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My friends at IndieGala recently sent over their new “12 Days of Indie” Bundle which comes jam-packed with games, offering both a $1.00 option and a $$4.36. option. If you opt to just spend $1.00, you’ll get three odd-ball games I’ve never heard of: Molemen Must Die!Over 9000 Zombies!, and Zombo Buster Rising.

However, I’d highly recommend spending just a little bit more to unlock the rest of the games if for nothing else than to get two games: Ara Fell and Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather. Both of those games alone would cost you $19.99 at full price, and even then I’d highly recommend paying it to play them. Ara Fell is a fantastic 16-bit Japanese-style RPG that pays homage to games of the genre from the 1990s while offering a solid experience and a very enjoyable story. Meanwhile, Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather is a fantastic indie platformer from 2014 that reminds me a little bit of the Donkey Kong Country games while offering a unique tribal setting.

While I think Ara Fell and Aritana are reason enough to pick up this new bundle, here are the other games included that I haven’t mentioned here:

  • Zup!
  • Zup! 2
  • Miner Meltdown
  • Star Vikings Forever
  • The Deed Dynasty
  • Polycrusher
  • ClickRaid

You’ve still got plenty of time to pick up the “12 Days of Indie” Bundle, so if you’ve never played Ara Fell or Aritana this is a great opportunity to pick those two up (and some extras!) and an excellent discount!

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[ Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto is the Second Character DLC.. ]

With the conclusion to Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladiolus DLC, Episode Prompto is the second of a  three-part DLC pack for Final Fantasy XV. This particular set goes more so in depth with the character of Verstael Bestihia who was a key villain and an integral piece of the overall plot within the original game who was for the most part cut from the original game outside of the small piece of exposition we got of him beforehand. Within Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto’s DLC a rather large amount of it is exclusively focused on Verstael’s overall character arc and development. But sadly knowing this? You really do not see Verstael’s character enough to justify his inclusion into the plot this late into the game, this is a bit disheartening considering that Verstael himself was pretty much the predominant focus of this specific DLC.

Where does Episode Prompto Take Place At?

[ Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto opens up with a plethora of modes specifically the  “Intensive Training” mode. ]

: Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto takes place directly after the train scene following the events of Cartanica. In which if you have not played Final Fantasy XV up until this point? Prompto gets separated from the party thus this specific DLC follows that narrative and is mostly geared from Prompto’s point of view. The settings within this DLC are mostly geared with two things in mind “Research Facilities” and “The Wilderness“.  So for the Final Fantasy Fan who’s expecting to see towns and the such and more of Niflheim within this DLC? Sadly that does not come to light. However, Episode Prompto from first glance has less of a full-blown dungeon experience and instead more of a hybrid experience between a dungeon / open world experience type DLC. With the DLC’s dungeon based maps being “The Research Facilities” and the games open world based maps being “The Wilderness” respectively.


How is Episode Prompto’s Gameplay? : 

[ Most of Episode Prompto’s gameplay involves the player shooting down waves of enemies with various weapons in order to proceed.]

Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Prompto feel less like an actual chapter within Final Fantasy XV and more so like a weird blend between Final Fantasy XV’s story and lore and Metal Gear Solid. ( This is mostly due to the setting of Episode Prompto and Metal Gear Solid both being in snow-covered facilities and both having chase sequences which were both shown in the trailer. ) It is this specific point where the overall opinion of the DLC will be divided between two different between two different subgroups of gamers. The first group being the type of gamers who are playing this specific DLC with the core concept of clearing it as fast as possible in mind. It is these type of gamers who regardless of the onscreen instructions would just run up to the enemy all guns blazing and do whatever it takes to take down the enemy just so they can move on with the story. As while the game might tell you to specifically “Stealth Kill” an enemy in order to steal their weapon? Chances are if your the gamer on the go your just going to walk directly in front of the enemy and shoot said enemy without actually employing “Stealth” at all.  It’s this sort of reckless indiscretion that allows the gamer without a lot of time on their hands to just steal the enemy’s weapon outright from the weapon rack instead which is conveniently placed right beside said enemy thus defeating the purpose of even following the on-screen instructions in the first place! The other group of divided gamers is those who would actually follow the on-screen instructions regardless of the fact that there are no real benefits of following said instructions in the first place. It’s this complete lack of punishment for not being stealthy that defeats the whole point of adding stealth elements to this specific DLC.

What Episode Prompto Does Right?

+ The Lore and Storyline Exposition
+ The Inclusion Of Verstael Besithia
+ The Amount Of Plot Heavy Elements
+ The Overall Character Development Of Prompto

What Episode Prompto Does Wrong?

