Top 10 Things You Don’t Think About When Retro Console Playing
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I dug out the old Playstation 2 to do an article on Parasite Eve.  It was a completely awkward experience because it really has been a long time since I’ve played an older console.  I guess that I have been completely spoiled over the years with the newer consoles.  From this experience, I have compiled a list of the top 10 things you don’t think about when playing on an older console.  Here is the list:

Island of Misfit Consoles

There’s more to digging out old consoles than meets the eye.

10.) Break out the Swiffer

Digging out an old console involves a dusty experience.  Make sure to have out a duster before playing.  Or draw a smiley face in the dust.  Why not, right?

9.) Reading is fundamental

Going back through an old RPG?  Does it feel a little weird to have to read out the dialogue instead of it just being delivered do you?  You are not alone!

8.) A/V Cables

What the heck are these?  I thought all cables involved the letters H, D, M, and I.

What type of cables are these, again?

What type of cables are these, again?

7.) Grainy graphics

No matter how good the graphics looked years ago, they will look like crap on today’s nice high definition televisions.

6.) Memory cards

I almost forgot about the days where games didn’t install 50 gigs to the hard drive, and you had to worry about where you placed your memory card.

5.) Difficult to navigate

What did we do without the days when we could easily start over at a check point or get to a specific saved game?

4.) They are a one-trick pony

You mean I can’t message my friends, post screenshots to Twitter, stream Netfilx, or shop for games?  What?

3.) Wait a minute, whatever happened to backwards compatibility?

Sony: You’re in big trouble with this.  Microsoft: You’re getting there.  Nintendo: You are off the hook on this one.

2.) Multiple Discs

Please insert disc 2.  Oh, wait, XBox 360 people have still been doing this for awhile.  My bad.

1.) Controllers with cords

Why I am not able to sit where I want to play my games?  This should not be!  We are all very spoiled now.



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