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As I start to play Furi, I can’t help to think in Afro Samurai, Takashi Okazaki is responsible for the character design, so the spirit of Afro Samurai is here. The whole set-up of a laconic samurai with an enigmatic, possibly imaginary friend makes things very familiar for me. In Furi, you take control of a Katana wielding guns blazing samurai trying to escape from his jail (won’t spoil much of the story), while a Bunny Masked “friend” goes with you along the way. If I could describe Furi, I would say that is a hack and slash boss rush, bullet hell experience, that is by no means easy but so satisfying with each victory.

Furi’s greatest strength is it combat.  Armed with your katana and a gun, you tackle each of the game’s bosses, but they are not a walk in the park.  You attack with the Y button attack with your Katana, and the Right Stick is your laser gun, seems simple right?  It is; however, if you think you are going to shoot your way to victory, you have another thing coming. Furi has a system similar to the Field phase and Duel Phase in Pokken Tournament (to put it simply).  After dealing certain amount of damage, your enemy goes into a “orange” state in which you have to be fast and slash it to perform a devastating attack and shift into a more up close and personal fight.  This is where things change.  You no longer can spam projectiles with your gun here is a manly fight to the death, but it doesn’t mean also that you can spam slash attacks.

Furi excels in giving you a game in which you have to wait for the opportunity to dish damage, watching enemy patterns and attacks and learning when to counter and attack is essential if you want to win. Luckily, you have several tools at your disposal.  When in close quarters combat, with the A button you can Parry, if you press it just before an attack connects you regain a little health and you can follow up with a combo. But parrying is not always the best way.  Sometimes you need more power in your attacks so that is why the charged attack is the best choice in this types of situations.  Holding down the Y button for a few seconds will put your character in a focused stance.  Releasing it will perform a powerful combo attack that will break the enemy’s defenses.

Speaking of charged attacks, you can also charge your shots with ZR, which is useful when your opponent is far away. With the B button, you can perform a dodge useful to avoid attacks, especially the most powerful ones. When you have deal certain amounts of damage, the enemy enters a invincible state and the bullet hell element becomes apparent.  During this time, you cannot harm the enemy, but you need to shoot constantly to avoid being hit by the multiple bullets and use B to dodge large area attacks.

The music and art style used in Furi is superb.  It blends really well with the rest of the game, and the dark tone of the story and fight for freedom is one of the best I have seen so far for Nintendo Switch. I personally love that this types of games arrive to this console, so us adult gamers can enjoy them as well.  The difficulty here is high.  You WILL die a lot, but you can lower the difficulty if needed.  I would not have it any other way, though.  I prefer to try again until I win than to have a dumbed-down experience which appeals ore to audiences (this is only my opinion).  However, there is nothing wrong in playing at a lower difficulty setting if that’s what you prefer to do.

Bottom Line: Furi is one of those hidden gems in the Nintendo Switch library, but be warned: it is hard, but not impossible. It is a great combination of bullet hell and hack ‘n slash mechanics, and the anime-influenced style fits like a ring. I definitely recommend it to players wanting a good challenge with moderate to unforgiving difficulty, but casuals might not think so. Even so solid controls and great soundtrack make Furi a must buy.



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I really like to drive; there is nothing more relaxing than taking your car for a ride around the city to clear your mind.  But I also love the speed, love to see what is the top speed I can get on my car.  However, due to obvious reasons, it’s not possible to do it in the city.  Luckily for me, racing games are here to stay. Classics like Outrun and Top Gear were influential during my childhood.  Now, 80’s Overdrive captures the best of said franchises and create a great experience that no racing fan should miss.

If I could describe 80’s Overdrive, I would say that is a love letter of the golden era of 16 bit racers.  The pixel rich visuals are a treat to your eyes, and the game play is simple but engaging in a way that, once you are hooked, you won’t notice time flying by.  The game’s Career Mode is where you will undoubtedly be spending the majority of your time. You purchase a car and then take it out to compete in a range of ranked road races. Each one carries an entry fee, but the cash prize for winning is more than worth the initial outlay.  From time you time, you’ll get the chance to earn bonus money by collecting items, causing a certain amount of damage to a rival or – most usually of all – finishing dead last. These variables add a little spice to the racing action.  Finishing first in the races boosts your global ranking which not only pushes you up the leader board but also unlocks other races around the world. The cash you earn can be used to enhance your current vehicle, giving it a faster top speed, better steering, and more stability.  This is especially important as it reduces your recovery time, should you get into a bump. It’s also possible to equip nitro boost, which can be deployed a limited number of times per each race, provided you’re hitting your top speed.

