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Upon loading up my 3DS Shop with money I started glancing through the shop and after buying Pokemon Trading Card Game, I was told about this game by a friend of mine Elle. With my love for rhythm games peaked yet again, I decided to give this a try. This is based on first impressions of the game with about 3 hours of game play.

The Good:

Weapon Shop de Omasse is a rhythm game at heart, taping to a hit chart at the top of the screen, and while this is the core of the game it has hints of resource management as you try to keep your shop stocked with weapons to rent out to potential warriors.

Unlike other rhythm games, they make audible queues with the “notes” at the top of the screen to hit your timing. So your not being completely lost on what the hell to do when crafting weapons. It requires you to tap on multiple parts of the steel as you craft. If you tap on the same part multiple times (After that perticular part has been crafted) the game politely informs you that you need to move to another part by placing a big black “X” over it. Sometimes you need come coaching in games, and this does it in a way you could remember in the future.

The Bad:

There’s too much freaking text! There’s a gimmick in the game called “The Grindcast”, and as the warriors run off with their newly acquired gear you can keep track of them on their adventures. As your crafting new weapons at the shop, it shows up at the top screen, complete with noise that threw me completely off, ending up crafting a piece of crap instead of what I truly wanted.

The only way to keep the shop alive is by buying materials with the money given to you when they return it. That’s right, if it’s lost, stolen, breaks or the person wielding it dies (Hasn’t happened yet….don’t think it does though.) you don’t’ see a dime. I would have a better success rate of 100% durability (That I got on my first weapon.) if it wasn’t for that damn “Grindcast”!

The “Orders” menu could be WAY better, as it gives you the quests of the main storyline. Anyone that comes in and makes a order, does not have it show up in the menu for me. As a forgetful person who goes multiple hours without picking up his 2ds, makes it a very noticeable thing missing from the game.

The idea of it being a resource management game is kind of a turn off for me personally. I went in thinking it was solely a rhythm game, and it’s been reduced to a “Dump Game” (One that I would play while taking one.) I know that I’ve said that it was a great game, but the more and more I play it, the more and more I started comparing it to Pokemon Shuffle.

Overall, it’s a good game at it’s core, but there was too much not to nit pick about. I will update it as I play more of Weapon Shop de Omasse!


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Divekick Update Logo

The Good:

Made by Iron Galaxy, the company behind the port of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins, and the second season of Killer Instinct, have made fun of the franchises that millions of people watch on a weekly basis on It’s poking fun of the over complexity of fighting games by introducing the world to a 2-button fighting game. The buttons are simply labled; Dive (Into the air) and Kick. While you can rebind the keys for your keyboard it seems really natural on a controller as well.

The characters are each unique like any traditional fighter, but they are complete parodies of members of the fighting game community. The most noticed was the story line of Mr. N, who happens to be a parody of Marn.

Mr. N, a Divekicker who once rigged a bracket in a tournament, resulting in a mass disqualification of all the players, the cancellation of the tournament, and the end of Uncle Sensei’s Divekicking career. He is notorious for his shady dealings in tournaments and is often found around his best friend, star Divekicker Dustin Weinburger. He is constantly on the run from the mob, to whom he owes money. Mr. N is a parody of the character Rufus from the Street Fighter franchise and professional gamer Martin “Marn” Phan
-Divekick’s Wikipedia Page

They continue from S-kill (Seth Killian), Markman (MadKatz Community Manager Mark Julio) Dr. School (Dr. Doom) and many more. Included in the latest patch is Johnny Gat, the recurring character in the Saints Row franchise.

Each of the characters have 2 special moves, one of which they can perform in the air and on the ground. How do you activate the movies on a 2 button fighter? By pressing them at the same time! The timing is a little akward playing against the CPU, while playing against opponents in ranked and casual mode are damn near impossible to me. I guess I need to just grind to get better.

The Bad:

The only issue I happen to have with this game, is that it appeared as a “Flash in the Pan” kind of game. With all the hype behind it and the budding tournament scene kinda make it worth picking up, but the only downside is that it has a moment where your having fun with your buddies drinking and having fun, but like Mario Party games it’s done in small doses.

Want to see how easy this truly is? Here’s a video of UFGT9’s Top 16!


