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Listening to Senbonzakura with Miku

No GravatarHardcore Hatsune Miku fanboys and fangirls feel loneliness no more because the great and benevolent makers of… well essentially a waifu app with Miku, released a translation of their popular game unto the English market. But before spending your hard earned $3.99 on this app you must be asking yourselves is it any good?

Tutorial begining screen

Essentially the app claims it will allow you to “enjoy music more with Miku” and I say they’ve delivered pretty well on that promise. This is not a gaming app and has limited interactivity, so I only recommend this to hardcore Vocaloid fans. I shall explain it in greater detail after the pretty pictures.

End of tutorial screen

Forever and ever and ever…..

Listening to Senbonzakura with Miku

Just listening to Senbonzakura while Miku jams along makes this app worth every penny.

Essentially this is another type of music player. You pick what songs you want to listen to and when you press play you can get to listen to your favorite songs with Miku. Now let’s make it clear she doesn’t dance or sing along, she moves to the rhythm with some head bopping and other stuff to break the routine. The element that makes this app more than just a buddy to listen to music with is the interaction element.

You interact with Miku by gaining points you get from listening to music with her. When you spend a point you can ask her a question, get asked a question, and if you’re lucky get a high five. What’s truly a shame is some of the questions are repeated over and over again to the point you answer or ask other stuff out of boredom, she’s lucky all her reactions are cute.

Interesting answers


The Engrish isn’t strong with this translation, but it is present. The game is also riddled with glitches I randomly happen to stumble upon and definitely needs some fixing here and there. My main pet peeve is the bar with the time and battery life is present on top unlike other apps, and the game has a clock so it isn’t like I need it.

Item to collect: smartphone

At least she’s rich enough to get me nice things ^_^


The best part of this game though is the items she gives you when you fill the interaction bubble. It’s always interesting to see what the latest item she gave me is and I’m looking forward to getting every single one of them.

It’s a nice simple app to keep you company. Play too long with it and you will be bored, so just use it to fill in those calm moments when you listen to music to add flavor to your daily routine. If you need some more fanservice, there are 3 additional outfit and head sets, although I don’t think they’re worth their cost ($3.99 same as the game). You can get the game on iTunes now!

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Hatsune Miku

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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F

Sega of America announced a coming US release of its popular PS3 Japanese rhythm game, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F.  Hatsune Miku is Japan’s most popular vocaloid – a digital singer – and has a sizable following in the West, and is the star of one of Sega’s most popular franchises in Japan.
“In short, it was your voices, as fans, that helped make this happen,” said Aaron Webber, Sega of America’s brand manager, on Sony’s official PlayStation blog. Sega’s decision to release Project Diva in the West was made after Sega asked Hatsune Miku fans to show their support on Facebook, receiving 25,000 likes and 15,000 shares in a three-day span.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F will feature 38 unique songs, including Black*Rock Shooter, and the ability to customize the vocaloid’s appearance and share videos over PSN.   Furthermore, the game will receive both a physical retail release and a digital release via PSN.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F will be released in the US for PS3 in August.  A playable demo will be available for download on PSN on June 11th.


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*Volunteer Positions* While evaluating the state of the Gaming Journalism scene, I noticed that we at Real Otaku Gamer has a unique approach when covering geek/otaku culture. As the site gets restructured and we go into our 3rd year, we are looking to create opportunities that will help the site become more robust and varied with coverage. Real Otaku Gamer has a global vision, we accept writers from all over the world.

These new job positions are going to help Real Otaku Gamer become more organized and develop a bigger community so we can grow as a brand. These positions are volunteer only as we are a small site. As we grow so will the sponsors and hopefully revenue.


These New Positions are as follows:

1. Community Manager: You will be taking care of the daily running of the site. You will work along side the Editor in Chief and other Admins on the site with promoting the site and helping build a brand. You must have good communication skills.

2.Marketing and PR: You will be responsible for all Public Relations with companies and the community. You must have good communication skills and be able to relate to people of a number of levels. You will also run contests and giveaways.

3.Managing Editor: You will work closely with all staff to make sure the posts we produce, are up to our standards.

