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No GravatarWhen I was first asked to play Conception II I haven’t played an RPG in quite sometime. Going into this game I didn’t expect an extremely fantastic title or anything remotely interesting…mainly because I didn’t know anything about the title or series for that matter. Then I realized that the more of it I play the more intrigued I became. Then the experience became a little more jaded. While the game wasn’t bad it became slightly repetitive and more so cumbersome than anything.


The game takes place in the World of Aterra where they worship the Star God where they prosper through the power of Star Energy. You are known as God’s Gift who trains at an academy for disciples which is a special group of people who are summoned to fight against monsters who come from Dusk Circles. As God’s Gift you and a collective of females perform a ritual for the church known as Classmating to generate Star Children. Why is this important? The Star Children assist you in combat along with you and a female partner and they all have a particular class and several set of set of skills.

Defense Pose Conception II

I’ve never been so confused and befuddled with confusion quite like I have been while playing the game. I’m not so much confused into the depth of the world as I am with why some of these things are especially necessary. For a lack of better words, classmating is essentially having sex to produce children who can fight. It is blatantly obvious considering the underlying tone of everyone and the way each girl presents themselves before and after it occurs. Doing it just makes you feel slightly more dirty. Even more so when you are forced into doing classMANting which while really funny is in a way kind of perverse.


Engaging enemies is where the game gets even more unique. Once you encounter an enemy inside one of the games many labyrinth’s you are forced to choose between normal JRPG actions such as attack, skill and defense. The most interesting aspect is the combat system in which you choose the side to attack your foe. Every enemy has a weak side and the choice of each side benefits you during combat. My only main concern with the battle system is that you are given the option to guard and yet it does nothing. It states that you will take less damage but you still take just as much as if you weren’t defending. I have also noticed that for a JRPG it’s pretty easy. I have played much easier games but I never really felt as if I there was too much going on and the difficulty made matters worse.


Graphically the game is rather impressive as it features fully animated anime style cut scenes and moves at a silky smooth 60 FPS. The in game engine isn’t bad as it looks more like an above average PlayStation 2 title with a few more bells and whistles. The thing I was more impressed with was the music and the character design. These two things were probably my main drive for playing this game as I was more intrigued just to see what the next monster would look like. To be quite honest the designers seem to draw heavily from the Persona series as the music and monsters seem as if they came straight from that source.

Overall the game is like “Goldie Locks and the Three Bears” as it doesn’t do anything overall really impressive nor does it do anything really bad. Although it’s themes may not be quite suitable for everyone it’s still interesting enough with it cool soundtrack and character design. The game may not be for everyone but I do feel as if it worth a play through for anyone who is itching for a new RPG to play for their Vita. It hits the mark at being just right.


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No GravatarThe next generation of video games have finally arrived on store shelves and some if not most of us have had the opportunity to experience them first hand. Im here to give you my unbiased opinion on all three major consoles and what improvements are needed for each console to succeed.



While the Wii U has been out for a year it still feels left behind while the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 feel fresh and new. That’s not saying the quality of the system is bad, it just feels a bit lacking in certain areas that other consoles even in the previous generation provided that the Wii U still doesn’t. For starters, it seems unacceptable for any disc based console to lack the ability to play a CD or DVD. Hell, the Wii U has no option for music whatsoever. As far as an entertainment console goes it definitely doesn’t succeed without it having rudimentary tasks. It does offer a pretty strong selection of games at this point in time, more so than the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The innovation that Nintendo is bringing to this generation may not be enough for the company to last very long. I personally expect to see a new console from them in the next 4-5 years. The only real thing Nintendo can do is provide quality while it can. The main problem is the lack of third party support that Sony and Microsoft are getting. I guess only time will tell.

The PlayStation 4 is truly a console for gamers and it truly shows that Sony accepted feedback from their consumers and went forward to make a console with very bold ambitions. Some of the first improvements come in regards to the controller being so much better than its PlayStation 3 counterpart. The D-Pad is improved, the triggers actually are stable, the thumb sticks are more appropriately placed, there are grips on the sides for more comfort. My only complaint is the options and share buttons and the giant touch pad. It just seems kind of pointless and takes up too much space on the controller. Graphically its a powerhouse of a system and seems very efficient at everything it does. The only problem with the console in its launch state is that the launch lineup really brings nothing to the table. The two main exclusives are Killzone: ShadowFall and Knack. Killzone is a very strong title while Knack is not that great. Luckily PlayStation Plus is the most enticing thing to acquire with the console along with great third party titles.

ps4-boite-650x365So many aspirations yet not enough fulfillment. The main thing that pushes Sony in front of Microsoft is the price difference. I am still interested in seeing how it’s Gaikai streaming service is implemented when it rolls out in the later half of 2014. I do see something strong with this system…unfortunately it just isn’t in plain sight as of now.