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One of the best ways to know how well a story is written is when it drags you in and become emotionally attached to a character or plot within it. Nihilumbra has that story and character as the tutorial just had me in tears as I had flashbacks in all the most negative ways. The more and more I played the more and more I was dragged into the depths of depression as I tried all that I could to to enjoy the game. I completed as much as I could after the tutorial but I couldn’t go any further. I closed the game and tried to calm my nerves. Coffee, cigarettes, talking to family, all of this couldn’t get me out of this funk I’m in, so I’m carrying on as I write this review.

The Good:

The story, the story, the story. What else can be said about a silent protagonist that escapes “The Void” only to be tracked down by monsters that want to make the hero a part of “The Void” yet again? Nothing, but what really makes the story come to life is the narrator.  The disembodied voice, helps out when needed but in between moments of usefulness, he decides to rip into you verbally. It adds a new wrinkle in the game, as you have assistance, yet you have this sense of someone giving you the middle finger while your the only one there.

The artwork done on the game is by far the best I’ve ever seen. With the unique monsters and the lead character itself (Him, Her?! The hell if I know.) looking like nothing I’ve never seen before.

The game gives you colors as your power ups. Blue makes the ground covered in ice, as green allows you to bounce higher after leaping off a high perch. These powers are so balanced that there’s not one that’s overpowered, and you will catch yourself using all the powers through the game.  You use the mouse scroll wheel to quickly switch between the acquired powers and you move with WASD keys so for those FPS players that want a game that they don’t have to relearn the controles, this is for you!

The Bad and The Ugly:

This game is the first form of entertainment that actually made me cry, due to the story hitting too close to home. I might be reaching far, but the best part of the game might also be a downfall about it. I might not have been in the right mindset to take on such a emotional role, but it had to be done.

The minor thing that was such  was that when the voice over started and you went on to the next screen, you would have to kill yourself somehow to go back and listen to it all over again.

Overall it was a awesome game, but I wouldn’t recommend it to gamers who had a tough, personal issue in the past.

Nihilumbra is now available on PC, Linux, and Mac, buy directly from official website to get both a Desura and Steam key for the game. You can also play on the go by downloading it on any of your iOS devices. This review is based off the gaming experience on PC so gameplay might be different on your mobile devices.

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The Good:

IT’S COMPLETELY FREE!! You don’t have to pay a dime to download it, which is the best type of game for me, but there’s a HUGE draw back when it has a optional paid service where one could buy packs and arena entries. How is this a good thing? You have the option to either buy with in game gold, or real life currency. (Packs are $1US  or 100 gold,with the more you buy the cheaper they are, where arena is $1.99US for a entry where it’s Blizzards idea of drafting.)

The HUD is insanely beautiful with all four corners of the play area intractable there’s a very low chance to be bored as your opponent smashes face. There are “Gold” versions of cards that you can get through playing the game, (Not sure if they are obtainable through crafting or opening packs.) and as of late they have added animation on all of the gold versions of cards.

HeartStone-Heroes-Of-WarcraftThe ability to disenchant cards to get what you want is a HUGE bonus in my book, as this is technically the only way to trade. There is not, and will never be, player to player trading, so this is the best as we can get!

If you happen to be a TCG freak like I am, or a Blizzard nut, you don’t have to be both to get into this game.  I have played many matches where I’ve thought “Who the hell is this?” but still enjoyed it to the fullest. With the past 10 years of playing TCG’s under my belt, it was insanely easy to pick up even with the easy to learn tutorial.

The arena is the easiest way to get a better experience out of the game. When you pick your random deck of 30 cards, you have a 12 game win cap. People who have achieved this awesome winning streak get things like crafting dust, gold, and packs. I personally am unable to achieve this feat but there’s players like Trump who have always gotten that far. I always recommend watching other players before you get into their games. (Don’t watch me play arena, I suck.)
The Bad:

The only bad thing is that when you collect packs and open them, you have a high chance of getting extra cards. The collection tab at the main menu will direct you to disenchant ALL extra cards because the max you can have of any one card is 2. Yes 2 copies of cards is also the most you can have in any one deck as well. (I’ve been spoiled for 4 copies of cards for years and was legitimately disappointed when I noticed this for the first time.)

After playing the game for a month, they started nerfing.

Hearthstone-Heroes-of-Warcraft-betaThe Ugly:

The idea of putting out a game with a optional paid service boggles my mind. I understand that it’s a optional service, but why put it in to begin with? The “Dailies” are there to assist you in acquiring gold but why couldn’t you just use that as the major currency of the game? The ability to “Pay To Win” is the only thing that would make this game a complete turn off to anyone.