4.Social Media Manager: You will be in charge of growing our social networking presence. You will be working close to the senior staff.

5. Assistant to Editor in Chief: You will assist the E.I.C. in the daily running of the site.

6.Advertising and Promotion: contact us for more details.

7.Art Director: contact us for more details.

8.Podcast Producer/Editor: contact us for more details.

9.Video Producer/Editor :contact us for more details.

Now, the next few positions are for the Real Otaku Gamer Specialists. These positions are dedicated for people who want to cover a specific genre/category. This is where your inner Otaku can really shine.

1. PC

2. Mobile/Tablet

3. Tech

4. Anime

5. Manga

6. Comics

7. Nintendo

8. Sony

9. Microsoft

10. Movies/Television

11. Asian Cinema

12.Indie Games

13.Toys/models and Merchandise

14.Convention Coverage

15.Cosplay and Cosplay Culture

To apply for these positions, you must first submit a writing sample and once the sample is approved, submit an small essay telling us why we should pick you for the job you are interested in. An essay is not necessary for all positions. Deadline to have the samples submitted is May 20th, 2013. We must have all essays in my May 17th. Send the Essays and Samples to

If you have any questions about any of the positions and their responsibilities, just email us at or go to the Twitter and Facebook pages. Thanks you for your time.

Andre Tipton

Founder/Editor in Chief


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Professor K“JET GRIND RADIIIOOOOO!!!” proclaimed exuberantly by Professor K. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Jet Grind Radio or, Jet Set Radio as it’s called in Japan, has been given the re-release and HD coat of paint, and the original Japanese title, Jet Set Radio. Now the question is: Can a decade or more game from the Dreamcast, hold up well, or crash and burn? This reveiw will primarily focus on the PSN and XBLA versions, there is an Vita version out as well.

I’ll start here, if you remember the game fondly, for everything that it gave you, and revolutionized gaming at the time. Guess what, every single thing holds up from the previous incarnation on the Dreamcast. I’ll go with good first. Sega kept the game exactly the same, to the game’s features as the first time it was released. Simply amazing, beautiful, and nostalgia factor off the scales. The graffiti in crisp 1080p, character models even more streamline with the up to HD quality. But I’ll start with the graffiti, since it’s the star of the show, more than the weird story, control the airwaves, and control Tokyo-To and the taggers story. Every single graffiti from the first is back as well as a dozen new ones, which Sega picked to be in the game. Link to the reveal video here:

Congratulations to the winners, personal favorite is Snack Attack! That is all. But additionally, they also kept the create your own graffiti feature in game… sadly, XBLA version didn’t have it included for some reason. Sega, also, added a better camera to the game, allowing for better controls while skating, and when the camera slightly reverses during certain tricks and moments after tagging walls. It’s not a bad thing, that the game remained the same. Also, the music, the music wasn’t touched, but reduced number, and it remains the same selection of pop, punk, rock, hip hop, instrumental, and electronic. The music and the graffiti made the game a cult classic, and I’m glad, they kept the music the same, while adding new graffiti to the mix. Plus, best GGs in the gang, are Cube and Garam… He’s the weird version of Spider Man and a foot ninja… look!

The guy on the far top left, thats Garam, and on his left Cube

The guy on the far top left, that’s Garam, and on his left Cube

Now, onto the bad; remember, all the bad from the first version of the game on the Dreamcast. Well, they all persist in the HD version. I’ll start with controls… Seriously, remember having the inspector a 100ft from you and you have to finish that last graffiti with a full circle and half circle on the analog, and you’d be done finish the board? And for good measure, throw in, your one shot from restarting. And end result, you getting shot in the back, because your control wouldn’t register the freaking half circle. Yup my friend, that’s still present, love it or hate it. Even with the improved camera, it still has those moments where, you skate down the hall towards the Poison Jam for the boss fight, and you can’t avoid them, because the damn camera changed, and controls were inverted, yup still there. Also, with the new camera, it also, has rather random moments of pop-in and popup during levels. Also, another bad translation to HD, was the music during the cutscenes, tend to skip. Last thing, loading times, I don’t exactly remember the loading from the first iteration, but in the re-release, they seem rather long, but that could be me. Not a rage worthy long, but long load times, but a slight nuisance all the same.Jet Set Radio HD 2

