Tap to Survive- Spikey Walls Review (WiiU)
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Some time ago RCMADIAX released Spikey Walls on Wii U, a game that was modeled after Flappy Bird. Normally I would be saying how upset I am with how complacent he became but in this case he had a reason. Spikey Walls was an experiment to see if interacting on Miiverse affected game sales and so I cannot really fault him for that.


As for the game itself. Spikey Walls is Flappy Bird, if you played the latter than you played the former. Its a hard game where you have to tap strategically to avoid hitting a wall. There is nothing major to it, but I am reviewing it now since it has been released as part of Tap Tap Arcade along with Don’t Crash ( which is also getting a review)


There isn’t much to say except Spikey Walls has original art assets  and can grab your attention for a few minutes. If you like time waster games then its not a bad choice. I cant hate on the game because of why it came to be, but just be aware there is not much to it. It can be addictive at times but the substance is lacking and again it was not made to be a substantive game but to test interaction.

Spikey Walls doesn’t offer variety but doesn’t pretend to. It offers what it says it offers and doesn’t lie. If you want a Flappy Bird game then you are in luck, if not then look elsewhere.


Spikey Walls Is currently available on the eShop as part of Tap Tap Arcade



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