Overall, the game is pretty solid now after a few patch updates after nerfing of the Mage, and Warlock classes. Even though I haven’t played in a while due to these patches it is a complete FREE package that can appeal to anyone.
Here’s a video of me playing through ranked mode! Enjoy!

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Duels of the Planeswalkers, is the console version of the 20 year old Trading Card Game Magic: The Gathering. As a player of the game for the past 11 years, I’m super critical about the game in both the cardboard and digital forms. This is the fourth is the series going all the way back to 2009, and has come along way sense the beta I played at the World Championships in 2008, (In Memphis baby!) but how much has it improved?

The Good:

The modes are available right from the start, minus “Revenge Mode”, and includes “Sealed Play” for the very first time. “Sealed Play” gives you 6 packs of cards, and you build a deck much like the paper counterpart. If you feel lost in what to play, there’s a meter on the top of the screen that assists you in the process of making the best deck possible. Although the game can’t assist you on what you should play, as you place cards in the deck you will have the meter rise and fall depending on what you put in and take out capping out at “Awesome”.

The single player campaign follows the Planeswalker Chandra Nalar, as she retrieves artifacts to aid her in her battles. Even though this is as basic as a storyline gets, it’s a first in the history of the franchise. The other versions just pale in comparison as this subtle addition just adds to the flavor of the game.

Magic-The-Gathering-2014-4As of this review, I haven’t had the time to review the online multiplayer and when I do I’ll write another review on it. The Bad:

As you play through the campaign, you unlock cards to add into your deck. The cards are then automatically added to the deck, if you like it or not. This is the biggest issue I have with the game. Not only do they do it against your will, but it even makes your deck bigger when the AI adds lands to help with the lands to spells ratio. The first time I checked to see if this happened, I unlocked all 30 cards for the deck, and when I checked the card count it was at 97! This has plagued the game sense the beginning, and even though it’s small, it’s super aggravating.

“Revenge” mode is unlocked after you complete the campaign, and it’s brutal. Even though I was wanting to 100% the game, it was impossible. The difficulty is turned insanely high, and there wasn’t enough patient bones in my body to sit and try to complete it. Unless you have a high IQ, or have a friend sitting next to you for the assist, it will be a tough and challenging road ahead.

Now it’s time to turn on the megaphone and stand on my soapbox about the biggest issue I have.

pic5The Ugly:

Wizards of the Coast allows you to print out a code to redeem one of three packs, depending on the platform you bought it on. In order to redeem said packs you have to go to a participating store, and bring them the code. No harm, no foul right? That’s where your completely wrong. As I call around to the shops in the area, I was told that they had completely “sold out” of the packs I was trying to claim. The Steam version had a Scavaging Ooze which retails for $10, which gives you your money back. Upon talking to other Magic players at the shop during a “Standard Format” event, multiple players mentioned how they obtained multiple copies of the foil, alternate art, rare. One player mentioned how he preceded to buy his codes from EBay to get the last 8 copies of the cards from the store we were currently sitting in. Knowing that I was looking for the game he even had the balls to attempt to sell me a copy of the Ooze for $25, knowing I should have gotten it for free. Being behind the curve of the actual release of the game, I was pissed knowing that people were going through these lengths to obtain a card, while I’m stuck behind the 8-Ball knowing that I will never get the card unless I pay money out of my pocket. My plea to WotC, put the redemption service back to where it was back in 2009.

During the first release of “Duels” they had them ship you the cards by a in game redemption service and they would ship you the cards. No EBay,, nothing outside of you and the XBox you were on can hinder you receiving it. This is the way it was, and should have been from the start and I beg Wizards to return it to the way it was.



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No GravatarA save file before and after "Boosting"With the Summer long gone. so has the release of Final Fantasy 7 for Steam, and there’s something that just bugs the living shit out of me, Character boosting.

Character boosting is only allowed if you have “Cloud Saves” active for the game saves to be archived just in case your computer takes a shit. When you go to the Square-Enix website, the boost gives you MAX HP, MP, and 50 MILLION GIL while you enjoy the story. “But Cupcheck, why does it bother you?”

The fun part about any Final Fantasy game is the grinding, to look forward to what’s ahead and be satisfied when you get there AND get the positive results when it’s all said and done. The anticipation of what’s on the other side of that one battle you have to grind for, is what makes a game for me. Diablo 2 and it’s expansion is a good example of the road one has to take to fully enjoy the story AND the grind leading up to the ending, where you defeat Baal.