Those new to the game, will probably guff at the simplicity of the controls and the feel of not doing the tricks, and everything being automated. But those who remember the game for what it really was, a romp through Tokyo-To, tagging everything from walls, to water towers, billboards, helicopters, rival gangs and the Inspector, you’ll love everything about this game, like first time you played it almost 12 years ago. The game style, humor, music, and fun have all translated well, as well as the quirky things that made you want to jump into the game and hunt down the GGs yourself. Even with the time that has passed on the game and franchise, the game with its new HD paint, character models sporting still very few polygons, and the game is worth the price tag.


No GravatarAnarchy-Reigns-Jack-PoseRelease your inner “badass” with Platinum games latest title, Anarchy Reigns. This title is a third person brawler that features Jack Cayman from their previous Wii title “Madworld” along with a bevy of off the wall characters in this post apocalyptic setting overrun by goons, ninjas, robot drones, crazy “Death Proof” esque cars, mutants and tons more.


The campaign is split into two different parts referred to as Black Side and White Side. In the Black Side you control Jack in his quest to find Maximilian for his daughter who paid for you to retrieve him. In the White Side you control Leo a BPS soldier who is sent to retrieve his mentor, the aforementioned Maximilian. In a way these two stories intersect with one another whilst trying to make the entire storyline seem relevant. Unfortunately  it doesn’t. In a game where the combat doesn’t take itself to seriously the plot sure tries…sort of. For the most part, I was just confused. It jumps from place to place, introducing several characters without really ever explaining their purpose. The story is so irrelevant that it might as well not have been included. The only thing it does is it gets you adjusted to the combat and features a few fun modes of play that cannot be experienced online. Nevertheless, it’s a boring and uninspired single player romp that is only worth playing through once just to unlock all of the extra characters.



This section is going to be very short and sweet…they suck. There are better looking games on the SEGA Dreamcast and that says a lot. The characters and their special effects seem to be where all the graphical attention went because the level design is atrocious. I thought that I would never ever dislike grey as much as I did before I played this title and boy was I proven wrong.


This department fires on all cylinders with some great sound effects for the brutal and visceral combat accompanied by an awesome soundtrack that is somewhere along the lines of House Rap and Drum & Bass. It’s pretty cool. It reminds me very much of “Madworld” especially since this game is the spiritual successor to it. At any rate, you’ll be remembering several tunes every time you think of the game.



Ahhh…the most important piece of any game. Thankfully this game make a pretty good effort in delivering a satisfying combat system. While there isn’t any advancement in the combat that you have there is a hint of depth along with the delivery in how you handle encounters and dealing damage. Everything is fun since you feel like a massive powerhouse and every punch and kick is delivered with such force, often at times either decapitation or explosion. It’s just satisfying.


Here is where the central focus of the game obviously went into. There are so many modes with so many options of how to play that this is where the majority of the time should be spent. But will you is the question. I more than likely won’t touch it often. It is interesting the first few matches and then frustration builds as you get swarmed with mass amounts of chaos, static camera angles deterring you from fighting your opponents, kill stealing and all other sorts of dumb things that could happen that are more than likely out of your control. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing quite like it and it still has it’s charm. Unfortunately, i’m unsure of how long that will last.

With a less than stellar single player campaign, very poor graphics and somewhat lackluster replayabilty Anarchy reigns is a game that could easily be passed up. The main attraction to this game is that the price point in the US is $29.99 which is a steal. Plus, there aren’t many games with as much charisma as this one. But, it is a venture that some will not be willing to take.



No GravatarIt’s the days after Christmas. You have gift cards abundant and games coming out for all girls and boys. But what can you get? With all the choices lying ahead?

Have no fear, with all the bundles abound, waiting to be found, I got the ones with the most “extra” kick aside from the gaming bit (Sorry for my cheesiness).


Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition 

Collector's edition view

First and foremost, I love Tomb Raider, so I had to list it first. It doesn’t have the best content, but I believe it has the most bang for your buck. It includes:

  • A realistically rendered Play Arts Kai Lara Croft figurine approximately 8 inches tall
  • Weapon pack DLC
  • 3 iron-on experience shield badges
  • Tomb Raider soundtrack with 10 songs
  • An Endurance survival tin made to look like it was recovered from the shipwreck
  • 5″ X 7″ Lithographic print
  • A double sided poster with an island map and the box art
  • Access to the Tomb Raider Scavenger Hunt to participate in challenges for prizes and more

I simply love the Lara Croft figure, it’s so detailed and perfectly muddy not getting it would kill me. I hope the DLC weapons are exclusives to these game copies with the collector’s edition to get my money’s worth, and the CD is a nice touch (I legally download all my music).

Price: $99.99


Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Collector’s Edition

Starcraft 2 Collector's bundle

Starcraft is an MMO with its own fanbase, so I listed it mainly so Starcraft fans can assess if the collector’s edition is worth the extra money. All of the great additional merch that comes with the game seems reasonable to me, especially with the extras for other Blizzard MMOs you might play.

  • A behind the scenes DVD and Blu Ray 2 disc set
  • Heart of the Swarm Art Book
  • Collector’s Edition Soundtrack
  • Zerg Rush mouse pad
  • Exclusive in-game content

The in game content includes a Torrasque Ultradisk and portaits in Starcraft II, pet banneling in World of Warcraft, and blade wings and a banner sigil in Diablo III.

Price: $79.99


Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition

I don’t have much hope for this game except for the fact it’s made by Sega, but because this list is about the extra and not the game itself, it earns a spot. This game has some very good extra content.

  • Resin Powerloader figurine in a limited edition Xeno Hive box
  • USCM Dossier, iron-on badges, and graduation certificate
  • Recruitment card
  • LV-426 Recon photo
  • USS Sephora schematic
  • Mission brief

But this is just physical extras. The exclusive in-game content includes:

  • Four playable movie characters
  • Extra game level
  • Additional Marines character customization features
  • Exclusive multiplayer weapons
  • Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers
  • Phase Plasma Rifle
  • Ripley’s flamethrower
  • USCM Academy firing range

Price: $99.99


Bioshock Infinite Premium Edition

Bioshock Infinite Premium

This bundle definitely comes with awesome stuff.

  • Collectible mini edition of The Art of Bioshock Infinite
  • Exclusive digital soundtrack
  • Murder of Crow keychain
  • Handyman figurine
  • Lithographic print of propaganda

It also comes with a gear pack that gives three exclusive power ups in the game.

  • Bull rush: Sprints become melee strikes and can knock down enemies
  • Extra! Extra!: Audio logs give “Silver Eagles”
  • Betrayer: In the PC game causes possessed enemies to explode once you kill them. In the PS3 you get Bioshock Infinite themes. The XBox 360 players get Booker and Elizabeth avatar costumes.

There is a way more costly bundle that costs $70 more. What’s the difference? It comes with a Songbird statue. You must really really want that figure to spend so much money for the Ultimate Songbird Edition of the game.

Songbird figure

Price: $79.99


God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition

God of War Ascension Collector Edition

The God of War franchise has outdone itself with this beautiful pre-order which includes:

  • An exclusive 8 inch Kratos statue
  • Premium Steelbook case
  • Digital game soundtrack
  • Multiplayer Double XP unlock
  • PS3 Dynamic theme and PSN Avatar pack
  • A pass for all future DLC

The last perk seems very promising.  Especially since I don’t like always paying for future DLC.

Price: $79.99


This is the best of the best I’ve gathered so far. I hope as the year reveals more new games to try out, they come out with more tempting bundles like these.

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No GravatarOh Sonic, you’ve had your up and you’ve certainly had your downs. 11 years ago you released your last game on a Sega made console, the Dreamcast. For many, but not all, the Dreamcast era was the last time they saw a “good” Sonic game. With Sonic Adventure 2 HD just released on the PSN and Xbox Live, does this game live up to the nostalgia of long time Sonic fans? Or perhaps this game was never good to begin with?