Another aspect that I like of 80’s Overdrive is the music, which contains suitably atmospheric tracks from the likes of Angst78, Aceman, Karolis, Vectorwolf and Vocoderion, which in my opinion adds to the feel of the awesome 80’s the game is based upon. The time-attack mode, the most obvious nod to the Out Run games before it.  Simple by nature, time-attack tasks players with reaching checkpoints within a time limit.  Reaching a checkpoint adds more time to the clock and seamlessly leads players to another location for their synth-driven journey to the next checkpoint. Racking up points the further you drive, it is telling that the clock tracking your time driven measures in seconds, minutes, and hours. Dodging traffic and veering around tight corners while attempting to beat your best time is the most unadulterated fun 80’s Overdrive offers, especially considering failure yields no further consequence beyond starting again.

Bottom Line: 80’s Overdrive is an amazing racer with rad tunes beautiful pixel graphics and nods to popular culture icons of the 80’s (like Mr. T and the Delorean).  It is a game that any 3DS owner out there should not miss on.



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When Smash Bros was released, it took the world by surprise. No one ever imagined to see Nintendo characters fighting each other, and the idea proved to be well done. After Smash Bros came out, many games emerged with the same idea of, throwing the opponents from a platform in order to win the match. Many had different mechanics, but all usually had the same objective to them.  Some were average and others were bad, but ultimately, no game was able to stand apart as anything other than a smash clone. That is until now that Brawlout has entered the fray.

At first glance, you might think that Brawlout is another smash clone because it shares some similarities with the aforementioned series. Once you get into it, however,  you can see that Brawlout is very different from Smash, and that it can stand proudly next to it. Control wise you have two jump buttons, an attack button, a special button, and L and R serve as dodge and aerial dash buttons. One novel thing in Brawlout is that while you can do basic attacks with the A button, and directional and charged attacks (like Smash the developers decided to add something new: combos.

While it’s true that there are combos in other games,  they tend to be more advanced level combos than most entry level gamers can’t pull off. Brawlout on the other hand, decided to go the extra mile and make the game accessible to everyone, while keeping tech and skills at a level that even advanced gamers can enjoy. The combo system is really intuitive: pressing the A button three times and then pressing the B button will have your character performing a combo. While the command is the same for all characters, each one has different attacks and properties.

There are some that have follow up attacks on their specials.  Also, there is no shield here.  Instead of blocking, you can simply dodge pressing either the L or R button. For me, this is awesome because match are more fast paced, and if your opponent is combo happy you can dodge and bring some punishment.  The lack of items is another thing that I applaud.  If you win, it’s based on skill, not for an item, another great mechanic in Brawlout is the Rage System.  While you are receiving damage, a red gauge starts to fill.  When it’s at fifty percent, you can press L and R at the same time to use it as a combo breaker, so if you are getting pinned down, it is a way to turn the tables on your favor. If it reaches 100%, you can enter Rage Mode by pressing L and R.  Rage Mode raises your attack power, makes you harder to knock down, and gives you more recovery speed, while being thrown out of the stage.  If you are being thrown you can use the double jump and the aerial dash to get back to the platform.  Also Up B  can get you to the edge, so you can use all three to get back so even if you are thrown far you still have a chance.

You have six original characters, plus two guest characters: Juan Aguacate from Guacamelee and The Drifter From Hyper Light Drifter. Each character has different move sets with their own strengths and weaknesses.  For example Paco, whose moves are set around, throws like a luchador.  For me, this is one of the stronger characters on the game. Brawlout is a fast paced, all out battle royal, meaning that in order to win, quick thinking and fast reactions are key to victory. Brawlout feels really smooth: running at 60fps both docked and undocked.  The game allows this fast pace to work really well.  It also has several modes for you to get into, as well as an in-game store to unlock extras. Single player offerings include your standard quick-play and tutorial options, a free practice mode, and an arcade mode where you have to play through rounds of matches across three difficulties. Playing in these matches will raise the ‘mastery’ (or skill level) of your chosen character, eventually working towards future unlocks. Some things, such as new skins or taunts, are unlocked randomly as you earn more in-game currency by playing matches and completing daily challenges. New stages, on the other hand, are locked behind specific characters.  You’ll need to get each character to level 10 to get their specific arena.

