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Headup games sent out the following



Headup Games proudly announce today’s release of Bridge Constructor Portal. The unique puzzle game is now available on Steam for PC, MacOS and Linux (9.99 USD / 9.99 Euro) as well as iTunes and Google Play (4.99 USD / 5.49 Euro).

To end our outstandingly long marketing campaign of the last two weeks, here is a brand new gameplay trailer just your pleasure. Enjoy!


And HO HO HO – since it’s this season of the year: Everyone who purchases Bridge Constructor Portal on Steam will also receive the original Bridge Constructor for free – unless it’s already part of the user’s Steam library. Merry Christmas!


Bridge Constructor Portal blends the laws of structural engineering and technology straight from Aperture Laboratories into an exciting new game experience. Versions for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One will follow in early 2018.


About Bridge Constructor Portal 

Enter the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and experience Bridge Constructor Portal – the unique merging of the classic Portal™ and Bridge Constructor™ games.

As a new employee in the Aperture Science test lab, it’s your job to build bridges, ramps, slides, and other constructions in 60 test chambers and get the Bendies safely across the finish line in their vehicles.

Make use of the many Portal gadgets, like portals, propulsion gel, repulsion gel, aerial faith plates, cubes, and more to bypass the sentry turrets, acid pools and laser barriers, solve switch puzzles, and make it through the test chambers unscathed.

Let Ellen McLain, the original voice of GLaDOS, guide you through the tutorial, and learn all the tips and tricks that make a true Aperture Science employee.

The bridge is a lie!


  • The merging of two worlds: the first Bridge Constructor™ with an official Portal™ license

  • Create complex constructions in the Aperture Science labs

  • Let GLaDOS accompany you through tricky physics adventures

  • Use portals, aerial faith plates, propulsion gel, repulsion gel, and much more to master the complicated tasks

  • Evade dangers such as sentry turrets, emancipation grills, laser fields, and acid


This is an amazing looking game, and we cannot wait to play it and tell you more. We hope to have a review up soon so keep an eye out!
Will you be getting this?

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Winter is here. The Night King’s army has breached the Wall and is invading Westeros in Game of Thrones: Conquest. Inspired by the events from the award-winning HBO series’ season seven finale, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) and HBO Global Licensing today revealed limited time in-game winter events that take place from Dec. 22 – Jan. 2.


During the Jaime’s Pledge event, which takes place December 22-24, players must band together to take on an army of White Walkers that have infiltrated Westeros. Those who join the fight will have an opportunity to earn materials to craft Lannister House gear sets.


Following Jaime’s Pledge, additional holiday themed events will be coming to Game of Thrones: Conquest. These events include The Long Night (Dec. 25 – Jan. 2), Feast of Crone (Dec. 30 – Jan. 1) and The Iron Bank (Dec. 24 – Jan. 2), which will transform the world of Westeros for the holidays and feature a variety of high level rewards and themed gift boxes.

Developed by Turbine, Game of Thrones: Conquest gives players the ultimate goal of navigating the dangerous political landscape of Westeros in order to claim the Iron Throne. Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, and Jon Snow guide players along as they strategize their way from bannerman, to the head of a Great House, all the way to King or Queen of Westeros. But only the most cunning have what it takes to sit atop the Iron Throne. Game of Thrones: Conquest is available on the App Store and Google Play.

For more information, follow Game of Thrones: Conquest on Facebook, Twitter and on the official forums.

This is a great addition to the game and will no doubt excite many fans of the series. Will you be checking out these new Winter Events?
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EA sent out the following


As we all await the release of the next beloved chapter of Star Wars in Star Wars: The Last Jedi™, we here at EA Capital Games have been working on updating one of its iconic characters on the holotable.

We are proud to present a new, limited event for players to jump into just as soon as they exit the movie theaters. Rey’s Hero’s Journey, which introduces The Last Jedi incarnation of Rey (Jedi Training) to Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes is available now.


The limited event, Rey’s Hero’s Journey, introduces The Last Jedi incarnation of Rey (Jedi Training), where she assumes the role of a potent protector for the Resistance faction. While the faction has been known to feature strong attackers and support characters, Rey will be the first who takes the role of keeping others healthy by granting allies Foresight to evade attacks and keeping allies cleansed of debuffs,


But keeping the Resistance healthy is only part of Rey’s unique abilities in-game. Rey (Jedi Training) will wreak havoc on enemies by inflicting multiple debuffs and assisting in heavy target damage. The Last Jedi incarnation of Rey, also comes with a Leadership ability, offering players an alternative to Finn’s Leadership ability for more varied gameplay options.