+ The Games Stealth Elements ( Its bad for its time. )
+ Certain elements are very unbelievable as a whole.
+ This DLC only has three new enemies one normal and two bosses
+ The fact that the tent/inn in this DLC is a Vending Machine.


Is Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto Worth The Purchase?:

[ The most jarring fact about Episode Prompto is that this DLC treats the campfire/tent area as a Vending Machine? So the game expects Prompto to rest overnight at a vending machine and not get caught? By enemies who patrol the hallways. Okay. -_-;]

Now, this is where another divide between fans and their expectations will happen. If the consumer of this product is a Final Fantasy Fan because they want more lore and storyline exposition out of this specific DLC? Then yes Episode Prompto is recommended as the sheer amount of nods this DLC has to its overall lore elements alone makes this worth the purchase for the lore-heavy gamer. Now on the other hand if the consumer is playing this just to see whats new that they added? There will be lowered expectations, to say the least. This is mostly outside of one new enemy  ( an orbital sphere like enemy and the DLC’s two bosses omitting the DLC’s re-skinned super boss.) There is nothing new outside of the limited amount of weapons Prompto can use with limited amounts of ammo. The maximum being the Rapidus SMG  with 100 rounds the other weapons have limited amounts of ammo thus making them non-viable choices to defend the player in their endeavors. Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto is a mix of what we’ve already got within Final Fantasy XV namely the cross between the DLC’s open world like maps and the Magitek Research facilities that this DLC entails. Even Episode Prompto’s overall “Hype Moments” feel rather unbelievable at times and that personally cheapens what would be a rather intense moment within the whole storyline. Even with the open world elements most of your time will be spent upgrading your means to get around as heading further along with the story will put you on a linear path to the DLC’s two final bosses. Outside of that? Minus the time spent with the guest character for this DLC be it in the DLC or the games “Intensive Training” option. Unless the consumer is specifically getting it for the lore purposes? This DLC will feel less like an actual full-blown DLC episode and more like a half hour special. However, upon completing this DLC you’ll get to see a short teaser for Final Fantasy XV “Episode Ignis” so there is some incentive to playing this DLC chapter overall. Basically, this DLC is for the gamer with either the Final Fantasy XV season pass or a little bit of extra spending money or just someone who wants to know more about the lore of the game overall. Otherwise? pass on it for something else.

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Disclaimer: Game came from my own collection

Miitopia is a game that I had been unsure of when I first learned of its existence. It made sense that it would exist but I had no idea how it would function. After seeing footage though, I was hooked as this game really did have a chance to be great. After playing through the main story line, I have found that this is really a great game.

Miitopia is a solid RPG title that brings in Nintendo’s beloved Mii characters into their own Fantasy set game. This game thrusts your main character, who can even be you, onto a grand adventure. With many different jobs to choose from, it is up to you to pick the right job for you. Joining you are 9 other characters who you can make anyone you wish. Make them friends, family, celebrities, anyone you choose, and you get to pick jobs for them and eventually change jobs. Another big part of this game is the relationships that form. Pairing up characters can be done in the inn or out in the field and even in battle. Your characters relationships can really turn the tide of battle in your favor or your enemies. If all your characters hate each other of course you won’t get all of the extra damage.

The story itself is a solid one, involving an evil lord played by whoever you choose, stealing the faces of people everywhere. You can choose a character for this demon or have it auto picked. My villain ended up being Team Flare’s Boss Lysander of Pokemon X and Y fame. This villain is powerful and you will need to gather and train your friends. An interesting thing that happens is when he comes and spirits your friends away multiple times. This forces you to choose a new job and start journeying with three new characters.

Along the way, you will meet a variety of other characters who help you, while journeying through dungeons to find keys and other lost items you eventually defeat your foe. But like in most JRPGS the story is far from over as a new boss appears. Since I don’t plan on spoiling it though, I will just say as soon as this boss is defeated, you will be granted more character slots. With new characters to raise this game becomes infinite in a lot of ways. You can always start the game over, or you can grind levels of new characters in the same file.

There is always new quests to take once the boss is defeated. There really is so much to do as there are even extra jobs to find. This game really is something to be played. You not only get to cast the characters but the randomness of it all is just fantastic. Miitopia is out now on the Nintendo 3DS Family of Systems. So gather your miis and head out on a quest to take down the Dark Lord!


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No GravatarThe Pokémon Company and Nintendo have released a new trailer showing of start Pokémon Z-moves and other amazing new content For Pokémon Sun and Moon. You can check it out below. The reviews are already coming in and Pokémon Sun and Moon seems to be a hit critically.