Now last but not least is the Xbox One. This is probably the console with the biggest uphill battle ever since it was revealed. It was announced with promising feature and weird rules that eventually were changed to accommodate the demands of supporters. It’s now on store shelves and available to the masses…so does it deliver? I can thankfully say it works really well and seems like a pretty cool system. But there are some things that I would like to see later down the line.

136916150664The Kinect inclusion makes the price tag increase but it feels almost necessary for the system. The interface is simple to navigate but a little convoluted. Things seem buried within several menus and its just a lot to get through without using the Kinect. Other than that everything generally works fine. I would recommend that Microsoft provide an update to its interface in the future. Other than that the launch lineup is pretty strong in terms of first party. There is almost something for everyone and each title isn’t too bad. Ryse being the weakest title at launch shows that Microsoft still is all about the games and not just the entertainment. I will say it is strange that the company decide to get rid of a few key features that shouldn’t be that hard to keep in tact.

As for a final thought on every console, your safest bet is to wait at least a half a year for any system as the current gen is still strong. Don’t rush into anything expecting greatness because at this point in time it isn’t worth it.

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No GravatarRecently revealed at the Microsoft Press Conference for E3, Killer Instinct is expecting a reboot from Microsoft Studios and Double Helix games. It will be a digital only launch title and will feature a free to play way if access.


Via download of the demo, players are given the chance to play the entire game with one character (Jago). If they choose to, the consumer can buy individual characters or be satisfied with just the one.


On the opposite end of the spectrum you can also pay for the game full price and gain access to every thing the game has to offer.


No price has yet to be revealed and the same goes for an exact date of release. killerinstinct

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No GravatarHello ladies and gentleman, my name is SFX Major Threat. I am the co-host of the SFXX Podcast and we are delighted to bring to you a podcast with news varying in video games, movies, anime, comics and more. Expect to hear lots of vulgarity and somethings that may be offensive. Don’t worry it’s just comedy but we strongly advise that children do not listen to our show.

So sit back and enjoy our latest episode where we discuss Bioshock Infinite and tons more. Enjoy would you kindly…


Please leave a comment below to help us with feedback about the show.


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No GravatarInfinite_Crisis_01

One of the hottest games available at the moment is League of Legends. It’s fan base is at an international level and has millions of people logging onto their computers to play it everyday. So understandably, there will be several companies looking to ride the coat tails of their success. This brings us to Infinite Crisis.


Infinite Crisis is an upcoming Free To Play MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) game from Turbine and WB Games. The realm of this game features characters from the DC Universe. It appears that you will be able to play as your favorite superheroes and villains from several different worlds or earths per-say. The main story aspect is straight from the series known as Crisis on Infinite Earths. This give players the opportunity to interact with your favorites such as Batman, Superman and The Flash. Battle/team up with characters that are similar but different depending on which earth they come from.

If you seem to be remotely interested, luckily they are holding a closed beta which you can sign-up for by going to Once there, just register to gain access to the beta. Based on lotto, players will be randomly selected to participate in the beta. The game is scheduled for release sometime in 2013, so be patient and get excited.

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Darkstalkers Resurrection is a downloadable title featuring two standout fighting games from the 90s. This dual HD bundle features Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3. These are the two marquee titles that define the series.

The combat is a mix between Street Fighter and the VS. series (X-Men vs Street Fighter; Marvel vs Capcom; etc.). It’s a very fast pace brawler and has a legion of devoted followers ever since it was originally introduced.


The characters are definitely a highlight. Characters such as Morrigan, who is a succubus, Demitri, who is a vampire, Hsien-Ko, who is an undead girl who is partially her also dead sister, Victor, who is Frankenstein’s monster and my personal favorite B.B.Hood who is red riding hood…if she was an assassin bent on taking out the Darkstalkers using guns and knives. All these characters evoke a certain charm that is not found in other games.


