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No GravatarSpike TV and Gametrailers recently just had their Video Game Awards show, and with it came a bunch of new and big trailers for games that are expected to come out next year. Some of the reveals came from top studios within the industry, including Blizzard, Bioware, Konami, and Naughty Dog. Down below, you can check out all the trailers that were revealed at the VGAs. Be sure to check by again for our impressions of the Spike VGAs.


Metal Gear Rising Revengence


Mass Effect 3


Diablo 3 Opening Intro


Transformers Fall of Cybertron


The Amazing Spider-Man


Rainbow 6 Patriots


Command And Conqure Generals 2


The Last of Us


Alan Wake American Nightmare


Hitman Absolution


Bioshock Infinite




Tekken Tag Tournament 2


Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD





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Tekken has had a shaky past as far as movies go. When Manga released an OAV that was both praised and paned by fans back in the 90’s. The recent feature film was panned by fans, critics, bloggers and even Tekken’s Creator Katsuhiro Harada. Harada stated “It was Terrible” since he had no involvement with the film project. Namco Bandai’s community manager,  Rich “FilthieRich”Bantegui has revealed Tekken Blood Vengeance.

Tekken Blood Vengeance is a new CGI movie by Director Youchi Mouri (Artist of Tekken 5’s /Tekken 6’s opening cinematics).  The screen play is being written by Dai Sato ( The writer behind Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex). Productionof the film is being done by Digital Frontier (The studio that created Resident Evil : Degeneration) and it will be developed in Digital 3D.
This CGI feature film looks to have been given a bigger budget with a more accomplished production team. This could very well be the Tekken Movie fans have been waiting for. We will keep you posted as more develops about this new feature film. Stay tuned to ROG for more information and check out the trailer below.