“The Adventures of SarahTheRebel” A Diary of 2012 E3, Chapter 2
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My first day at E3 started off a little overwhelming. There was simply too much to do in such a small amount of time! I don’t even know why these sections are called “booths” instead of rooms or arenas, the areas were so enormous!

I ended up wandering around with my friends Jon and Jonelle until we ended up at the Video Game History Museum booth, where another friend, Collin, found me.

Found this and played a ton of Nintendo while I was there

The next thing I know, we’re on a wild hunt to get to the Borderlands 2 demo. Along the way, we stopped at the Nyko booth to have a friendly match of Street Fighter X Tekken, because we were told that the winner would recieve a cape. Guess who now has a champion cape?

We finally made it to the Borderlands 2 demo line. After waiting for 30 minutes, I asked my friend to hold my spot and I went off exploring, checking out the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 demo, stealing lollipops from the Sega booth and taking pictures of awesome things like action figures and random passerby.

Cosplay Contest for the PlayStation All Stars

I returned to the demo line and waited for another hour. We were in the next group to go when we were informed by the booth folks that we would not make it. Considering that at least 30 people were in line behind me, this was a big bummer and seemed a little irresponsible on their end. I am happy to report that they learned from this experience, as I shall elaborate on in the next chapter.

Anyhoo we managed to convince the booth attendents that we should at least get shirts, and we all went and picked up our AWESOME shirts featuring a skag attack <3

and it's a small! <3

After that I ended up wandering for a bit before grabbing some noms and then heading to TwitchTV presents the Frag Dolls Far Cry 3 E3 Party, where I was promptly attacked by a monkey.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Everyone got to take their picture with the monkey, who ignored everyone in favor of some sort of snack he was being handed. Everyone except me. He decided that I would be the one whose face he would leap on. All I remember next was being told to stop running away so the handler could get the monkey off of me, and then having to act cool for my picture to be taken. I was traumatized for the rest of the night, and also itchy.

Besides the monkey, I had a good time. I danced the night away with the Max Level crew and my dear friend Ashphord, as well as running into a few of my tweeps. I also got to play the Far Cry 3 demo.

To be honest, I was not very impressed with the demo. It was easy to see why quite a few people left the demo and walked away at the same part (I checked a few TVs and noticed the same task). I COULD NOT find whatever I was supposed to find, even though there was a big symbol trying to lead me to it. The controls were fine but I found it a little hard to tell if I was shooting at people I was supposed to be shooting at, whether or not my bullets were connecting, or how to get out of the way of other people’s bullets. I would have liked to start the demo over from the beginning, but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Although the game looks beautiful, it is not really to my taste, so I will let another ROGer give that review when the time comes.

I ended the night with a hefty argument at Ihop about the rights of girl gamers and fell into a dazed sleep at 4 AM.

Overall, my first day at E3 left me very unimpressed and underwhelmed, but I assumed it was because of the fast-pace of it all. I decided to reserve judgement until the end of the Expo.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of my 2012 E3 diary!


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