Tap To Move – Don’t Crash Review ( Wii U)
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This review covers the 2nd half of Tap Tap Arcade, Don’t Crash, which was released a few months ago.

This game here was released at the height of RCMADIAX’s complacency phase. Don’t Crash was based on a mobile phone game of the same name and coding. RCMADIAX did not plagiarize however and in fact paid licensing fees to bring the game to Wii U. Due to baseless accusations against him in the past I had to clear this up.


Now as for the game itself……Its utter trash. The game has no challenge. You just press a button to move over and over again. Its barely even a game. I hate SKEASY, one of his later games and yet that game had a lot more to it than this game. This is as bare bones as it gets and I cannot see a reason to buy the game on its own. As part of Tap Tap Arcade, its okay since its bundled with Spikey Walls, which while not substantive on its own, still is worth it for people who want an addictive time waster and who are aware of what they are getting. Basically only get this if you are buying Tap Tap Arcade since you will get a game that actually has a challenge to it unlike this one. If you do that then you might be able to just enjoy this as a distraction between rounds of Spikey Walls. On its own though, forget it.

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