There is also an online mode which consists exclusively of one-on-one matches. In a nice touch, you are able to jump into local matches or browse through the in-game store while the game tries to find an online match for you. Following the theme of the action so far, when online matches are working perfectly they are great fun and you can host your own games for friends to join.  If you like, however, due to the nature of peer-to-peer online servers, several matches where a user had a poor internet connection caused the entire match to run in unplayable slow-motion. Of course, everyone’s experience with this will differ, but I recommend ensuring that you have a very fast and secure connection if you wish to jump online.

Bottom Line: Brawlout is another great addition to the Nintendo Switch.  If you were hungry for a Smash-like game, you can’t go wrong here.  It has a great cast of characters, fun game play unlocks, and daily bonuses. Brawlout has something for everyone, and I definitely recommend it.  I hope to see you online!

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Shoot em ups are one of my favorite genres. Since the beginning, with games like Star Force and Galaga, we have always imagined that extraterrestrials are invading our planet and like the heroes of the movies, we are the only hope. Its a plot that has been used several times, but it never gets old and now we have another entry in one of the most influential and defining genre, with Star Ghost, a shoot ‘em up that is fun and different from the rest.

A metagon warfleet has been detected at the outer perimeter and as the pilot of the most advanced Star Fighter ever built, you are the only hope for defense. Star Ghost is a different kind of breed in the universe of shmups. It has all the elements, bad guys trying to destroy your home? Check! A cool and advanced machine to fight them off? Check! An arsenal of weapons and upgrades to give you a fighting chance against waves of enemies? Check! But where Star Ghost is stands above other games in the genre it’s in the way it takes known elements of the shmups, and bends them to its will, creating a unique experience and mechanics that keep the game fresh.

Star Ghost uses a simple but hard to master control scheme, wherein you only use the A button for “thrusting”, and your left stick to aim your shots and to use your tractor field( which is used to get orbs much needed for power ups and retries) and that’s it. The rest of the gameplay is based on pure skill alone. The gameplay is similar to infamous “flappy bird” style, but don’t let that fool you as Star Ghost is a game that will challenge your skills. It couldn’t be a shooter without power ups, but unlike other games they are not permanent and every shot the ship fires will deplete your shot power up downgrading it all the way to the initial level. However, you can find blue orbs scattered through each of the areas and when you destroy enemies. You can attract them with you using your tractor field, and while the field is active the weapons are not active meaning you can save precious shots to take down the next wave of enemies. 

Now graphically speaking the game looks good, although don’t expect 4K HD and all of that because this game doesn’t need that. The darkness of outer space and the looming threat that the Metagon army pose, plus the upbeat music makes the package really attractive. Regarding difficulty, I would classify it from medium to hard, since the only control you have over your ship is going up and down. That being said though, if you maintain your shot upgrades on the higher levels you can survive. You only have 1 life and you must make it last, so you have to maneuver your way and collect orbs and upgrades like a mad man. If you somehow fail during the mission, you can retry the stage again as opposed to starting from the beginning of the game if you have 50 orbs. Since the levels are procedurally generated, no stage is the same twice so that keeps the game fresh. The music is also really good and while some tunes get repeated, I don’t personally think that affect the game at all.


Bottom Line is that Star Ghost is a shmup that definitely deserves a change, with simple but challenging gameplay, good music and a different take on the shmup genre I recommend it to Switch owners especially if you did not play it on WiiU.  What are you waiting for?


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Picture this: You are a Caveman minding your own business, chilling around a fire while your children are outside playing, then out of nowhere an alien comes and abducts your children. You are a simple prehistoric man, you hunt dinosaurs for survival of your species and family and some strange things kidnap your children. Well these 4 brave warriors are taking a stand and will get them back.. That is basically the gist of it.

Side Scrolling platformers are the bread and butter of the video game universe, without them we wouldn’t be where we are now. Every game developer has a challenge to create something unique and different from the rest, and Caveman Warriors succeeds in being different from the rest of platforming adventure games.

