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No GravatarSpike TV and Gametrailers recently just had their Video Game Awards show, and with it came a bunch of new and big trailers for games that are expected to come out next year. Some of the reveals came from top studios within the industry, including Blizzard, Bioware, Konami, and Naughty Dog. Down below, you can check out all the trailers that were revealed at the VGAs. Be sure to check by again for our impressions of the Spike VGAs.


Metal Gear Rising Revengence


Mass Effect 3


Diablo 3 Opening Intro


Transformers Fall of Cybertron


The Amazing Spider-Man


Rainbow 6 Patriots


Command And Conqure Generals 2


The Last of Us


Alan Wake American Nightmare


Hitman Absolution


Bioshock Infinite




Tekken Tag Tournament 2


Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD





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The Real Otaku Gamer Ultimate Fan series continues with the “Are you the ultimate Bethesda fan?” contest.

So here I sit, holding a gun in the air, and aiming down it’s sights. The super mutants ugly mug stares me down. grinning and grinding its teeth. I begin to squeeze the trigger. My mind clear, and resolve unquestioning. But wait! There comes the horde of Daedra. Rolling down the hill. Infinitely different in form, as they are in skill. SHIT! Never fear, your shock spell with frost damage is in hand. As you ready for this battle, that will be calculated and determined in milliseconds, the peripheral of your eye spots another problem. It’s a bandit from the dusty dunes of RAGE!!! I real up for the fallout that is about to be spread. My hands become sweaty and clammy. I realize you didn’t pack enough venison and stimpaks to absorb to blow of this fight. In other words, I just bit off more than you can chew.

Over the past few years Bethesda has become, arguably,  a household name among gamers. When I say RPG these days, it’s easy to think of Oblivion and Fallout. When I say best looking game this generation, your mind may snap to RAGE. When it boils down to what’s come out, and what’s coming out, it’s hard to show any resentment towards Bethesda.

So to show our love, we here at Real Otaku Gamer are throwing a Bethesda game giveaway. We’re giving away a Skyrim, Rage, a few copies of New Vegas, Fallout 3, or The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Also for those of you broke as a joke due gaming madness, we’re giving away several PSN and XBL cards. The prizes are listed as follows.

Grand Prize Winner:1 winner

1 Copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the winners system of choice.

1 Copy of RAGE on winners system of choice.

1 PSN or XBL card

1st Place winners: 2 winners

1 Copy of RAGE or Skyrim on the system of their choice.

2nd Place winners: 3 winners

1 copy of Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, or Fallout: New Vegas on the system of their choice

3rd Place Winners: 4 winners

1 PSN or XBL card


All you have to do is follow the simple rules.


*All you have to do is send a picture of you standing next to your screen. On it    should be the Bethesda game, and the DLC of your choice.With a time stamp to verify, you are who you say you are. And yes, you can send extra pictures in if you’re doing a cos-play. Yes Cos-play is welcome in this contest. We are also an anime site after all.

An example of cos play. Yeah this was kinda johnny on the spot 😛


This should also have a time stamo, but you get the picture of what we need


*All contest entries should be sent to,

Helpful Hints:

* Try to be creative. The most creative ones sent in will be posted here.

* This should go without saying, but it’s the internet, so here goes. No nudity! If you think that’s going to win you brownie points, you’re dead mistaken.If you do, be sure all that’s going to happen is you getting disqualified from the contest, and the staff laughing at your birthday suit.

*A side note to creativity, try and be goofy. Nothing says, “I want this!” more than embarrassing yourself in front of thousands of people.

*A video is always welcome in contrast to a picture. Just be sure to try and make us laugh if you do so. Remember it’s getting posted here.

*Send all entries to Tis email for those who are new to the game. 😀

This contest opens Monday September 19, 2011 and will end November 1, 2011.

Finally we will be giving out DLC codes all week for Fallout: New Vegas and Honest Heart on twitter. So keep your eyes peeled.

Twitters’ you should follow:






Good luck and thanks for following Real Otaku Gamer.



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No GravatarKorriban’s Lancers, a (mostly) Texan guild involved with the upcoming video game Star Wars: The Old Republic is raffling off a collector’s editions and digital deluxe editions of the game. Valued at $150 USD, this includes both hard and digital items including:

•Exclusive Gentle Giant Darth Malgus statue
•Star Wars: The Old Republic game discs in collectable metal case
•The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural annotated by Satele Shan
•Old Republic galaxy map
•Custom security authentication key
•Exclusive music of Star Wars: The Old Republic CD
•High quality Collector’s Edition box
•Flare gun: Fire flares into the air
•Training droid: Hovers at your side for combat assistance
•HoloDancer: Project your own holographic dancer
•HoloCam: Keep visual records of in-game adventures
•STAP: Sleek and unique in-game vehicle
•Exclusive Mouse Droid: Spunky droid to join your adventures
•Exclusive Collector’s Edition store: Unique in-game vendor with a dynamic assortment of items
The Digital Deluxe Edition does not include the hard items, or the Mouse Droid, or the Exclusive Digital Store.

The tickets run $10 apiece, payable through our website at via paypal. Please specify that you are entering the raffle. You will recieve a return email with your number.

