Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle First Impressions!
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Years ago now, playing the first game that the Rabbids appeared in, Rayman: Raving Rabbids, would not have made me think I would ever enjoy a Rabbids game. But years later, after finding a tv show starring these wild creatures, I have grown fonder of them. Imagining Mario and friends team up with them adds another layer of absurdity but, oddly enough it works. These characters are so different in tone, but there is something that just flows right.

Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle is an odd amalgam of two series that certainly have no right to be together. But, they oddly enough work, and that shows that Rabbids have come into their own. This game really shows what can happen when two very different series come together, and that is a good thing.

The Rabbids are distinctively their own brand of stupid, and it flows with Mario and his world. The fusion of these worlds in the game due to the magical power of the glitched tool, causes insanity to ensue. Things you’d never thought you’d see in a Mario game appear before your eye and shock you. It’s quite humorous as you never know what to expect.

This game also clearly turns Mario’s world on its head in other ways. Never before has Mario wielded a gun, and now here he is shooting a gun. It works in this zany world as everything is so twisted. Another thing I found interesting was that there is always a chance for a little crude humor, another first for the Mario series.

The characters, of course, include the stalwart crew of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi. Though Peach, as she is described, is far more badass, than usual. There are also four Rabbids who in a way cosplay as these characters. Taking some cues from the originals, they act similarly, yet totally different. These Rabbids add another layer of insanity to the wild cake that is Mario and Rabbids.

The story is an interesting one as well and involves a young girl in a different world. She has just won a great competition, and her invention could change the world. However, the Rabbids come and intervene and soon are connected to Mario’s world. Bowser Jr decides this time to take it upon himself and heads out to take over the kingdom.

With music by the fantastic Grant Kirkhope fused with the jaunty Mario tunes, this game becomes even better. You can hear his style which of course is reminiscent of Banjo and Kazooie, and it is amazing. Just another reason this game has certainly become better than I thought it could ever be.

The battle system is similar to XCom in that there is traversal around a grid like arena and you have actions to take. It is quick and often unforgiving and that is a good thing. You can buy weapons to strengthen your character and help them take out certain enemies. The stages are never impossible obviously but it can be easy to get yourself into a corner if you aren’t prepared.

The weapons themselves are also very varied. Each character has both a primary and secondary weapon. But the greatest thing is seeing what these weapons look like and what they are named. There is much humor in the whole thing, and you will certainly find some of them to be humorous.

Only being so far in the game, all I can say is, this game has something I never thought I’d find in a title combining Mario and Rabbids. With wit, good strategic gameplay, and an interesting cast of characters, all I know is I’m really enjoying this game.

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