When you start the game, you choose your Caveman( or woman) from the 4 available. You pick the one you like the most and your adventure begins right?…Nope you are wrong, well your adventure begins but one of Caveman Warriors mechanics is that the character you chose its not necessarily the one that you can keep throughout the entire game. This is because each one has a different set of skills and abilities that differ from each other.  Jack The Smasher uses an ax with his skill being throwing the ax in a arc. This is good for hitting enemies in the air or in hard to reach places and his ability is a flaming charge that makes him invincible to hits for a while. Liliana The Last Rider uses a lance with a snake on the tip (cave women were snake enchanters I guess), hers skill is to throw the lance in a straight line. This is good for using as a platform for reaching places that you cant with your super jump and her ability is a powerful 2 hit combo. Moe The Shaman uses a drum that allows you to kick butt at the beat of ancient music. His skill is to throw one of his stick as a projectile which is good to get faraway enemies. His ability is to throw a monkey that starts singing within a sphere and is really useful because the enemies start dancing to the beat and you can get close to bonk them on the head. Lastly, Brienne The Beauty  uses…a big dinosaur leg( maybe she was in the middle of lunch when aliens invaded). Her skill is a full force hit that sends enemies flying, and her ability is using her “weapon” as a shield to protect her from harm. Why did I take the time to explain different skills and abilities? Because thanks to the character swap mechanic in Caveman Warriors, you are swapping real time between all 4 to get through each one of the stages.

Now if you have the opportunity to play with other players, the 4 player mode is the way to go since each of you will support each other. But if you don’t have anyone to play with, the single player mode with swapping between the 4 characters will get you there. The characters and each of the stages are well detailed, and I also love the idle animations of each of the warriors since it gives them real personality ( love Brienne’s animation her pet t-rex feeds on her weapon). I can see that the developers got inspiration from classics like Metal Slug ( love the airplane level btw), and to be honest I really like the knock back mechanic.  When you get hit you get knocked back( like Ghost and Goblins) so you must carefully time your jumps and attacks. The enemy AI is designed in a way that they wont make things easy for you as some hit and run, while others jump and attack and and follow your movements i.e. if you jump they also jump and attack. So these enemies aren’t just simple obstacles on your way but must be carefully considered.

Bottom line, Caveman Warriors is a fun addition to the Nintendo Switch Library with a interesting cast of characters and fun multiplayer action. It is a game geared towards multiplayer but it can be enjoyed  in single player as well, with good difficulty and interesting puzzles.  I recommend it to fans of the genre, and to gamers that want a challenging game on their Switch.

Disclaimer: A review key was provided


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Its already late and you overslept and you hurry because today is the big day. You remember asking your teacher about your test, but he only told you that “you would know once you get there”. You find yourself teleported to the test grounds and you are the last of the students, but you still have time. You run around the corridors reading the magic notes you find along the way,  and also find a broom that is busy cleaning and decide that you need it. You now have a magic weapon that is not the best but is magic nonetheless. 

While continuing down the hall, you continue to read the notes and find a stylish magic hat that suits you. Then you get to a part where you can show what you have learned, with a little target practice. After disposing of the targets, you proceed down the hall and arrive to where the teacher is and the rest of your fellow classmates. You have the guts to ask “Have we passed the test?”, and  your teacher looks as you and tells you that no, that you have to continue training until you master your magic and until he makes sure that you are not a walking magic bomb waiting to explode.  An explosion occurs and The Nine Parchments of the most powerful spells are blown by the wind, now it’s your time to show that you can become the best wizard and get back The Nine Parchments.


Nine Parchments is a multiplayer oriented( but single player doable) top down magic twin stick adventure, in which your primary objective is to retrieve the Nine Parchments. You will do this while traveling through some of the most rich and beautiful areas I have seen to date, where you can find treasure chests that sometimes contain exp points to level up. You may also find a magic hat or wand, or  blue feathers(5 in each area), and of course enemies.

Speaking of enemies, as expected they are here to hinder your quest, but since all its fair in war and magic, they also possess magical properties. Some are weak to different types of spells, while others have magic barriers that give then immunity to different types of magic. For example the Blue enemies are immune to Ice type magic, but as you might have guessed they are weak to Fire magic. Some of them don’t have a magic weakness per se but carry a magic barrier that protects them. For example,  a Blue one gives them immunity to Ice magic, but it can be dispelled with a few shots of Fire magic and so forth.

