Netflix Teases New Punisher Series
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With Defenders just released the other week (I really need to finish it) Netflix is already has more Marvel shows in the works. Now Daredevil’s best introduced the walking dead’s Jon Bernthal’s Punisher into the Marvel Netflix Uniniverse with his own series. His disregard for the law and crime alike slowly crawled into our favorites on the show. By the end of the season 2 we were defiantly wanting more, I think what did it was, the jail scene. Early this week before the teaser trailer was released the Punisher twitter account tweeted this out.

Fans recognized the Morse Code and dechpired them into what seem to be episode titles.  Which are as follows:

  1. 3am
  2. Two Dead Men
  3. Kandahar
  4. Resupply
  5. Gunner
  6. The Judah’s Goat
  7. Crosshairs
  8. Cold Steel
  9. Front Toward Enemy
  10. Virtue of the Vicious
  11. Danger Close
  12. Home
  13. Memento Mori

The Punisher is possibly set to come out this year or sometime early the beginning of 2018

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