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No GravatarAs seen in the new Street Fighter x Tekken Comic Con gameplay trailer, Steve Fox, Poison and Yoshimitsu join the roster in one of  the most anticipated cross-overs since MVC3.

Street Fighter x Tekken is the first of two crossover fighting games, this one being developed by Capcom and the next, Tekken x Street Fighter will be developed by Namco. Street Fighter x Tekken will have gameplay more closely related to Street Fighter with projectile moves like Hadoukan and a 2D environment.

Other characters shown in the video:

Street Fighter team

  • Ryu
  • Ken
  • Chun Li
  • Dhalsim
  • Guile
  • Sagat
  • Abel
  • Cammy

Tekken team

  • Nina
  • Kazuya
  • King
  • Bob
  • Julia
  • Hwoarang
  • Marduk

Street Fighter x Tekken will be released for PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita in March of 2012.

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No GravatarStreet Fighter 2 is a video game series that has resonated with many fans over the years. It was a huge smash hit at arcades back in the early 90s, consuming a lot of quarters and egos in the process. Over time, the series grew so popular, that it paved the way for a TV adaptation both in Japan and in the US. Of the two, the Street Fighter 2V series is praised as being the better of the two series, that stays true to most of the mythology established in the games. Street Fighter 2V packs a series punch that every anime fan will feel, with or without prior knowledge of the games.

Ryu and Ken Travel Around the World

The story the anime establishes revolves around a young martial artist named Ryu. Ryu one day receives a telegram from his oldest friend, and training partner, Ken Masters while living in Japan. Ken request that Ryu come to America so that he may see him, since the two have been separated for many years since their training together. Upon arriving in the California, Ken and Ryu reunite and decide to go out for a night on the town. This leads to an unexpected bar fight, in which the two young fighters come into contact with Captain Guile of the US Air Force. After a total beat down at the hands of Guile, both Ken and Ryu decide to travel the world seeking great fighters, learning new martial arts, and becoming the greatest fighters in the world.

This is How You Punch Kid

This is one anime that stays very true to the video games it is based on. It is commendable to how much of a faithful interpretation this show is, and how well most of the fighters from the game’s roster are handled in regards to the main story. Almost every fighter from the original Street Fighter 2 makes an appearance in one form or another, with only a few exceptions and surprise appearances. What is unbelievable is how the creators were able to use levels from the game as settings for some of the events that Ryu and Ken are part of. This includes classic levels from Street Fighter 2 like Guile’s Air Base stage, Fei Long’s Chinese Temple, and Vega’s Cage of Death.

Lots of Classic Characters Show Up

The overall story itself is not something to be written off as just a straight port of the arcade game’s loose storyline. The story of Ryu and Ken’s travels become something much more of a spiritual journey for the two young martial artist. They both grow and learn what it takes to become a true warrior, while at the same time honing their abilities and hidden powers, including the classic Street Fighter power of Hadoken (referred to as HADO in the series). Each iconic that comes into contact with Ryu and Ken contribute something relevant to their quest, as well as dynamic situations and challenges for the two to overcome.

Good vs Evil

The choreography of the fight sequences in this anime is top notch. There is a ton of action that lives up to the epic fights found in the arcade game we all remember. What was cleaver was the intricate use of each fighter’s signature moves, which has appearances from such classics as the Hadoken, Shoryuken, Spinning Pile Driver, and much more. Fans of the arcade games will love how the creators implemented such iconic and classic moves into the series, and new found fans will love how great they look on screen.

Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li

There is a total of twenty-nine episodes in the entire series, which is very short compared to most anime shows out there. But each episode is loaded with tons of punches and kicks, epic and mystical storytelling, and memorable characters that will definitely deliver everything and more. There is hardly any filler and each episode is relevant to the main story in one form or another. There is also great soundtrack that goes along with the series, with a nice mixture of classic techno and fight music for different points of drama. The voice actors for each character involved in the anime are on point, bringing the best out of their characters with each episode.

Epic Fighting Action

Street Fighter 2V is a love letter to the arcade fighting game many people loved back in the day. It both respects the source material and brings it something new with how the story is delivered. Anyone who watches this anime will enjoy all the action and story it has to offer, and the best part is that you don’t have to know about Street Fighter to do so. Everything you want is here, cool characters, great story, slick sound, and awesome action. Without a doubt, this is one of the best video game adaptation anime series of all time.