Tell me how these two get mistaken for each other???

Tell me how these two get mistaken for each other???


Sonic Adventure 2 is cut into two parts, Hero Side and Dark side. Hero represents Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles; Dark representing Eggman and the debut of Shadow and Rogue. Beating both sides unlocks a joint mission that ends the story. It’s interesting to see both perspectives of this adventure and witnessing why Eggman does what he does, but I think Sonic Adventure 1 did it better with each character getting there own story. Sonic and Shadow represent traditional Sonic gameplay, and honestly that’s where the most fun to be had is. Tails and Eggman are in these weird bipedal robots that are slow and bulky but can be fun at times. The worst levels are Knuckles and Rouge. Once again, the Master Emerald is shattered and Knuckles has to find 3 pieces per level to put it back together a la Sonic Adventure 1. Rouge plays the same way; she just wants the emerald for herself. These levels can be extremely frustrating, the your meter tells you Knuckles is right on top of an emerald piece, only for it to take you 15 minutes to realize it’s a level below you and the only way to get there is to go all the way around the level… Ya, it’s annoying. And let’s not forget the surprise drop down enemies that you can’t avoid unless you already know they are coming.

However, there are good sides to this game. The colors are bright and beautiful and runs smoothly. I always thought SA2 looked worse than SA1 and it shows here in HD. Same music is back and still get’s stuck in your head, in a good way. (?Fallow me, set me free?) As I said before, Sonic and Shadow are the most fun. Zippy through space grinding on rails or running through the jungle is pretty rad. And once again the Chao are back. I can’t lie, I find it really enjoyable to raise my Chao, maybe because I’m an animal lover and don’t have to clean the poop up for them. There’s also a lot for relay value trying to get better scores and emblems. Camera angles will sometimes go wonky but I didn’t have too much trouble with it. This game is fun, you just have to put up with the frustration as well.


Fight little blue cuddly things!

The last Sonic game to be released on a Sega owned platform before the company bowed out of the console wars. Sonic Adventure 2 for its time was a fun game, but with Sonic lost in the realm subpar games, SA2 seems like it might have been turning point from great, to mediocre. It’s still fun and better than a lot of Sonic games we’ve had to deal with in this generation (Sonic the Hedgehog on PS3 and Xbox is garbage) it still has its problems. Sonic Adventure 2 for the PSN and Xbox Live runs straight down the middle with a 3 out of 5.

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Hideyoshi figure next to Miharu

No GravatarI shall be reviewing two new figures I ordered a few days ago. The site was having a decent sale and I wanted to buy myself some nice Baka to Test figures. So I ordered Hideyoshi Kinoshita (the trap) and Miharu Shimizu (the lesbian). I wasn’t aware, but they both were a Sega Prize figure. Sega Prize is a line of figures, plushies, and many other things produced by Sega for arcade game machines you can win prizes from.

Average Japanese arcade.

Sadly, I live in the states, and they’re not available, so the only way to access those awesome prizes is ordering them online. So I open the box, push the packing peanuts out of the way and they look pretty good, but I thought Miharu would’ve been bigger.

figures in boxHideyoshi figure next to MiharuMiharu running figure

Miharu’s is a Petite Nendoroid made between Sega and Good Smile Company, so she has amazing quality for her size. What I love the most is her hair, which, despite its cartooniness, achieves realism with subtle changes in the color so some areas will be darker or lighter than other. You can also see her canine tooth, which makes her so much cuter it’s almost criminal. However, the real problem with her was putting her together, her head stuck to her torso like it should but her upper body and legs didn’t stay on while I was trying to put her on her stand. And in Nendoroid fashion, her arms are movable, but they have fallen off a few times. However once you put her in her stand and all, the figure doesn’t cause any problems. There are many other Baka to Test Petite Nendoroids with other characters, I recommend those, especially because they’re much cheaper than regular Nendoroids. Also, got to love the instructions on the back.


So you’re telling me there’s a hole in the back where the stick goes into?

