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No GravatarComic books are one of the many joys in my life. Comics should be a joy in others’ as well. I am going to begin shooting off some recommendations every week or so. Not exactly a review, just a short description so you know why you should be reading.

My pick for this week? Deadly Class Volume 1: Reagan Youth. NOTE: some of the first issue will be spoiled, to cover the basic plot. Nothing past that should be.


  Property of Image Comics

It’s a witty, colorful book about a band of misfit friends attending a secret school for future generations of assassins called King Dominion’s School for the Deadly Arts. Rick Remender writes the book and does so extremely. He lets in humor, romance, and action into a lovely combination. The excellent writing is coupled with amazing art by Wesley Craig, and colors done by Lee Loughridge.

One of the most interesting aspects of the story is such a finely blended cast. The main character, Marcus, is a Nicaraguan orphan and the rest of his adventurous posse is composed of characters from across the globe. Every main character in the first major arc experience great development to get you really more interested in each character than perhaps any

The art compliments everything that is done in the story. From a car chase (rare in comics due to the difficulty of showing the true “action” due to static images), to fight scenes, to drug trips. The coloring and lettering stays on point throughout the first six issues.

Events occurring within the first six issues, all compiled in this one volume, leave the series with a lot of breathing room for story development. Remender’s writing is sure to continue to be as solid as it has been between this series and fellow Image series Black Science. This is definitely a solid choice for any fan of action or suspense to get into. Overall the comic brings everything one could hope for to the table.

The first volume is available on Amazon for a cool $9.99 here. You can always stop into your local comic shop as well and snag the trade. Maybe some other great titles as well. The series will pick back up in September so now is as good as a time as possible to pick up the trade and follow this great series. This is not a series you want to miss out on.

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No GravatarDeadly ClassThere’s a must read comic on the scene this month! If you can, you should drop everything and run to your nearest comic book store to pick up this new series from Rick Remender with story, Wes Craig with art, Lee Loughridge with coloring, Rus Wooton with lettering and design, and Sebastian Girner as editor.  Image Comics served as the publisher.

Deadly Class is about a group of teenagers in a high school, but not your typical high school.  In this high school, they learn how to kill and become assassins.  It’s Kings Dominion School of the Deadly Arts.  Deadly Class follows Marcus Lopez Arguello, a homeless teenager, trying to make his way on the streets of San Francisco after his parents were killed.

I give Deadly Class an A+ as it impresses in story, art, and intrigue.  I recommend this for anyone that may be interested in assassins and an alternative twist on the world with a darker nature.  Deadly Class, however, is rated M for Mature so I do not recommend this for children.

Issue #2 will be out on February 19, 2014.

Deadly Class 2

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No GravatarAlex Ada Issue 3

Issue #3 of Alex + Ada came out this week – January 15, 2014 to be exact.  Alex + Ada is written by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn with the art and cover done by Jonathan Luna.  The series is published by Image Comics.  As seen in my previous review of this series, I have been skeptical, but this issue has me somewhat excited for what’s to come.

In this issue, Alex grapples with feeling like something is missing from Ada (his android), as if she is too “robotic.”  I can’t say I blame him as Ada, at the moment, comes off as too aiming to please anything he asks.  It’s a bit eerie.  Alex begins searching for ways to deal with this problem and upon the end of the issue starts looking for answers in a group called the “Degrees of Freedom.”

Although I am still waiting for more from this series, this issue has gotten me more interested in what will happen with Alex and Ada.  It’s stepping away from that “been there, done that” feeling and making the premise its own.  I give this issue a C+ as it has improved from the first two issues, but it still leaves something to be desired.

Issue #4 of Alex + Ada will be out on February 12, 2014.

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No GravatarRevival

Revival is written by Tim Seeley with art from Mike Norton and published by Image Comics.

The characters at the head of the story are sisters Officer Dana Cypress and Martha “Em” Cypress.  In a small town in rural Wisconsin, there has suddenly been this revival of the dead.  No one knows why and strange things are happening to some that have come back to life.  Revival captivates you from the very beginning and cinches the reader from a cliffhanger at the end of the first issue – Em is one of the revivers.  Due to this strange phenomenon the government has quarantined the town to prevent it from spreading and the CDC has come in to try to get a grasp on what’s going on.

The art is absolutely stunning and unique in emphasizing the suspenseful story.  Revival is not your typical zombie story as the dead that have risen vary between those that aren’t so responsive to those that “seem” very much like they were before “Revival Day,” or are they?

There is a lot unknown about these revivers, but so far I’m intrigued to find out more.  Dana is scrambling to search for the cause, while keeping an eye on her sister.

HIGHLY recommend this series to anyone that enjoys a good mysterous zombie-esque story.  The characters are all interesting with a depth not yet revealed, but insinuated in its existance.  Revivers are out and about, hidden and revealed.  Demons are wandering around in search of something.  Revival is an enthralling twist on the “zombie” premise and guaranteed to keep you wanting more.


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No GravatarLDB

Recently, I caught wind of a wonderful comic book series titled The Li’l Depressed Boy written by S. Steven Struble and illustrated by Sina Grace.  The Li’l Depressed Boy is published by Image Comics.

This series resonated so much with my own personal struggles. It was nice and refreshing to see depression shown with some truth. I have anxiety disorder and adjustment disorder with a depressed mood. It’s always been interesting describing how I feel/behave and why I think I feel/behave the way I do. The Li’l Depressed Boy does an amazing job of showing some of that.  To see a representation without a particularly negative light is refreshing.

The series follows LDB which is Li’l Depressed Boy for short.  The story is simple and follows the life of LDB as he navigates the world in an attempt for happiness despite his depression.  The art for this series is very well done and the coloring style is amazing.  It works very well with the story being told.

Of course, always remember that anxiety and depression differ from individual to individual so this is one perspective.

The series features 5 volumes of story numbered 0 through 4.  Unfortunately, The Li’l Depressed Boy seems to be on a hiatus so it isn’t known when it will return.

If you’re looking for a refreshing take on depression or mental health in general or even a simple story in the day in the life, I highly recommend The Li’l Depressed Boy.

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No Gravataralexada

Alex + Ada is a new series that has two issues out at the moment.  The third issue will be coming out this month on January 15, 2014.  Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn came together for this new series and Image Comics is the publisher.

Alex + Ada is the story of a lonely guy that seems to be stuck in this rut in life.  The guy is Alex.  His grandmother buys him an android, that he names Ada.  He seems to be intrigued by the prospect of spending time with Ada, but in these two issues, it hasn’t gone far beyond that.

My primary issue with this series is how similar its premise is to Chobits (an anime and manga series).  With these first two issues, I cannot help but think “been there, done that.”  I’ll hold out to see where this series goes since you shouldn’t judge a comic book series by one or two issues, but I’m cautious at the moment.