A Budget Game Done Right – Knight Terrors Review
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FreakZone Games has made some truly amazing games over the years. From Manos: The Hands of Fate the game, to the two official AVGN video games, FreakZone has brought amazing experiences to us all. Now with the Nintendo Switch out, there is a new market for their games, and FreakZone and Nicalis have started out strong.

Knight Terrors is an auto-runner budget title. That may sound off-putting to you but it should not. There is a difference between crummy Flappy Bird clones and high quality auto-runners. The closest game I would compare this to is in fact the ios game Punch Quest, which bills itself as an auto-puncher, and was full of content that kept players coming back for more. The same is here with Knight Terrors, simple intuitive controls, with fun gameplay that mixes things up. There is the usual dodging obstacles but you will also be attacking enemies along the way. You must hit a certain amount to progress to the next level, which occurs automatically once you hit the goal. Miss more than three monsters and it is game over, but the counter resets every level.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the art style is excellently done to evoke a retro style monster themed game. FreakZone clearly put a lot of work into the art and animation and that is to be commended. They have made excellent retro style games in the past like those mentioned above, and Knight Terrors follows proudly in that tradition. I also must mention the amazing soundtrack that is both eerie and epic at the same time. Just listen to the music at the start screen for a few minutes and you will understand why I am saying that. It is some of the best retro style music in an indie game ever.

I found Knight Terrors to be a joy, the game was fun and addictive and there was an incentive to replay, as doing well unlocks new modes to play, and doing well in those modes unlocks even more modes. For a cheap eShop game, Knight Terrors is packed to the brim with stuff to do, has a good amount of challenge and keeps things fresh with new power-ups you can earn. Budget games often get a bad reputation, but the truth is, there are good ones and Knight Terrors is proof of that. I daresay this is better than some games on the eShop that cost significantly more. I fully recommend this game! You will not regret it, and I daresay this is a hidden gem.

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