Why only max out stats? Why not go all out and make the team fully customizable from the weapons and gear? The original release on the PC, and the PSX version with the GameShark, are able to let you do it so why not the Steam version? It’s just super annoying that with the ability to cheat, they don’t allow you to do it and make your team completely overpowered!

Send all questions and inquiries about the matter to @CupcheckGE or!


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Title Screen for "The Binding of Isaac"

Title Screen for “The Binding of Isaac”

The Binding of Isaac Review:

You play as a toddler named, Isaac, whose mother heard a voice. While obeying the voice she eventually is drawn to kill her child. While fleeing, he found his way to the basement where he starts out killing monsters that he comes across along the way. Without the use of guns,he kills monsters by shooting his tears. Yes, a toddler killing things by crying. I know it’s kinda weird but oddly enough, it’s what drew me to this game. I love games that are one of a kind, and sometimes bring controversy that isn’t  newsworthy, like Halo.

The game has hi content of violence even though it has a hint of nostalgia with the game layout, having a familiar to Zelda fans. A friend of mine once called “Isaac”, “A Zelda game with blood.” The game play is simplified by the “W,A,S,D” keys with either the mouse, or the arrow keys used to shoot, while “Q” is used to take pills and read tarot cards while “E” or “Shift” is used to drop bombs. The number of power ups, and downs, in this game is HUGE. As of the “Wrath of the Lamb” expansion, there’s at least 200 items to help or hinder your way to defeat your mom. That’s not counting the trinkets, and tarot cards you can also pick up along the way. This almost guarentees that with the massive amounts of items, and varients in the floor layouts, you will never play the same game twice. With quite a bit of items being locked during your first, I don’t know, 10 plays through the game, it adds to the charm to figure out how to unlock the items, and see how it affects Issac throughout each time you play.

The characters you can unlock during the game makes the game’s replayability absurdely worth the value. Each character has a unique item with him (or her) and helps out with the game, which adds to the charm of each.Along with the unlockable characters there’s a huge amounts of unlockable items that you start to unlock from the very first playthrough. The community is one of those that I haven’t seen in quite some time. The BOILeR League ( is a community of speed runners, that compete with the expansion (Wrath of the Lamb) with the set up of the NFL regular season, where they compete for cash prises. The community also plays other games, where viewers
can go and watch new independent and full retail games.

The reason that the community is a focus point in the part of the review, is that it’s the reason why I personally got into the game to begin with, and this review wouldn’t be possible without them.

There’s a high amount of religious overtones to the game. Making deals with the devil and gifts from a faceless angel, Bible,  Necronomicon, a coat hanger (From the ever ongoing abortion issue.) and reading tarot cards, might be unsetteling for some people. For me, this was easy to look past as I realize it’s just a game. Even though while talking to my father and brother about it, they quickly shot down the idea of watching me play to grasp the consept of the game due to the religious tones.This could be anything between minor to a major issue, due to one’s ability to look past it to just enjoy the game. This is the only dowside to the game, and I was able to look completely past it, so it wasn’t much of a issue with me.

UPDATE: “The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth” will be the newest update to the game that, for the first time ever, will bring the 2 year old IP to consoles! You can pick it up on Steam or PS3.  At the time of this article, it is unknown to me if “Rebirth” will be available on the Xbox360, PS4, or XBoxOne.

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IPod Touch, Only One of Many Forms of Second Screening.

Now, this is only my opinion on the matter and even though I’ve only had one form of  “Second Screening”, this is going to be my overall take on it, going from TV and iPod connectivity alone and do not reflect the obvious differences of the Wii U.  After the first hour of a 3 hour episode of WWE Raw, I’ve got to say that I’m not impressed with the first experience.

The Good:

The idea of having behind the scenes videos during commercials is the best thing any company can do during shows, live or otherwise. What is normally bathroom breaks, is me awkwardly walking to the bathroom with my iPod and Tritton Kunai headset as I am keeping a eye on show content. During the live portion of the show, the app is continuously updating with polls and tweets from the fans as I browse the app after the video abruptly cuts off for  reasons beyond my control.