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No GravatarSquare Enix has released the third of their Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness  Star Log Livestreams, which was recorded yesterday. Among the things discussed were specialties and equipment augmentation. You can have a look below. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness releases on June 28.





No GravatarSometimes there are very special games that will forever hold a place in the heart of gamers. Chrono Trigger is one of those games. It is a game that is often hailed as being one of the best RPGs of all time and, in many cases, can be considered on of the greatest games of all time, period. Here are the reasons why:


Chrono Trigger is a role-playing game developed by Square (now Square Enix) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The game was created by a team of extremely talented individuals, including Final Fantasy’s creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi. It was published in 1995 with critical success and was the third best-selling game of that year. Chrono Trigger was later ported to the PlayStation in 1999 and then repackaged in 2001 with Final Fantasy IV as “Final Fantasy Chronicles.” With such critical and commercial success, it has been later ported to the mobile platforms of the Nintendo DS, iOS, and Android. It is a revolutionary game that spawned the sequel Chrono Cross and gave a lot of fans some very happy memories.

The game follows Crono, a main character who never speaks during the game, Marle, a princess, and Lucca, Crono’s super-smart friend. During a Millennial Fair for the time period of AD 1000 in their world, Lucca and her father demonstrate a new teleporter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work quite like it was supposed to and teleports Crono, Marle, and Lucca in time. They bounce around both forward and backward in time, learning about a creature named Lavos that wipes out civilization. The party is then determined to do what they can to save the world through time travel.


It is a fantastic story, filled with twists and turns. Players end up traveling between seven different eras with their distinct characters, setting, and feel. Along the way, you meet the wonderful characters of Robo, Ayla, Magus, and the best and coolest video game character of all time, Frog. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it. Trust me, though. Frog is freaking amazing.

One of the many revolutionary aspects of Chrono Trigger was the possibility of multiple endings. However, there were other advancements including plot-related, character-driven sidequests. These may not seem like a big deal today, but in 1995, that was unheard of.

Though the game play is a fairly standard RPG, there were several new ideas to come forth as well. Done with beautiful two-dimensional graphics (that still look good, by the way), the player can roam around in an overworld typical of RPGs of the time and visit different areas. Each area has things to interact with, whether it be people to talk to, puzzles to solve, or enemies to defeat. One change to the traditional RPG is that Chrono Trigger has random encounters for enemies, some which may be visible and some that will ambush you. Unlike other RPGs at the time as well, the game’s battles take place in the same map area instead of being whisked off to a different screen.


During fights with enemies, Chrono Trigger uses an active battle approach. Each character can do an action based off of a personal timer that is affected by that character’s stats. Characters can either do a straight attack or use their Techs, which use their magic points. One unique feature for the time was the ability to do combined attacks with characters using the Techs. The characters can double or triple their Tech use to create an even greater effect.

The game play is a lot of fun and allows a player to use many tactics to defeat enemies. Another really cool element that Chrono Trigger officially introduced was the New Game+ feature that allowed players to keep their characters’ stats, techniques, and inventory when playing a new game. This helped players go through the multiple endings easier. Though this idea may have been used in earlier games, from my research, it does look like Chrono Trigger was the first to actually use the term “New Game+.” Pretty awesome, right?


One of my favorite game elements of Chrono Trigger is actually the soundtrack. It was primarily done by Yasunori Mitsuda, who had some help with the legendary Final Fantasy composer, Nobuo Uematsu. The shear amount of tracks for the game was an amazing feat for the time frame. The music is otherworldly and consists of some amazing songs, one of which is my all-time favorite: Frog’s Theme. Seriously, whenever I do something cool, I start humming it. Yes, the song is THAT epic.

Chrono Trigger took some giant leaps forward for gaming. It helped push some of the gaming elements that we all love so much in modern RPGs, especially Western RPGs. The game will always hold a special place in my heart, and I am planning on making it the first game that my daughter and I play together. It is just THAT amazing.

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Justice Chronicles is Kemco’s latest release on the Nintendo 3DS eshop, and it puts us in the role of Kline, a novice High Beast Knight who is sent on reconnaissance into Laft,the Earth-Depths. There he comes across Alia, a Battle Maiden who has suffered terrible injuries and is close to death.  In order to help her, he forms a partnership with the God of Death, Rooselevy.  Alia lives, but in return, the young knight must give up his life. In a world on the brink of war, the newly acquainted duo must fight destiny itself in order to save the world from the ever creeping darkness that is threatening to consume everything.  I absolutely love JRPGs.  If they give me a world in the brink of destruction and a team of unlikely heroes, I am a happy man.  Justice Chronicles is a good example of a good JRPG that can keep you playing for a long time (well all JRPGs are HUGE ordeals but you get the idea).