Darkstalkers Resurrection has many features including tons of in-game goals to accomplish, a new online mode, tutorials for each character and a slew of options to tweak the visuals and gameplay. There are also tons of unlockables to obtain via the Vault system which encourages you to play the game more and complete tasks in order to unlock exclusive artwork and character endings.

The online mode is very solid featuring GGPO netcode which means nothing but smooth connections for the majority of every match.

Needless to say, I would highly recommend checking this downloadable title out if you’re into old fighters, new fighters, old school horror icons or just want a change of pace from the norm. Plus, at $15 (PSN)/ 1200 MSP (XBL) it’s practically a steal for these arcade perfect ports of two great fighting games.

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metal gear rising screenshot 1Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is like a kung-fu action movie that is hopped up on steroids that you just don’t want to end. Developed by Platinum Games (Bayonetta; Vanquish; Madworld) and published by published by Konami this is the mutant off spring of the formally cancelled Kojima Studios game Metal Gear Rising. The game was cancelled then later picked up by Platinum and completely reworked from the ground up with the consent of Hideo Kojima.

It’s an action, hack and slash game that is high paced and features an amazing new system mechanic. The mechanic is like bullet-time with a sword, but much cooler. Once doing enough damage to an enemy you are prompted with a slow down effect where you can in turn slice away at your opponent in slow motion. Doing so causes tons of dismemberment and it is truly a sight to behold. Mind you, this game is not for the faint of heart.

metal gear rising screenshotThe story takes place four years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4. You play as Raiden, the awesome ninja cyborg dude who used to suck in Metal Gear Solid 2…yeah that guy. You work for a Maverick security working to save money for his family by protecting Prime Minister N’Mani of an unknown African location. Next thing you know you are ambushed and the prime minister is captured then killed. During your rescue you become injured and defeated by one of the captors working for another group affiliated with Desperado Empires, a group associated with terrorism.

Not long after you soon end up trying to seek revenge a couple weeks later after your defeat. The story then unravels to several different plot points that seem very Metal Gear-esque. Without me spoiling the very convoluted plot, let me say it is all over the place with tons of codec dialogue and moments that will make you go “huh?”

metal gear rising screenshot 2Unfortunately the story mode is very short. I personally beat the game in a little under five hours. Granted those five hours were very awesome and filled with great action that is simply indescribable. Luckily, for those not willing to play the game multiple times, which I highly recommend, there are extra VR Missions that can be unlocked through the story. These test your sneaking ability and your combat skills. Not to mention the tons of skills and other statistical things you’d want to gain and extras to collect.

The sound design is another very strong component of this title. Composed by Jamie Christopherson it features amazing rock/techno/orchestral music. It’s so good I enjoy listening to it even after I am done with the game. Not to mention the awesome sounds of explosions, decapitation and sword slashes. It’s overall just awesome.

The graphics are also a marvel. Environments feature fully cut-able things from which you can wreak your destruction upon. The action looks so good as the game runs at a very smooth 60 fps. Sadly, some of the stages are just too open and barren. Understandable though considering how much work it must take to do such feats.

Most importantly is how the game plays. Safe to say it is very intuitive and yet simplistic. The game’s simple light and heavy attack system complement each other well. Combos are easy and fluent when stringing attacks together and can make you feel very badass. The only problem is the camera, which for the majority of the time works until there are either way too many enemies or you’re in a weird spot.

Overall Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is an amazing experience that Metal Gear fans and action fans shouldn’t miss. Sure the campaign could stand to longer but, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to see a sequel in the future.

metal gear rising screenshot 3

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No Gravatarsfxt 2013

Street Fighter X Tekken is back and much better with it’s recent 2013 update. Improving the core mechanics of its fighting system and making every match more fun, Street Fighter X Tekken finally deserves the recognition it should deserve.

Upon starting up your copy of SFxT, you are prompted with an update to the game which will in turn change a huge portion of the game. For starters, the damage is more apparent as combos just seem to hurt more and it also helps that when tagging out your point character, any damage received takes longer to regenerate. It helps to alleviate the frequency of time outs that the prior version had far too many of.

