Build it and They Will Build More: Community INC
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Community INC is now available on Steam. You play the founder of a community that must work to grow and cultivate a rich landscape for your own settlement. The people will work for you to make themselves a home, and it is up to you to guide them. This game is an interesting one, and I’ve not seen something like it for a while now.

In Community Inc, you start out with just a portal and land. Using this portal you can bring in people who will become workers. They all start out as Builders but can gain experience in other things. Using these people you gather supplies like wood and soon are able to build workbenches and houses. These little people all have their own skills and character which makes it pertinent to choose suitable tasks.

Another interesting aspect is certainly that they will react to your actions. If you don’t say, feed them enough they will, of course, be upset by this. These villagers have emotions too and that can lead them to do dangerous things. If too many of them are angry they will set things ablaze. Clearly, they love a good old fashioned riot.

The characters all have their own names and it just made me want to figure out their own stories. Why they were coming through this portal to help me.

Community Inc is certainly a game all about building, but you really do have to take other things into consideration. With emotions to keep in line, you may need to give these little people some leeway.

The build we had of CommunityInc was in beta and wasn’t perfect but it is clear where this game is going. A game where one can build a settlement is certainly a fun game to play. It is always nice to see an unpopulated area become something much more, and that is why I have enjoyed trying out this game.

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