Will you be checking this out? May the force be with you!


Source: EA PR

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The following was sent out

#XOXO , the brand new fun-filled social simulation game, launches today on the App Store for iPhone and iPad formats. From the makers of ocean preservation adventure, Blue Eden, the Skoobie Games collective is back with #XOXO – an app that promotes positive social interactions and it is the first video game where you can greet, hug and kiss your friends and family. The highly accessible and easy-to-grasp game is suitable for all ages. A Christmas-themed preview of #XOXO is now free to download from the iOS App Store, with a worldwide release slated in January 2018.

#XOXO is an original mobile game experience that moves away from the traditional genres that app audiences have grown used to. While the title is single-player, the game is highly social as it invites fans to create, customize and share their own avatar for friends and family to play with in the game. A limited-edition Yuletide themed customization and costume will provide a festive mix for gamers playing in December during the holiday season as well.

“Many mobile titles rely on growing the character’s status, wealth or power; with #XOXO we wanted to create a game that focused on spreading happiness and positive behaviours with friends instead,” said Skoobie Games’ producer and game designer Chun Wah Kong. “During the game’s development, I received so much support from friends and location owners within the industry that some ended up being included in the cast of 60 unique characters that you can greet along the way. I hope people have as much fun playing as we had making the game.”

A mobile experience like no other, #XOXO is a social simulation game that is dedicated to promoting healthy and positive interactions. As you are invited to meet friends at exciting locations such as the London Eye to Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, you must build your friendships through successfully greeting, high-fiving, hugging and kissing your pals. Fans will get to play through numerous tourist sites and familiar real life locations throughout the game, as well as meet-and-greet a fun-filled cast of 60 characters (including 20 notable social media celebrities and a group of diverse friends) across 20 games levels in total.

• EASY PLAY – Highly accessible, easy to pick up and play in your spare time! Combine greetings with quick taps on the touchscreen and learn the behaviours of each friend to improve your score. Endless replay value as you progress and perfect your greetings.

• CREATE & SHARE YOUR CHARACTER WITH FRIENDS – Players can add portraits of themselves into the game as unique characters and share their creations with friends to encounter and vice versa. Just in time for Christmas, #XOXO has released Santa-themed costumes so that you can play along with your friends, family and loved ones within the game.

o Walter Day – Founder of eSport and Twin Galaxies
o Mark Wiens – Food blogger, author, traveller
o Rachel & Jun – Husband & wife vbloggers on travel, food, games, culture & cats
o Jon Stoodley – Celebrity gamer, Pacman champion
o Sean Tiedeman – Filmmaker, pop-culture enthusiast
o Nicola Caulfield – Filmmaker, acclaimed ‘From Bedroom to Billions’ series
o Mange Tout – Popular Mukbang YouTube channel
o Scottsquatch – Host of ‘Video Game Sellers’ on YouTube & Treasure hunter
o Luke Morse – Video game connoisseur
o Tabitha Lyons – Superstar cosplayer. Prop & Costume builder
o Bahamut Moogle – Popular cosplayer
o Suddi Raval – Acid house and synth enthusiast
o Daniel Tidwell – Musical artist known for metal renditions of videogame tracks
o Mitsuru Nagata & Maika Boniche Arbona – Husband & wife team known for calligraphy and Japanese paintings
o Hattie Amelia – Social media personality known for fashion/ beauty/ lifestyle
o LunaLily – Social media personality known for fashion/ jewellery/ subscription boxes
o Chris De La Rosa – Caribbean celebrity chef
o Tamsin Aston – Definitely Cake and author of ‘Super Pops’

• LOCATIONS INCLUDE – London Eye, Wembley Stadium, Brighton Pier, The Liberty Shopping Centre, Premiere Cinemas, Arcade Club, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, Matsuri Barcelona, Oceanografic Valencia, St. Lawrence Market Toronto, and Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con.

• REACTIVE GAME SOUNDTRACK – Level up on your greeting accuracy and timing, and each friend will respond more positively along with the increased vibrancy of the soundtrack in each level.

