated servers really work well but this being a beta sometimes there are tweaks done and everything doesn’t always work 100%. Sometimes you cannot connect to dedicated servers and the game becomes a Gears 2 style with host advantage but restarting the game usually fixes that. Also sometimes there will be a glitch and one of the unreleased maps will come into rotation and when that happens you know you are not on dedicated servers. As long as everyone out there remembers that this is a beta and is not perfect or something you have paid for then it will be a great experience but if people expect a fully polished product then that is unrealistic. These Betas are designed to iron out the kinks for day 1 of the real game and minor issues are to be expected but overall this is a highly polished product as far as betas go. Hopefully everyone that participants will contribute to a greater experience once the game is out on the shelves. Check back next week when week 2 is looked at as a new map is scheduled to be added but there could be more surprises.