Review – I Am Setsuna (Nintendo Switch)
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I Am Setsuna was a game I had been meaning to buy for a long time on PS4. I ultimately didn’t, and when it came to the Nintendo Switch, I ended up getting it there. It is a game billed as the spiritual sequel to Chrono Trigger, one of the most beloved games of all time, so how does this game hold up?

I had heard very mixed things about this game, so I was not sure what to expect. I had heard it was fairly generic, and to an extent that is true, but to me that works as part of the charm. The story is nothing we haven’t seen before, but the play mechanics are the shining stars here. The game has a great battle system that is indeed reminiscent of the one in Chrono Trigger. I found battles to be increasingly enjoyable the more I played and learned how they worked, and I love the twists they pulled on the genre. What they did with loot from victories is very much inspired, and a much better idea than most RPGs/

The music in I Am Setsuna is stellar, with tracks that are very much reminiscent of some of the classics, while still putting their own spin on it. You have never heard the piano played as inventively as you have with this game. I can see where people have issues with the minimalist nature, but to me, it just worked out so much better. Likewise with the art. It goes for HD  2.5D visuals but still has the look of a classic game in its own way.

The story isn’t anything super great as mentioned before, but it isn’t bad at all. It serves the game well and helps get things going, towards the fun and engaging gameplay. This honestly feels like more of a sequel to Chrono Trigger than Chrono Cross felt. Do I feel you should get it? Absolutely, it is a great throwback to classic JRPGs and is fun with a great soundtrack and gameplay to boot. There is no reason to pass this up.

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