• FAMILY FRIENDLY – With a positive social message built into its game – #XOXO is suitable for the whole family and it’s always free to play. The game doesn’t include any in-app purchases that make you overspend, nor does it contain any addictive hidden features or Loot Boxes.

#XOXO is available now to download for free from the App Store (iPhone and iPad). It does not include any IAPs within the game. For more information, go to

This is a truly interesting looking app. There is a unique charming nature in what is described and offered a different experience in a nice way. Will you be checking this out?

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The following was sent out

“Hello and welcome back to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center.”

We welcome all lucky applicants to Bridge Constructor Portal with our new vehicle-based test chambers, Quantum Tunnels and patented Aperture technology!

For the last year we’ve been secretly working in our underground labs on the next iteration of the million-selling Bridge Constructor series. This new stand-alone title will release on PC, MacOS, Linux, mobile devices, and console, and fully embraces the Portal license, one of the most beloved video game franchises of the last decade.

Bridge Constructor Portal will blend the laws of structural engineering and technology straight from Aperture Laboratories into an exciting new game experience, all under the demanding gaze of GLaDOS.


Bridge Constructor Portal will be released on December 20 2017 for Windows, MacOS and Linux as well as for mobile devices. The console versions will follow in early 2018.

“If you’ve been paying attention the solution should be obvious. As the case may be… good luck!”

This was certainly unexpected. A crossover between Bridge Constructor and Portal was not one of the games we would have seen coming. Still, there is a lot of potential here.

Will you be checking this out?

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Bethesda sent out the following



We are pleased to announce The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Return to Clockwork City is available now.


Inspired by classic adventure tales, Return to Clockwork City is the latest story expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Set hundreds of years after Sotha Sil’s demise, embark on an epic journey to the fabled Clockwork City filled with danger, wonder, and riches beyond imagination. The road won’t be easy. Nightmarish abominations, traps, and betrayals all stand between treasure hunters and their fabled loot, as the fate of the lost city hangs in the balance.



  • More than 50 new collectible cards


  • 35 exciting story missions spread across 3 acts with all-new challenging scenarios


  • New mechanic:‘Assemble’ – When players play an Assemble creature, they will choose one of two bonuses. That bonus will be bestowed upon both that creature and every Factotum in the player’s hand and deck.


  • New mechanic:‘Treasure Hunt’ – While in play, these creatures will watch each card the player draws to see if it’s the treasure they’re looking for. Once the player draws everything the hunters want, a reward awaits.


  • Fabricants’– All-new creature born of both flesh and metal that reward players for playing with neutral cards like the Dwemer constructs. These five creatures (one per attribute) offer some serious power, and create some exciting new deckbuilding possibilities.


Return to Clockwork City is available to download now on PC, iOS, and Android devices. All three acts plus alternate Laaneth card art are available for the bundled price of $19.99. Individual acts are available for $7.99 or 1,000 gold.


The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a great game in the CCG and a worthy addition to The Elder Scrolls series. This expansion is extremely welcome both for what it brings to the game and for what it brings to the series story.
Will you be checking this out?

If you haven’t seen our review of The Elder Scrolls: Legends, you can see it here


Source: Bethesda PR



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The following was sent out


Today, CoolGames launches the iconic video game Tetris® on the Instant Games platform for Facebook Messenger.


“People using Messenger can now play Tetris instantly and share it with their friends. Messaging apps are the next big games platform, unlocking an audience of potentially billions of players,” said Laurens Rutten, Founder and CEO of CoolGames. “It’s great to be able to develop Tetris for this new and innovative platform!”


For more than 30 years, Tetris has been captivating hundreds of millions fans worldwide, with its iconic Tetrimino shapes and addictive gameplay.  Today, Tetris remains one of the most beloved and recognized video game franchises of all time and as new platforms emerge, Tetris is always on it.


With Tetris marathon mode, players need to clear lines with the goal of achieving the highest score possible. Adding to the intense gameplay experience, new high-score leaderboards, daily missions and simple to use friend-invites, so they can easily join in the fun, have been added for Messenger’s 1.3 billion users to enjoy.


“Spanning decades and generations, Tetris has delighted hundreds of millions of fans worldwide, and we’re excited to welcome this beloved franchise to the Instant Games platform,” said Bob Slinn, Director, Games Partnerships EMEA, at Facebook. “The development team at CoolGames has honored one of the most popular games of all time, and with new platform mechanics like Group play on Messenger, fans have a chance to play, connect and share like never before.”