There are also small changes done such as more time added to Pandora Mode, having the Fight! logo remove quicker and not having the camera pan in at the end of a Cross Rush combo. It helps to quicken up the pace while also making matches seem in better control of the player(s).



Even subtle tweaks such as gems not being so bright on top of characters helps. There are also tons of character specific changes that alter the majority of the rosters take on their matchups. I almost forgot to mention in my opinion the biggest change to the system, normally when you are attacked you have two different parts of health (yellow life & red life). The red life is recoverable when the character is not on point but now as soon as a throw is performed on any character with red life all of their recoverable health is gone along with the damage of the throw. It invokes a certain mind game mechanic in competition especially since you cannot roll safely off a knockdown.

With all these changes made to the game it helps freshen up a lifeless corpse that everyone in the fighting game community had long forgotten. But I sense a strong sense of change happening to make this dead game rise from its grave. I strongly recommend any naysayer of the game to try it again. Who knows, it might change your opinion. Plus its free…what harm can it do?

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Ahh Ohayocon…a yearly convention held in Columbus, OH that lasts for three days that is the culmination of several people who enjoy anime, gaming and anything nerdy. I am an Ohayocon faithful who will attend the event every year. Memories are made for myself and others in an overall fun weekend.

I do enjoying anime but I enjoying gaming a hell of a lot more. Getting to spend time with several people in the gaming department is always a treat. I do enjoy playing in fun little tournaments along with just playing games for fun. There’s nothing like playing Dance Central with a complete stranger and being able to laugh afterwards.

Then there is the Mystery Tournament. It is practically an Ohayocon ritual that is held by the Gaming Department’s head operator “Gex”. It’s a blast to play old good/bad games once a year in a competition format…it’s indescribable. The hype environment
and electrifying atmosphere can leave one winded.

Kratos & Scorpion

Kratos & Scorpion

Other than the gaming department there is the awesome dance/rave that occurs every Friday and Saturday evening. It consumes people and makes everyone feel so energized. Its awesome to say the least.

And of course there are the panels which can be hit and miss. Fortunately they are more often on than off. They range from simple “how to” panels to strictly 18+ filth.
There seems to be a little something for everyone.


I have been a frequent Ohayocon attendee for the past 3-4 years and each time I’ve gone its been rather enjoyable. I would like to thank everyone who makes this event as awesome as it is and to all the awesome people I’ve encountered.

If you haven’t experienced Ohayocon and you live in the midwest, I would highly recommend going to it in 2014.

*The Featured picture is from Please check out the pics.

No Gravatarsonic-all-stars-racing-transformedIt’s a shame that one of if not the best kart racers to be released in recent memory isn’t getting the proper recognition that it deserves. This game won’t be getting a full review from me but I can sum up my opinion of this title. BUY IT!

First and foremost, the price tag is $39.99 in the US so it’s already cheaper than most new racing titles and it’s twice the fun. To be honest I personally hate kart racers. Mario Kart especially. It’s a fun game but the rubber band A.I. is so frustrating that I often had the urge to break my copies of the games at hand. Other generic kart racers don’t have this problem nearly as much but it can be just a tad too easy. This is the first kart racer I have played in recent memory where I am not mad at the A.I. There isn’t a “blue turtle shell” and I haven’t run into any rubber banding. The computer can just be relentless but not cheap. Once you gain the lead, you fight to keep it.

Did I mention that the visuals are outstanding a display so much by bringing nostalgia to the forefront with tracks and characters that my be obscure, Burning Rangers anyone, or just awesome memories like After Burner. Plus the stages change dramatically mid race so one lap you could be driving a kart, next lap you’ll be flying and the final lap will be in a boat. MIND BLOWN!!! There hasn’t been a racer that a done such feats…ever! And it’s seamless and awesome to look at.


The soundtrack is just right, with songs that fit the stages perfectly and accomdate for the intensity of the race. Plus the racer roster is huge and there is potential DLC for the game that was chosen by the fans! (I’m still pulling for Segata Sanshiro)

I just think this game is totally awesome and I know it was not on a ton of people’s radar but it deserving needs to be. I forgot to mention the feature that made me most happy as soon as I booted up the game. You can play any and all modes with up to 3 of your friends locally. That means online, career, battle, single, grand prix! And there are sweet unlockables that give that kart mods to make the race feel completely different! *sigh* just go buy the game now! BUY IT!