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LIT was a game that Wayforward originally released for Wiiware, and that has now come to Steam. But how is this remastered version? Is it as good as the original? Better?

LIT is unlike any other game you will ever play. It is a puzzle strategy game with horror elements, which isn’t that uncommon. What is uncommon is how it is done. Moving to light your path to find the way out and avoid the darkness and bad guys, has an innate creepiness to it, and when matched with the art style, just makes everything seem off somehow,  It isn’t a major horror game as in scares at every turn, but is able to make itself be charming and have an unnerving nature at the same time. Very few games can pull that off.

The puzzles are not extremely difficult and using your weapons feels natural. The game is tightly designed and feels perfect for play on the PC. the visuals are improved and even the music is better. This is a great update of the Wiiware title, has some genuinely memorable elements to it. You can play with mouse and keyboard or controller, though I found mouse and keyboard gave this a better sense of immersion. Wayforward just has that design philosophy down and it works.

Do I recommend this? Absolutely! This is a well made horror puzzle game and feels great to play. I would like to see this version be brought to the Nintendo Switch, because the HD Rumble would really go well with this game to truly create an immersive experience. However, even on Steam it is amazing and I really do suggest that you check this out. It seems Wayforward Technologies can simply do no wrong when it comes to making their games right now.

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