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On today’s show, Dre’s computer has a mind of its own and deciedes to work when it wants to work (told him not to make fun of GLaDOS last episode)so we did the best we could and made a show out of the scraps. On the show, we talk about:

– The new PS3 slim
– PS3 Plus: the end of free online play on the Playstation 3?
– Jordan on the cover of NBALive2k11
– The future of G4 TV

We also had special guests Hip Hop Gamer and Super Street Fighter IV Tournament player and Youtuber, DeeDogg313.

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No GravatarLooks like 2k Sports finally decided who they want to be on the cover of NBA2k11. The “Greatest of all time”, Michael Jordan. Jason Argent, Vice President Of Marketing for 2K Sports. stated;

“We knew as soon as we signed Jordan that we needed to do something special for the cover. This could possibly be the most highly anticipated cover art in the history of sports games and we think the image we came up with delivers on every front. I think fans will be pleasantly surprised at how Jordan is actually used in game, as NBA 2K11 will pay homage to ‘His Airness’ in many ways, but the cover art represented our first chance to stop and honor him along the way.”

here are the pictures to show of his “greatness”

Michael Jordan himself seems pleased with the cover;

“It’s exciting to see it all come together. I am looking forward to seeing the final product, but my kids might have to give me some lessons.”

NBA2k11 is slated to come out, the first week of October this fall. Looks like it’s time to lace up the kicks once again!

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On today show, We introduce Steven Williams as the third member of TRGS. We also discuss our personal views on E3 and Fanboys, are they good or bad for the industry? Also Shel wasn’t in a good mood and of course he showed it during the podcast and did another legendary rant out. Please feel free to tune in.

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No GravatarNow that the Siege is over with in Marvel’s 616 universe. Marvel is going through a “Heroic Age” meaning, most of the Marvel comic titles are getting restarted. Here’s a sneak peak to X-Men first issue;

The X-Men enter the Heroic Age in their first X-MEN #1 in 20 years-but just what is “The Curse Of The Mutants”? Why have vampires targeted the mutant population? And who’s the jaw-dropping new member of the X-Men?

It looks like the first issue will be interesting to say the least.  I am looking forward to July 8th when this issue comes out for all the public to see.


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On today show, We talk about E3 and why games are art. We also have a very special guest, Steven Williams (former CFL football star and Electronic Arts QA). Steven talks to us about past experiences while working wit EA Games, and Dre and Steven discuss why Prince is the G.O.A.T.