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Sega has announced the release date for Sonic Forces in the west. the game will come out November 7th,


What is more interesting, is that the game has a bonus edition that comes with Sega/Atlus outfits, including nights into dreams and Persona….yes Fursona is now real.

This edition will be available for PS4, Xbox one and Switch.


Will you be getting this?

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Sonic hasn’t had a good time as of late. Many of his games have been lacking and the fans have been divided. There were many who felt Sonic belonged in the past……and others took inspiration from that idea. Sega had worked with indie developers on ports and remasters of the original Sonic games in the last few years. These games were well received, and thus an idea was born, a new game would be made from a remix of classic levels with new ideas and content. The result is Sonic Mania, a game that returned to the past and proved why we fell in love with Sonic.

Sonic Mania is a beautiful tribute to the original games, and serves as a what if? type game, for what kind of Sonic we may have seen on the 32x or Sega Saturn. New ideas such as the drop dash are brought in and they fit wonderfully with the gameplay The new stages and content feel right at home in a Sonic game, and I have to give a lot of credit to the developers for doing this so well. In addition, the games pays homage to various Sega and Sonic games in a variety of ways, from small shoutouts, to a major point that I will not mention due to spoilers. The game definitely keeps things fresh and changes things at the right pace.

There are some issues, namely the Switch version has some delay when interacting with the home button and share button, and there are some bugs that still managed to seep through. It can get annoying but I have not personally noticed anything gamebreaking just yet.

One thing I must comment on is how the game has so much replayability to it, just playing the stages gives you many ways to progress but Playing as a different character really does change things up, especially if you play as Knuckles. It adds a lot to the game, and makes me want to keep playing and experience more. From the boss battles, to the levels, there is great music and animation. The tunes in this game are great and just give you an immersive feeling.

Sonic Mania is a Sonic game that just feels right, even with the bugs. It is a well made game and looks great, and has the right mix of nostalgia and new. It really does help remind people why Sonic became an icon. This is the best Sonic game made in years and I hope Sega continues this. You should definitely check this out.


This game was reviews on the Nintendo Switch.


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Sad news for comic fans. The Archie Comic Sonic The Hedgehog series will be ending its run after 24 years. The series was the longest running video games based comic and it will be missed.

Sega put out a statement.


More comics are coming it seems, but not with Archie anymore.


This is the end of an era.

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Sega has released a brand new trailer for Sonic Mania. This trailer is sure to get your nostalgia for Sonic going strong. I must say that this is one of the best made video game trailers ever made. The game comes out August 15th and you can see the trailer below.



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Sega promised us something different for Sonic Forces and they were not kidding. The game’s much speculated about third style, will feature third gameplay style is a powerful gadget touting customizable character. This character will be fully customizable to the player’s desires and specifications.


“In this just announced gameplay style, players will be equipping their custom Hero Character with one of a variety of powerful unique gadgets called Wispons. Wispons are an evolution of the Color Powers from Sonic Colors and double as both offensive abilities and as a way to platform through levels quickly. Along with the Wispon, the Hero Character will have a grappling hook they can utilize to quickly traverse across zones. Players can also customize the Hero Character’s looks by choosing and swapping between hundreds of accessories and outfit options to change the character’s appearance as they play through the game.”

Sonic Forces features seven base animal types that serve as choices and each comes with varying special abilities for more variety.

Wolf – Automatically draws in rings when near them
Rabbit – Has longer invincible time after receiving damage
Cat – Keeps one ring after being hit
Dog – Restarts with five rings after the player dies
Bear – Blows away enemies with a homing attack
Bird – Flies high with double jump abilities
Hedgehog – Collects rings when getting damaged

SEGA then stated that the character players create “will be a key part of the story, appearing not only in cutscenes, but by being a crucial element in helping Sonic reclaim the world from Eggman’s domination.”. In other words, your OC became canon just now.


Does Sega truly realize what they have done?


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Some big news on the Sega front

Project Sonic 2017 is now officially titled Sonic Forces.  It is due out for launch this holiday for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

The game’s key element this time is of “forces.”  On one side there is Sonic and his friends, and on the other there is Dr. Eggman and his evil army, representing the forces and good and evil.