The Bad:
The content that updates while the show is going on, actually kept me from watching a Pay Per View quality match. I was too in depth with what the WWE Universe (Stupid Fans as Glen Beck puts it.) that I completely missed parts of it, and was super happy that they replayed the dive that Danial Bryan did mid match. This is the only downside to the entire second screening experience, as I have not yet dove into the other realm of watching while a episode of “The Walking Dead” is on.


What Did I Get From Popping My Cherry?:

Second screening is pointless. I’ve heard people talk about this awesome experience as people tweet, Facebook and interact with friends about what they are watching, but the only thing I’ve gotten out of it was a poor excuse to promote a app, and whore out their wares from their website.


As Far As Gaming Goes:

With the most recent updates to the Playstation 3 and the PSVita, they added the ability to play ranked and player matches on Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken from your PS Vita to the console counterpart. Does anyone remember the Dreamcast VMU’s and the ability to have stats of your Madden, or Ready To Rumble matches on it? I do, and as shitty as it was, we loved it when we could take it to school and breed Chaos in the middle of study hall. What about using the PSVita for the ability to see your stats in sports or RPG titles? No one will ever think of it, because Sony is using the Vita as a handheld and not as a potential platform for a killer gaming experience.

What is your thoughts on the ability to have a “Second Screen Experience” and where do you think It can go with gaming in the next generation? Tweet me @CupcheckGE 🙂

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As of  today, (January 8th 2013) it was announced that the latest game in the famed Pokemon franchise will be entitled “Pokemon X and Pokemon Y” which leans towards the “WTF!?” category.  For the better part of 20 years, Pokemon games were known with colors, while this one is straying from the norm. I’ve been playing Magic: The Gathering for so long when I think of X and Y I think of creatures power and toughness! I’m all for the progression of intellectual properties, but have GameFreak and Nintendo ran out of colors to use?  Alas, this is Pokemon’s first game exclusive for the Nintendo 3DS and is available WORLDWIDE in October 2013, without any announcement on weather or not the Global Link will be active after the games launch.


“The Pokémon Company and Nintendo announced today that the next generation of Pokémon video games, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, will launch worldwide in October for the Nintendo 3DS system. New Pokémon, a new storyline set in a spectacular 3D world, and dynamic battles instantly make Pokémon X and Pokémon Y two of the most highly anticipated video game titles of 2013.

“The worldwide launch of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y this October allows players to begin their adventures at the same time,” said Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of The Pokémon Company. “Now, Pokémon fans across the globe can discover the secrets of Pokémon games and can collect, battle, and trade with each other immediately.”

“We brought Pokémon into an entirely new dimension and we’re incredibly excited to bring Pokémon X and Pokémon Y  to fans,” said Junichi Masuda, video game director at GAME FREAK inc. “The stunning visuals, a completely redesigned environment, game scenario, music, and communication features will bring smiles to the faces of video game players around the world.”


Want an early sneak peek at Pokémon X and Pokémon Y? Visit to watch a video introducing this new Pokémon adventure, including an exciting first look at the new starter Pokémon in battle! Fans can also catch a glimpse of the newest Legendary Pokémon and gameplay footage from the upcoming titles.

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will be the blueprint for an exciting array of new animation, Pokémon TCG, and toys debuting around the world.”


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Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile Logo

Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile Logo


The review was based on the IPod 4th Gen, 8 GB device, and results may differ from device to device. Please take this into consideration while reading.

Spending any form of money through a mobile device, one would think that Capcom would put out a premium product. I thought the same way too, while downloading the game that’s been a giant cluster fuck since the first release on the consoles. With a 99 cent price tag, is it still worth it?

The price tag is good for only the offline experience, which alone consists of insane lagging and jagged pixels which are painful to the eyes. When your playing the “Arcade Mode”, it’s simple to see exactly how much health your main character has, but when you look up to see how much red health your back up character has, it’s damn near impossible.  The roster is only 6 deep for both sides, but I find this to be one of the downfalls as I have been spoiled in recent Tekken titles with Asuka Kazama. I understand that as far as mobile devices are they are insanely limited to space, but as a fan service next time up a poll on the Capcom Unity threads, you know just tease us a little bit. As far as the ranked online experience goes it blew so much. Even while sitting right next to the WI-fi router, had to be, hands down, the worst online experience I have ever had console or otherwise.

This is going to be short and sweet, don’t bother with this game, if you want to get it on the consoles.

This game is going to keep me from reviewing other Capcom games, on the IPod for a while, until I get the balls to go spend money again.