Maya Rogers, President and CEO of Blue Planet Software, sole agent for the Tetris brand adds, “Whether it’s on a laptop or mobile device, players across the globe love to play Tetris, which is why we’re thrilled to bring the timeless fun of this beloved game to Messenger’s billions of players.”

Tetris for Instant Games is developed by CoolGames’ in-house studio. CoolGames was a launch partner for Facebook’s Instant Games platform in November 2016. Other successful titles that were released on Messenger include BattleshipSnake, and Jewel Academy. CoolGames plans to launch several new AAA titles for Instant Games in the coming months.


Tetris for Instant Games is now available to play for free here

Tetris is one of the most beloved puzzle games of all time. It is a game that transcends generations and it is great that even more will now play this!


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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Inc., today announced Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy, a free-to-play action role-playing game (RPG) set in the mythological anime world created by renowned artist Masami Kurumada, is available now at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Based on the popular anime that debuted in the mid-eighties, Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy lets fans experience the story straight from the original anime series. Players engage in fast-paced action RPG gameplay as they create a team of up to five from a roster that includes all of the Bronze Saints, Silver Saints, Golden Saints and even the Black Saints, voiced by the actors from the anime series. Players can even modify their Super Saints by using the character building feature, complete with super moves and special items to upgrade their characters. Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy draws old and new fans into the game with stunning presentation including fast action gameplay and flashy Ultimate Moves all controlled by intuitive tapping and swiping gestures.


“The Saint Seiya series has kept fans riveted for decades, and Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy is a title that lives up to that legacy with an engrossing story, rich graphical detail and the trademark style of the revered anime,” said Kensuke Sakai, the producer of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. “Saint Seiya has finally come to mobile phones, and fans can now fit all of the conflicts in heaven and on earth into their pockets.”


To celebrate the game’s release, all players logging into the game will be able to get the character “Leo God Cloth Aiolia (?3).” Also, all users logging in to the game will receive 10,000 free Holy Stones which can be redeemed to draw randomized character cards (to perform a “Summon”) up to 10 times in a row. Fans should make sure to try your luck with these free Holy Stones at the Zodiac Fest featuring the Pegasus God Cloth Seiya!

This is an interesting release. Bandai Namco is certainly not skimping on adaptations of great anime. Will you be checking this out?

Source: Bandai Namco PR

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Here is some surprising news, Tencent has announced a port of PUBG for smartphones. This mobile version will release first in China.. Developer Bluehole is working on the port, so there should not be major issues with the game being mishandled by a 3rd party.

There are no details about a release outside of China yet, but Tencent did say they will reveal more details soon.

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I love classic style turn based RPGs. There is something about them that just takes me back to an older era and lets me enjoy myself without worrying about all new combat mechanics ( for the most part), and one company that makes this style of game still is KEMCO. I noted in my review of their game Revenant Saga that KEMCO had begun to move out of their paint by numbers approach to making RPGs. While the games they made are great, they had a problem of being formulaic and not deviating much. They were fun to play and lose yourself in for hours but eventually they all became the same. Revenant Saga brought some refreshing change and now Antiquia Lost pushes them further in that new direction.

Antiquia Lost follows a bit of the typical KEMCO formula but plays with it so much, that it becomes new. The game eschews the 3D battle screens KEMCO has been using lately, in favor of a classic 16 bit style battle screen. Its a nice touch and helps the general feeling of the game :making . I must also note that the visuals are surprisingly excellent on Switch, with the art looking sharper than in previous games. I must say though, that I am not happy about the miscrotransactions being in the console versions, as it feels like a step back from KEMCO’s work with consoles. Still they can be ignored, but locking some staples behind a paywall doesn’t feel right.

Antiquia Lost introduces new play mechanics as well, but keeps them grounded in their previous games and they don’t feel overwhelming. I do like that the way the characters interact is different, and using a different character is much more involved this time. The story of the game also immediately deviates from KEMCO’s normal pattern and I must commend them for that. Right away we are given an experience that uses what KEMCO utilized before, but doesn’t stay firmly in the past. Instead, Antiquia Lost takes what was done and uses those ideas to chart a new path, and it is a most excellent journey. It doesn’t overwhelm you and it is familiar enough while still being a fresh experience. Even with the flaw of microtransactions, I recommend it.



Disclaimer: A review key was provided by KEMCO