You first start the game you play as Kline, and you are a novice High Beast Knight.  However, since you are not a rival yet, the reconnaissance mission into Laft serves as a test of your abilities.  When you get to Laft, you encounter Josh, a strange creature who is your guide to the mine where you must gather information about your enemies.  Needless to say, something goes wrong, and your team prioritizes the mission and left Kline alone while he is fighting a monster called “Vasist” trying to save the life of a girl.  After that he forms a partnership with the God of Death, Rooselevy, and becomes a “Rivel”(Rivels are warriors that fight with the help of a high Beast).  Since Rooselevy is sneaky, Kline must give his life for his aid.  As you progress through the story, (which is really good by the way) you find the reasons why you can wield Guardian Beasts and Kline’s true power.


Justice Chronicles uses your standard turn based battle system.  You have your Attack, Guard, Items and Skills menus.  However, what sets Justice Chronicles apart is the Beast Partner system.  Each time you attack, your Beast partner does an action based in the parameters set by the player.  Pursuit type the Beast partner acts based on the characters AGL value.  Guidance type is based on the shell’s AGL value, so that gives you a room for strategy and find which is the best for you.

Another cool feature is the dual skills.  Each time you attack or are attacked, a “Heat” gauge starts to fill.  When you get it to one hundred percent, you can do a double or triple attack.  Depending on your party, you can use a powerful physical attack, or a ultimate magic attack that are really useful in boss battles.  The Crafting system is great also.  In each dungeon, there are gathering points (you get the items just passing over the blinking light), and you can use the materials obtained to strengthen your weapons and armor.  However, that is not the only way to do it.  You can also find recipes to get better equipment.

The game’s art is really good, reminiscent of the SNES era.  I totally loved the first person view when battling enemies.  Speaking of enemies, I really like the animations on each one, how they move, and the attack effects.  Also, I really like the animations when you use a dual attack and special skills.  The music is really good, and I like how it gets me pumped up when there is a boss battle.  The over world music is enjoyable and the intro movie is really cool.

Bottom Line: Justice Chronicles is a great addition to the ever growing eshop library.  It has a good story, tons of side quests, and a great crafting and battle system.  For me, it is a great retro-styled JRPG. I can’t recommend it enough.  It is one of my favorite games released by Kemco.  I can see that the quality is getting better, and that is a good sign.


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No GravatarGameXplain has shared a 20 minute gameplay video of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE with English dialogue that they recorded at PAX East. Take a look below and let us know what you think. The Localization of the game is being handled by Atlus and not Nintendo.

Personally, I think the game looks fantastic and far from what some are saying about it falling short of the promised crossover, it looks to be a great new experience. I cannot wait to play this in June and I hope to have a review up shortly after it releases.



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No GravatarNintendo has released a new trailer for the localized version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Please take a look below



No Gravatarasdivine



I love RPGs and especially JRPGS and there has been a lack of them on the Wii U ( even with the virtual console), so I was very happy to hear about this game from Kemco. Kemco previously developed Alphadia Genesis for Wii U which was localized by Natsume and was a decent , if generic JRPG that was good for those seeking any JRPG not on the virtual console.  But how does Asdivine Hearts hold up as a JRPG on Wii U? In a word: excellent.

Asdivine Hearts ( which is apparently part of a larger series) is a fantastic RPG that is a must have for any JRPG fan. Unlike Kemco’s other Wii U RPG Alphadia Genesis, battle transitions are handled much better with less flashing lights. Indeed, there are less flashing lights in general which made it much easier on my eyes. The combat system is also excellent in general, but before I talk about that I must mention the Jewel System.  In the game, you are given an item called a Rubix which can hold Jewels which can affect status, HP, MP and so on.  As you progress in the game, you can get bigger Rubixes and store more Jewels which can have more effects. The combat system uses the Jewels both in the form of void magic, light magic and shadow magic, and well as status jewels to create new effects in battle. There are limit breaks and team ups and it was much more fun than I anticipated.

The story is still rather generic but welcome at the same time. The characters are not well developed though and their development throughout the game is uneven.  My biggest complaint though is that there is some screen tearing on occasion and the audio skips quite a bit, especially if you had briefly suspended the game.

That said I still had a lot of fun playing this. I think I have put more hours into this game than any other in the last month. I really like this game and truly need to recommend this to all.