The Bosses are fun and varied and took all of my wits and quick magic casting and circling( you can swap your spells real time) to keep dealing damage constantly, while using the magic evade to avoid harm while mana was regenerating. Regarding spells, there are a lot, and as you progress you will gain more than the 3 you start with. They have different elemental affinities life Fire, Ice, Thunder, Poison(called death magic) etc, and there is also support magic that can give you a boost to your attack, heal you and so forth.

Now let’s talk about multiplayer. You can play locally or online, and I must say that I really like Nine Parchments I really do, but a decision that was made regarding multiplayer I just can’t understand. I’ll explain based on my experience: I was almost finished with the single player story mode, with only one parchment left. I had my powerful magic wands and hats, and decided it’s time for the major leagues: Online. I thought it’s time to play the game the way it was meant to be, so I went to the main menu and selected online multiplayer. I received a message stating that the progress would reset, so I then thought “yeah makes sense it wouldn’t be fair to continue where I left off”. So I got connected to another wizards who wanted adventure and set off to a wonderful world of online adventures……or so I thought.

Don’t get me wrong, this game was meant to be played cooperatively and once all 4 wizards are on, it is so much fun as passing each of the areas feels like a breeze because you have four times the firepower, but there are also four times the hazards. Why you ask? Simple, its because of the friendly fire and I can’t even imagine why friendly fire is enabled. Sure, for kicks and giggles its hilarious to burn or froze you magical peers, but how about fighting against a horde of monsters with different elemental affinities and immunities? That is when the joke is on you. You can and will be killed by friendly fire, and more so when there are several monsters on the screen.  You’re like “yeah burn monsters!”, and another wizard decides to use the mighty thunder spell and you are caught in the middle of the area of effect. Thus one moment you are dealing cleansing flames and another it is just a big nope. A good thing in the middle of this chaos of monsters and friendly fire is that if you are defeated, no matter how, as long as there are wizards alive  you can be revived. Thus you can get even or play in a way that you can avoid being a hazard to your teammates.

During my online sessions I was able to quickly get into a room and there was no lag whatsoever so it was a pleasant experience….but now I come to the other design idea that I can’t comprehend. Remember some lines ago that I stated that I only had one parchment left and whatnot. Well,  after playing and killing and being killed by my wizard dudes, I decided to continue where I left off but oh boy was I in for a surprise!!Turns out that I had to start all over again from the beginning! Remember that message about progress reset and all that? Now I do! Honestly, I played again just for the sake of doing it, because I felt that I was punished for wanting to play online. While it’s true that my level and items and magic were retained, It ended up feeling more like a chore than anything else. I’m totally ok with starting online from the beginning, but my single player progress should stay as I left it. Maybe the devs can issue a patch to fix this, I get what they tried to do though, they wanted to raise the replay value and keep the experience fresh, but for me each time that I want to play online I shouldn’t also have to start again from the beginning with single player.



Bottom Line, Nine Parchments is a good and fun multiplayer game, with different wizards to choose from, and unlocking more as you progress in the game. However. it is not without its flaws.  I can live with the friendly fire it’s fun, but I cannot live with starting all over each time I want to play online. And it is a shame because the game is so fun. If you don’t mind starting single player every time you play online, and find friendly fire hilarious I recommend Nine Parchments to you, it’s perfect for casual gamers, but dedicated players will find it annoying start from the beginning every time.


Disclaimer: A review code was provided

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Plants are awesome.They give us food, and some of them give us the necessary materials for shelter and the world itself would be gray and void of life without them. But have you ever wanted to grow your own garden, but lack the skills or time necessary to do so? Well Plantera DX can help you scratch that gardener itch. In Plantera, you will build your own garden and help it grow adding new plants, bushes trees and animals. As you level up you will get access to new plants to grow and harvest their fruits in order to get coins that you can use to purchase, more plants land and animals.

However,  not everything is fun and games in this world because as your garden expand,  you will have more plants and animals to tend to. There will also be wild animals that want their piece of the action. Birds want to eat your fruit and wolves will want to eat your cows and pigs, but with a quick bonk on the head they will go away. They will then wait until you are not putting attention to try to eat the fruits of your labor. However, as your garden expands you also get blue characters that help you with harvest,  taking care of the animals as well as keeping the wild animals at bay.