The game is using a new engine called Hedgehog Engine 2. The developers are promising this will be closer to Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations than other games.

However there is some bad news, as Sonic Mania has been delayed until Summer. This is being done to ensure that the game is of utmost quality.

source 1 source 2


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No GravatarThis Past Friday, Sega unveiled the first trailer for the new holiday 2017 Sonic game. This game features classic and modern Sonic but is said to not be a sequel to Sonic Generations. Also notable is that the game will be coming to the Nintendo NX along with other platforms

Check out the trailer below



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No GravatarWhoa, 2010 just flew right by. I don’t even remember what I was doing in January. Actually, I was probably playing games all night as usual. Ahh, good times. My top 10 is quite different as I don’t usually go for AAA titles, but here’s my list.

10- Bioshock 2

I freaking love the Bioshock series ever since I played the first one (when it finally released on the PlayStation 3) and I’ve been hooked on Plasmids ever since. It’s a bit different than the first, but it does have its charm with the whole Big Sister thing and I definitely can’t wait for Bioshock: Infinite.

9- Heavy Rain

I love movies and I love video games. Why not mix the two? This game has a lot going for it because I’m sure a lot of people can appreciate a good mystery and Heavy Rain definitely will keep you guessing until the very last moment. It’s a great game and I would love to see a sequel from Quantic Dream if they ever decide to do such thing. (They better)

8- Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

Who doesn’t like going on a killing spree with a wide variety of weapons? You should because it’s a lot of fun especially when you’re playing with someone else (not AI controlled) so you can actually complete objectives. Oh, and amazing boss battles. That’s always a plus.

7- Super Scribblenauts

I simply loved this game because it’s so simple and that the gameplay is really fun and will keep you occupied for a long time. You can even come out with crazy outcomes. For example I summoned god and tried to give him a cupcake, but I accidentally threw it at him and he killed me. It was hilarious!

6- Sonic the Hedgehog 4

I’m not sure why I’m including this game, but it’s Sonic and it’s highly addictive even though lately I tend to think that Sega doesn’t really know what their fans want, but whatever. I like collecting rings and chaos emeralds all the same, besides, Sonic has green eyes now. How futuristic.

5- Pokémon Black

I’ll say it now that I’ll love Pokémon until the day I die no matter how much new Pokémon they add. They always find a way to change a few things and add new features that will have people who have played the first games back to ‘catch em’ all’ Although there are well over 500 Pokémon, I can honestly say that I can name at least 90% of them and I’m proud of it.

4- Bejeweled 3

I can really appreciate a good puzzle game and Pop Cap has done it again with Bejeweled 3. It’s a great time waster that literally anyone can pick up and play. They’ve added a few new interesting modes that are frustratingly fun and I’ll always come back to it for more!

3- God of War III

Oh my god. So much blood! Kratos is meaner than ever. It’s funny, I’m able to complete God of War III on normal, yet I can’t even finish God of war I & II on easy. They’re still on my list of games to finish, but anyway I know the whole story and the game was action packed from beginning to end. I hope there will be some kind of interesting spin-off that I could play as well.

2- Super Meat Boy

At first I was like “Oh another platformer, how nice.” But then I bought it and my eyes bled sitting at my computer trying to get an A+ on ever level. This game is so awesome! I love playing as Meat Boy, Commander Video and Jill. I can’t wait to unlock Steve (Mr. Minecraft) it’ll just get better and better! The Mac version as well as level editor is going to be coming out soon so I’ll be on the lookout since I do most of my gaming on my MacBook Pro until I can get my PC setup.

1-.Super Street Fighter IV

This game has literally taken all my time. I remember when I was like “how do you do a hadouken?” But now I think it’s safe to call myself a pretty good player of the game. It’ll never get old. I can’t wait for the Arcade Edition to be sent as DLC to the console version. Oh, and Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online edition! I’m a huge Capcom fan!

My top characters in the game would be Dan, Blanka, Seth, and sometimes Vega. Some say they are hard to use characters, but I try my best and sometimes the turnout is great! They just need to put Hugo on Street Fighter IV and I’ll be happy for the rest of my life!

These are my top 10 games of 2010. 2011 is just a few days away and it’s only going to get better from here on out! Happy gaming and happy holidays to all you gamers out there!