WikiPad Gaming Tablet: Tablet Gaming At Its Finest

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For a while now we’ve heard about this new gaming tablet coming out, the Wikipad Android gaming tablet. Now when we first heard about the tablet it was going to have a 10 inch screen which some people were not too kin on, so what did the company do? They did a couple of changes to enhance the Wikipad

The refinement came from a “technical issue with the controller,” said Wikipad managing director Fraser Townley, which the company was afraid might lead to returned units. The delay for the controller retooling then pushed the timing of the Wikipad’s launch up against the end-of-life cycle for the 10-inch panel. That prompted the switch to the 7-inch screen. The company says that a 10-inch model is still forthcoming, although the timing and price are both to be determined. Why don’t we take a look and what’s new to the Gaming tablet


Just over four months later, the company is once again preparing to release the Wikipad. Since then we see a major design difference, from a 10-inch screen to a 7-inch version. The smaller screen also brings a new price tag, dropping the launch Wikipad to $249 from $499 big difference. The Wikipad is the only tablet to possess the unique combination of truly show off video game experiences found in consoles with the functionality and portability of a tablet. How is this possible? The attachable dual-analog controller gives that feeling like you are playing on your console.


You want to talk about power. The tablet offers a premium 7″ IPS screen small enough to game comfortable with out the bulky and clunky feeling you would get with a 10 inch screen, 16 GB memory with micro SD slot to support an additional 32 GB of storage so you won’t be limited to the games you would like to download, ultra-light and thin chassis, is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core mobile processor will give you graphics of a console system on the go and it gets better the Wikipad also has cloud gaming. With an aspect ratio of 16:10, the Wikipad tablet offers true widescreen HD display.


This is not like any other gaming tablet, not only can you game, but you can also enjoy watching your favorite films, listen to music. Just like any other Android Tablet you will have Google Play, which gives you all your favorite apps (Facebook, Skype, and Twitter) you come a custom to. The tablet will be shipped with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Not bad at all.

Gaming Apps

I’m sure you haven’t seen apps like this on any tablet before. Big Fish games has teamed up the Wikipad to give you guys will allow Wikipad customers to instantly play hundreds of Big Fish’s high-quality casual
games anytime, anywhere. Big Fish Unlimited is a streaming service that features a growing catalog of games 150 today with new games added every week. Not into the hard core gaming? Well don’t worry they also have a section for casual gaming, these games included Hidden Object, Puzzle Adventure, Match 3, Time Management, and more. Because games are streamed, progress is saved in the cloud, allowing you to easily pick up your game session on any supported device. PlayStation Mobile and Onlive have been added as well. Now you have every game in reach.

Best of Both Worlds

Not only can you game, but do work as well. Just detached from the controller, and the Wikipad becomes an enterprise tablet with the blazing power of a Quad core CPU and 12 core GPU. Need business apps? Look no further you have access to DocumentsToGo, OfficeSuite Pro, GoTo Meeting, and Splashtop Remote Desktop. Checking emails will be a snap Wikipad is Microsoft Exchange account ready, with secure out-of-the-box access to your email and attachments, calendars, along with your contacts, it’s like you never left the office. Thw Wikipad will be released this Spring.

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