Will The Dead Want To Rise And Play? DeadGrind Review
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I have played games created specifically for phones before, and I have found at least some form of entertainment on them, minor, sure, but entertaining nonetheless.

DeadGrind is an on-rails shooter, you are tasked to just shoot zombies, that’s it. There is no story, no actual motivation, and no endearing elements that would make you come back to it again, let me explain by telling you about the game in detail.

You control an unnamed character who is tasked with shooting zombies, shooting them fast is a must, because if you get hit at least once, you become infected and start losing health, you regain health by shooting zombies quickly and efficiently; in the head of course, you can also regain health by shooting crows flying about.

The visuals in DeadGrind are gritty, stylish cel-shaded graphics, everything is, and it feels a lot like a zombie film as you move forward, that’s probably the best thing, unfortunately, everything is forgettable, it gets stale, and it will become uninteresting, so coming back for more is out of the question.

The music is composed by 3 different tracks, the title screen, the main game, and of course, the game over guitar riff, I have to admit they aren’t half bad, tracks soundbut the tracks are forgettable either way, so you won’t remember much about them.

The worst part of this game is the gameplay, you have one gun (M16) and you can unlock a total of 6 guns by getting money from the main game, the thing is the main game gets old quickly, shooting zombies can be a bit fun the first time, but repeatedly, it gets dull, and getting the money needed to unlock the rest of the guns can be a huge drag, since you get a measly amount from killing each zombie, oh, and if you die, that’s it, game over, no going forward for you, the only way to get more enjoyment is by purchasing the premium version along with the gun packs, but once you do that, what’s the point?

All in all, I cannot recommend this game at all, it would be a waste of space on your phone, there was no fun to be had here, the game is free, but unless you like to mindlessly shoot stuff, you shouldn’t waste your time with this.

Well, if you want to spend some space for a game that you‘ll probably forget after the first few playthroughs, be my guest, you have been warned.

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