We four of CE’s available. We will be giving away one collector’s edition for each sixty tickets sold up to 240 tickets After we run out of our CE’s, we will be purchasing digital deluxe editions every 60th ticket sold. This raffle is to benefit Child’s Play, a charity that provides toys, games, books, and cash to sick children in partner hospitals across the United States.

How to enter: Enter by donating on our website: the reciept(s) from your entries to us at: along with your real name, address, and telephone number so that we can notify you after the drawing. Your reciept number(s) are your raffle ticket numbers. You may email multiple reciepts as attachments. Reciepts will be verified through our records. Entries will be accepted starting at 12:01 AM on August 19, 2011. The contest will end at 11:59 PM on September 15, 2011.

For more information about the raffle, or more information about donating to Child’s Play through Korriban’s Lancers please contact me at


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No GravatarAfter weeks turning into months of delays, we are finally announcing the Winners of the “Are you the ultimate Dreamcast Fan?” contest.

If you are not familiar with this contest, the link is here.

Well, these fans are some of the most diehard Dreamcast fans out there. In all we had 13 entries from around the world. All of the collections were impressive, but a few of them stood out. These are the winners:

The Grand Prize winner is: Jamal Nickens aka Zopher321

He wins for “Best Presentation”.

 He has some really rare games here, and that is always a plus. He wins the Limited Edition Dreamcast Vinyl.


Now for the First and Second Prizes.

First Prize goes to Jaime Larios aka Kemoteo from

He wins “Most Sealed Games” for his collection of sealed Dreamcast games.













The Second Prize goes to Gary Stackpole. He has what we consider to be the largest number of Dreamcast games.

Both Jaime and Gary get the Dreamcast Hoodies.

The Third Prize winner is Brett D’Onofrio. He gets a copy of the Dreamcast Collection for XBOX 360. He has the largest number of Dreamcast Consoles.

11 console from different regions

Now it is time for the Honorable Mentions.

Sandra Santos

Ricardo Almeida

Jose Ventura De La Torre Ortiz

Chris Hofer

Justin Burrow

Aaron Kapis


Braden Darnell

Skyler King

You guys all have made Sega fans and Dreamcast fans worldwide. Stay tuned for other contests (with faster turn arounds) in the coming weeks.

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Fan Expo Anime UPDATE!

“ Anime luminaries include Canadian and international voice actors from such smash hit shows as Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon, Death Note, Dragonball Z and Bakugan.” –


Do you love ANIME? Have a crazy IDEA? Want to see your MANGA idea become something? If so, THIS CONTEST IS FOR YOU!

Send us your 5 Minute Pitch detailing the plot and characters of your anime/manga idea and we will choose the most interesting idea to be presented at this years ANIME 5 MINUTE PITCH Event at Toronto’s FanExpo 2011.

We will bring the winners idea to life for the audience and judges at the event!

Submit your 5 minute pitch or questions about the contest to

 Submission Deadline: Friday August 5th 2011.

FanExpo Canada is Canada’s biggest and best showcase of Anime stars like Veronica Taylor (Ash Ketchum), Caitlin Glass and Vic Mignogna (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood) Chris Sabat and Mike Mcfarland (Dragon Ball Z) and Alfe Clemencio, Founder of Sakura River Interactive – Fading Hearts Video Game.

Among the stars of anime are events like Anime NameThat Tune Game Show, Anime Win Loose or Draw Game Show, Free autograph sessions, Q & A, Anime Industry Workshops, and 600 exhibitors who have everything you need. 

 They are looking for creative pitches so give us something interesting!

The Winner will be chosen 2 weeks before the event to collaborate on perfect pitch presentation. If your idea is chosen at the FanExpo Event you will be immediately contacted with further details in association with the FanExpoCanada.

Good Luck!


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Here at Real Otaku Gamer, we love to give back. This is why we have created the “Ultimate” series of contests. This is the first contest in that series.

Now let’s get to the goods! The Grand Prize is a Limited Edition Vinyl LP.

This Vinyl was created to celebrate the release of the Dreamcast Collection in the PAL territories. As you can see these are numbered so you know these are going to be Rare. It has 6 tracks for classics like Sonic Adventure, Space Channel 5, and Crazy Taxi.


The winner of the First Prize will receive: A limited edition Sega Dreamcast Hoodie size XL shown here. There are 2 of these available.

This is the front of the hoodie.

This is the back of the hoodie.










Now it is time for the second prize. It is a copy of  Dreamcast Collection for Xbox 360.

This is a new copy of the game. This game comes with Crazy Taxi, Sonic  Adventure, Sega Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5 part 2. This is a great collection for Dreamcast fans and newcomers alike.

Now, how do you win one of these awesome prizes? Just prove how much you love Dreamcast by showing off your Dreamcast collection. All you have to do is send us a picture of your Sega Dreamcast collection. That is it!!! Be sure to put your name or yourself  in the picture so we know it is real.

Now the pictures needs to show games and consoles, but to make your chances better, place ANYTHING Sega Dreamcast related in the pictures. That means toys, magazines, posters and other merchandise. The best 3 pics which will be decided by the Real Otaku Gamer staff and the fine folks at Sega of America.

You can submit your entries just email the pictures to you are at it, be sure to follow us on Twitter Page and “Like” us on our  Facebook Page. All entries must be submitted by May 1, 2011 to be considered in the contest.

We look forward to seeing the collections. Good Luck from the Real Otaku Gamer Staff.