Graphically the game uses pixel super deformed cute characters, that are full of color and the art style selected goes well with the theme. The music is really good and laid back and you don’t even notice how the time goes by while playing. The backgrounds are well detailed and you can even plant in a island. I even think that this is a good game to blow off some stress, since the game objective is so simple and the controls are simple as well. The game just has a cute nature that can make you smile and have a good time. Another thing that I like is that if you have a scarecrow  that besides scaring birds and such, also helps to raise the collection rate of the helpers. It is a nice touch to see that while you are not playing the game, life continues on your cute little garden.


Bottom Line Plantera DX is a good time killer. It is a proof that you don’t need the latest graphics, nor a hollywood style story.  You just need a game that is simple but fun concept to sink hours into, and if you want a cute little game that can keep you playing for hours and are on a budget I recommend Plantera DX to ingrain its roots on your Nintendo Switch.


Disclaimer: A review code was provided.

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Point and click adventure games were never my cup of tea.  I knew they existed and that they had a following of fans that really like them, but I just did not see the appeal.  I always questioned myself: what is so good about them? Why do gamers like them so much?  I got my answer when I got the chance to play Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today.

The plot of the game puts you in control of Michael, a man that a family found and brought with him.  When he wakes up, he is in complete darkness with no recollection of his past.  He’s completely amnesiac.  While he was asleep, he heard a woman’s voice telling him to wake up and calling him “Michael” and that he is the only one who can stop this.  He wakes suddenly and meets his savior, a man named Rob. After speaking with Rob for a while, he fills you in with a little of what has happened to the world, and tells you to go outside to see for yourself while he hurries to a room (that he left locked on purpose), and you are left to explore and discover what’s going on with the world.

I don’t want to spoil much in this review, so I’ll try to concentrate in the game play elements instead of the story.  For one, I like the fact that the game doesn’t hold your hand.  It’s like, “Okay, Michael is awake; it’s up to you to decide what to do next.”  For me, it’s an important part of the plot as well because I think that the developer tried to make you a part of the story.  What would you do if you suddenly awoke to a world unknown to you? Imagine the despair of not knowing who you are or why are you here?  Also the atmosphere, the sudden feeling of oppression, the dark ambiance that you step into in this world is severely ravaged by events like the Great Wave, and the Dissolved.

The art direction the developers took in this game is superb.  It goes so well with the dark theme and history, the subtle tones of the music, and the detailed backgrounds of each screen in which you venture through assures the player that is the end of the world as you know it.  You have to come to terms with the new reality before your eyes. Also something that I commend the developers for is that the game is completely voice acted.  It was a treat for my ears, and I was so submerged in the story( definitely recommend to play with earphones) that sometimes I lost track of time.  The voice acting is really good, and each of the character voices suited them so well.  At times I forgot I was playing a game, and I thought that I was watching a movie. I also loved the different options of dialogue that you had to interact with other members of the story, sometimes funny, sometimes infuriating, and sometimes sad but that is human nature. The Puzzles are clever and I must confess that I got stuck sometimes trying to find the solution to move on.  I also liked that when there were no objects to interact with if you put the cursor over them and press the Y button, Michael comments about said object(for a person with no memory he sure is knowledgeable) so it’s a nice touch.

Bottom Line: Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today is a really good game with an interesting story and plot twists, great voice acting and puzzles that will challenge your wits. I am impressed with what the game has to offer.  The only thing that I can say that left me underwhelmed is that I felt that the game was too short.  However, the ending left me with hopes of a so much needed sequel, but don’t let that affect your decision to try it. I definitely recommend it despite this shortcoming.

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A little of ancient history: when I was younger there was a game that was a heavy influence on me, a game that got me started in the wonderful world of top down racers.  That game was R.C Pro-Am for the NES. It was a game presented in an overhead isometric perspective,  where a single player races a radio controlled car around a series of tracks. During that time, I was in awe with the game play and how fun it was.  Until this day, similar racing games came and went with top down action, but none of them brought me back to that time–that is until I had the privilege of playing Mantis Burn Racing.

