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I Love RPGs, and action RPGs are a standout of the genre that I am happy to see are getting more attention now. Ac System Works has now brought  FANTASY HERO ~unsigned legacy~ to the Nintendo Switch, giving the system another great action RPG and it is a good one.

FANTASY HERO ~unsigned legacy~ sees you select from one of four characters and set out on a journey to save humanity.  The story, while starting out as rather generic RPG fare, actually does get quite a bit more involved as you progress and I found myself enjoying the character’s journey and interactions. Of course, the gameplay is the main draw of these type of games and I am pleased to say that FANTASY HERO ~unsigned legacy~ doesn’t disappoint. This is not on the level of major games like the Tales series, but it is not meant to be, and is instead a game that offers its own take on the genre.

FANTASY HERO ~unsigned legacy~ brings in unique twists on combo attacks and new skills, and does so in a way that truly does tie into the story. As I said before, the game starts out generic but  ends up taking on a more important role as you find the situation changing. It offers some twists and unexpected changes, and this helps keep the gameplay fresh and engrossing. The gameplay in general starts slow and not just the story, but the action ramps up very quickly. I found myself playing for hours and the action quickly became intense, much to my liking. Fighting major enemies was great and I enjoyed planning things out to better progress in the game., and I appreciate that the game did require some extra thought to how to proceed.

Of course the game isn’t perfect however, as I feel the art style is a bit lacking and I did not like the music in the game very much. The art style is not that big an issue for me, but the music really did take away from the experience and I ended up playing with the sound off. This does give an otherwise great game a bit of a stain, but I was able to move past it. If you can look past the flaws I mentioned, the game is rather good and I would definitely recommend checking out FANTASY HERO ~unsigned legacy~ for the Switch. Its one that RPG fans, especially action RPG fans. will like.



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