However, I was mostly excited about Hideyoshi, who is my favorite character from the show, and is now my tallest figure standing at about 18 1/2 cm sans stand. With Miharu about 6 1/2 cm at her base, I shot a picture for size comparison.

comparing sizes

Now let me tell you what I love about him. For a figure you get at an arcade he is very high quality. I found no fault with the painting, and his face is beautiful. He has neat lines where he’s supposed to blush much like in mangas, and his eyes are just the icing on the cake. Another thing I love is his hair, the sculptor did a really good job at making it look like it does in the anime. Not to mention, he has an especially lovely collar bone and upper back!

Hideyoshi sidewaysHideyoshi upclose

Hideyoshi's back

Hideyoshi’s got back!

Sadly, he sold out from the website just a few days after I had bought him

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No GravatarCan’t get a badge to Comic-Con? No sweat! More than ever before, SDCC has become a city-wide celebration of all things geek. Although you can only access (most of) the panels, show-floor and art room with a badge, there are plenty of other activities for the lover of all things nerdy!

1.) Home Bases

Companies like BioWare and Sega have bases of operations that are usually outside of the actual convention hall. This means you can still attend any events taking place at these locations. For example, I attended a signing at the BioWare base and tried out the new ME3 Earth DLC before it was released.

Hanging out at the BioWare lounge

2.) Gam3rCon

Gam3rCon is a gem of a convention. Featuring art, performances, a throwback gaming center and current gaming zones, this tiny con was my favorite part of my SDCC trip. I played Sonic until my friends dragged me away, slugged a few folks in UMvC3 and watched a hilariously campy series called Video Game High School. I watched the show on a huge screen, sitting next to Ashphord Jacoway on the roof, drinking a coke and eating a slice of pizza, surrounded by other nerds and looking out over the skyline of San Diego. There were even random fireworks!

Best night ever.

Virtua Fighter on the Sega Saturn

3.) Other outside events

There are also a ton of other, smaller events that take place during Comic Con, such as Nerd HQ, the YouTube Pavilion, the History Channel BBQ and more zombie themed events than you could shake a stick at!

These events often feature free finger foods, games and contests or small shows and swag.

Even the tables at restaurants got a makeover!

4.) City Attractions

San Diego is a small city chock-full of things to do. With a zoo, safari, SeaWorld, a historic theme park and even zip lines! During Comic-Con, some of these locations will have special nerd-themed events like Adventure Time at the Children’s Museum.

Besides the big stuff, there are also tasty restaurants, bars of every kind, flavor and shape, and pedicabs to pedal you around the Gas Lamp District.

5.) Oh the People You Will See

Now this may come as a surprise, but your favorite TV series star or comic book artist has to eat food to sustain him or herself. I know right? I didn’t believe it either… even crazier, they eat people-food!

While at Comic-Con, my friends and I ran into the entire cast of Game of Thrones, Stan Lee and (from a safe distance) George Bush.

Besides the celebrities, you will also be surrounded by a plethora of other nerds! Comic-book fans, video game heads, collectables gurus, Whovians and more! Sit down for a burger and nerd out or take pictures of all the lovely cosplayers!

Costumes galore!

SDCC Can’t Be Replaced

Overall, I found that I had not one bit of free time: there was so much to do outside of SDCC!

Of course, nothing can replace San Diego Comic-Con itself. Walking the floor, buying adorable nerdy-things, meeting the artists behind your favorite comics and listening to the kind of banter you can only hear in a panel of famous nerds is not to be missed!

The lights, the people, the geekery


No Gravatar16 years ago on July 5, 1996, NiGHTS into dreams… made its mark in SEGA history and became a cult classic among gamers. Now, the restoration of Nightopia can be relived with the HD version slated to be released this fall for Windows PC Digital Download, Playstation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade.

The HD remake of NiGHTS will bring improved graphics, a 16:9 aspect ratio, as well as leaderboard support, trophies and achievements. An additional feature called “Saturn Mode” will give players the option to experience the game with its original graphics for a  nostalgic feel.

For more information and pictures of gameplay, take a look at the announcement on SEGA’s blog. Below is a trailer that accompanied the Thursday’s news.

NiGHTS into dreams… Announcement Trailer:

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