At the beginning of the game, you are greeted by your mechanic.  He tells you some tips of how the game works and you choose your first car. You start in the Beginner class going all up to the Elite class, each class consist of 3 seasons of races each, with different events like time trials, sprints and knockout. The game play is smooth.  I was completely surprised with how responsive and simple the controls are.  You accelerate with ZR and use the control stick to steer, one button for boost, one for brake, and you are gold. There are also motion controls for those who like them as well (I personally prefer the stick but motion controls work out as well).

As you overtake, drift, and tailgate your way among the other AI racers, the boost gauge fills out once is full you can use it to get ahead or to try to get closer to the competition. One of Mantis Burn Racing stronger points is the RPG-like level up system: every action you do, like passing other drivers, drifting around corners, jumping, etc. gives you exp points.  As you accumulate them during races you can level up, which bring perks that can give you an edge above the competition: upgrades. There are different types of upgrades, some raise you speed, others raise the potency of your boost and so. At first, your car only has 3 slots for upgrades, but once you fill them up you have the opportunity to level up you car, which in my opinion gives a lot of room for creating a car that suits your needs.

Speaking of Cars, there are a lot of types, in 3 weight classes light, medium, and heavy. Light type cars have more grip and suspension.  Medium type cars have average speed and boost power, and Heavy type cars have more speed and less grip but have the ability to break fences and create shortcuts. In each racer class, the designs and stats vary with each car.  The Elite class having the faster but albeit harder to control (like the futuristic design on them).Vehicles in the battle events are equipped with a machine gun and after the first lap, can drop mines, kind of like a top down twisted metal kind of vibe. A good thing is that repair points can be found on track, and it’s a relief to make it to one should you be close to exploding (which will happen a lot if you are not careful). Also on each race, there are a set of mini challenges that you can complete for gears (they are needed for being able to be accepted on the next season and so forth).  The challenges range from placing first, to drift and winning without using your boost which is a good way to keep you on your toes.

One of Mantis Burn’s greatest features is the cross platform play. I really like the fact that I can play with owners of the game from Xbox One and PC, and if I play against someone that doesn’t have all the DLC (which is included in the Switch version), there is the option to play with them without using the DLC (although those worldwide lap times are INSANE!!), so there is always someone to play with, and if you don’t want to play online you can take out the Joycons for local split screen action.

Bottom Line: Mantis Burn Racing is another hit for Nintendo Switch.  It is an example of a game that fits the console so well, that is seems that is was tailor made for it. Cross Platform play, local play and a simple but effective control scheme makes Mantis Burn Racing a MUST for every Nintendo Switch owner out there. Mantis Burn Racing can be for you what RC Pro-Am was for me, a complete joy ride.



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The following was sent out


PM Studios and acttil are excited to announce that their latest music game, MUSYNX™, is coming to Nintendo Switch™ for the North American market, both physically and digitally, in Q1 2018! The release format for the European market will be announced shortly.
With more than 50 songs to choose from, MUSYNX is the next destination of choice for rhythm game fans to rock out and stretch their rhythmic fingers! The simple, organic game mechanics will put players to the test with rhythms and beats like no other. With multiple difficulty levels and a huge range of genres to choose from (pop, classical, trance, vocaloid, R&B, and more), players will be glued to their Nintendo Switch for hours and hours, whether at home or on the go! We’ll also have more information about DLC very soon!

About MUSYNX Originally developed and published as a mobile app, MUSYNX has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and fan feedback from all over the world. PM Studios is now stepping in to help for this Nintendo Switch version to give it an all-new look from the inside out. The game will feature over 50 musical selections at release! Those who played MUSYNX on mobile are sure to have a familiar, yet totally fresh, experience when it releases on Nintendo Switch in 2018!

Key Features ? Switch up the Music! – Rock out to over 50 tracks on Nintendo Switch, featuring genres like pop, rock, trance, R&B, classical, and more! ? Test Your Rhythm! – Simple yet challenging gameplay will put your rhythm to the ultimate test! ? Become the Melody Maestro! – Each button press plays part of the song – tapping to the rhythm is the key to a complete musical experience! ? How Do You Like Your Music? – Easy, Hard, and even “Inferno” – you have full control over how you want to play! ? Pump Up the Artwork! – Each track has a unique artistic presentation to get you amped up along with the music!




This is great to hear. PM Studios already has one great hit coming to Switch (which was reviewed here) and now this? We are excited.


Source: PR Email