Racing to the Top!!! Mantis Burn Racing Switch Review
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A little of ancient history: when I was younger there was a game that was a heavy influence on me, a game that got me started in the wonderful world of top down racers.  That game was R.C Pro-Am for the NES. It was a game presented in an overhead isometric perspective,  where a single player races a radio controlled car around a series of tracks. During that time, I was in awe with the game play and how fun it was.  Until this day, similar racing games came and went with top down action, but none of them brought me back to that time–that is until I had the privilege of playing Mantis Burn Racing.

At the beginning of the game, you are greeted by your mechanic.  He tells you some tips of how the game works and you choose your first car. You start in the Beginner class going all up to the Elite class, each class consist of 3 seasons of races each, with different events like time trials, sprints and knockout. The game play is smooth.  I was completely surprised with how responsive and simple the controls are.  You accelerate with ZR and use the control stick to steer, one button for boost, one for brake, and you are gold. There are also motion controls for those who like them as well (I personally prefer the stick but motion controls work out as well).

As you overtake, drift, and tailgate your way among the other AI racers, the boost gauge fills out once is full you can use it to get ahead or to try to get closer to the competition. One of Mantis Burn Racing stronger points is the RPG-like level up system: every action you do, like passing other drivers, drifting around corners, jumping, etc. gives you exp points.  As you accumulate them during races you can level up, which bring perks that can give you an edge above the competition: upgrades. There are different types of upgrades, some raise you speed, others raise the potency of your boost and so. At first, your car only has 3 slots for upgrades, but once you fill them up you have the opportunity to level up you car, which in my opinion gives a lot of room for creating a car that suits your needs.

Speaking of Cars, there are a lot of types, in 3 weight classes light, medium, and heavy. Light type cars have more grip and suspension.  Medium type cars have average speed and boost power, and Heavy type cars have more speed and less grip but have the ability to break fences and create shortcuts. In each racer class, the designs and stats vary with each car.  The Elite class having the faster but albeit harder to control (like the futuristic design on them).Vehicles in the battle events are equipped with a machine gun and after the first lap, can drop mines, kind of like a top down twisted metal kind of vibe. A good thing is that repair points can be found on track, and it’s a relief to make it to one should you be close to exploding (which will happen a lot if you are not careful). Also on each race, there are a set of mini challenges that you can complete for gears (they are needed for being able to be accepted on the next season and so forth).  The challenges range from placing first, to drift and winning without using your boost which is a good way to keep you on your toes.

One of Mantis Burn’s greatest features is the cross platform play. I really like the fact that I can play with owners of the game from Xbox One and PC, and if I play against someone that doesn’t have all the DLC (which is included in the Switch version), there is the option to play with them without using the DLC (although those worldwide lap times are INSANE!!), so there is always someone to play with, and if you don’t want to play online you can take out the Joycons for local split screen action.

Bottom Line: Mantis Burn Racing is another hit for Nintendo Switch.  It is an example of a game that fits the console so well, that is seems that is was tailor made for it. Cross Platform play, local play and a simple but effective control scheme makes Mantis Burn Racing a MUST for every Nintendo Switch owner out there. Mantis Burn Racing can be for you what RC Pro-Am was for me, a complete joy ride.



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