All you want is right here

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No GravatarOn February 17, 2009, Capcom gave us something that not many people at the time thought was possible beforehand. A brand new fighting game built with the classic 2D fighting game formula that everyone knows and loves, mixed with sleek 3D graphics. That game was Street Fighter 4 (SF4). Years in development, many long time fighting game fan’s had their prayers answered when Capcom finally released the next iteration of their premier fighting game franchise. With a total of 25 playable characters, both classic and new-school, and new online capabilities; Street Fighter 4 brought back the popularity and flare of the classic fighting game scene to a new generation of players.

3D Models Fighting on a 2D Plane

Enter Super Street Fighter 4 (SSF4). A brand new expansion to the original Street Fighter 4 that adds new features, characters, backgrounds, soundtrack, and game play modes that were not included before. Of all the changes, players will first notice the overhaul to the game’s menus and sounds throughout the game as they navigate different screens and choose any of the game modes available. It should be noted that the game’s main theme from SF4 was removed and instead replaced with a different theme. The over-all look of everything is similar to the ink painting scheme that was present in the original SF4. This look blends well together with the over-the-top shots of different fighters for each menu. Each screen is a beautiful shot of many of the characters featured in SSF4’s roster of fighters, including the main menu being a shot of Ryu and Ken battling it out with each other. Every time a player selects an option or changes a screen, they are greeted with a variety of sounds, some varying from epic punching sounds and the games main theme playing in the background.

Beautiful backgrounds behind the action

In game, SSF4 does not disappoint in the visuals department. The fighters themselves each exhibit massive amounts of personality in both the clothes they wear and moves they make. Each character retains his/her special moves from previous Street Fighter games and maintain their iconic looks that has resonated with fans for so many years. Players have the choice of using American or Japanese voices for characters as they fight their way to victory, both tracks are great in their own rights. The environments in SSF4 are rendered in 3D and given a lot of detail, while the game play remains on a 2D playing field. Each stage players fight on have a personality of their own, including some events and easter eggs players might not notice the first time around.

What makes the Street Fighter franchise so popular is the game play. The original SF4 stayed true to the classic 2D style game play, very similar to older Capcom games like Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. SSF4 retains this ground work and adds both new characters and rebalanced elements to the game play, this includes damage outputs and frame data changes. There are 10 new characters added, bringing the total roster amount to 35 different fighters for players to choose from. This adds a huge amount of variety of matches and outcomes that will keep any hardcore fighting game fan busy learning match-ups for a long time. Much like original SF4, SSF4 allows players the ability to utilize short-cuts for special move inputs. This is made to allow new players to jump into the game easily and have fun fighting each other, without the worry of trying to pull off advanced moves and combos. While some may feel this dumbs down the necessary skill to play a Street Fighter game, SSF4 still has plenty of complex moves and combos available to discover that will challenge anyone who is willing to attempt to execute them. This is part of Capcom’s attempt to try to bring together new players and long time fans into harmony, so that way everyone can enjoy playing the game, a blend of simplicity and complexity together.

The Replay Channel Viewer

There are plenty of modes available in SSF4 that are both old and new features to fans of original SF4. Online play is expanded upon with the addition of Endless Battle lobby, where up to eight players can play each other in an arcade style of king of the hill. Also available is both Ranked matches, where players compete for battle points and achieve a ranking, and Tournament Mode, where brackets can be set up in a tournament style single round elimination set up. What is probably the feature that many will utilize the most is the Replay Editor, this is where matches can be recorded, saved, reviewed, and uploaded many times over. It is a very useful tool for anyone who wants to try and improve their skills and reach a desired competitive level. Players can view replays of matches they or others have been a part of, and be able to see the inputs of both contestants displayed on the side of the screen.

Super Street Fighter 4 has a lot of new content that is well worth anyone’s dollar. It is far from the same game of which it is derived from, and is a new game that is definitely worthy of any fighting game fans time. With all the new additions that Capcom has provide it’s fans, it is real easy to see why Street Fighter is such a premier franchise within the gaming community and industry. And the fun does not stop there, downloadable content is available over Xbox Live and Playstation Network, which includes new costumes for all of the game’s roster of fighters, each costume being different for each fighter. This is a game that will played over and over again by many gamers, old and new, for years to come. All of this and more offered definitely shows everyone in the gaming world why Super Street Fighter 4 lives up to it’s legacy, and why Street Fighter is indeed gaming’s World Warrior.