ROG Video Game Vacations: Chicago
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Summer vacations getting a little pricey?  Want to go somewhere interesting without leaving the comfort of your couch?  Try a video game vacation!  The great thing about video games is that they can take a person anywhere–to places both real and imagined, and they don’t require plane tickets or a passport.

Join Real Otaku Gamer every week for a highlight of some of the best video games places.  After reading, take the survey at the bottom to vote for your favorite videogame vacation spot.


This week’s featured place: Chicago

Game: Watch Dogs


Want to visit Chicago without buying a plane ticket?  Try visiting the virtual Chicago in Watch Dogs.  Designed as a replica for the real-deal, the city of Chicago is a must-see.  There are some charming changes, though.  Unlike the real city, this Chicago is monitored by an operating system called ctOS, which runs practically everything in the city from street lights to the power.  It might sound a little “Big Brother,” but it really makes the city an entertaining place to visit.  Plus, a visit includes the ability to be able to hack into ctOS and get into everyone’s business!  So, enjoy the free-roaming experience that Chicago has to offer.


Packages include:

  • Unlimited use of other people’s cars.  They won’t mind unless you actively take it from them while they’re in it.
  • Sleeping accommodations in multiple parts of the city.
  • Free cell phone with special hacking abilities.
  • The longer you stay and play in the city, the more hacking upgrades you can get.
  • Free baseball cap, bandana, and leather jacket to patrol around the city in.
  • Access to tons of city actives, including a bunch of “mini-games.”


Enjoy the beautiful view in  the Windy City.

Enjoy the beautiful view in the Windy City.

Chicago at a glance:


  • Drive a selection of cars and bikes.
  • Have fun boating in the many waterways.
  • Take on hacking and driving jobs throughout the city.
  • Hack stuff in and around the city and see what happens.
  • Have fun playing the many “mini-games,” including chess, poker, cash run, digital trips, and drinking games.
  • Spend time causing millions of dollars worth of property damage to the city because you didn’t feel like hitting the brakes on your car.

Rooms Available

  • Multiple areas are available for you to crash in during your stay, including spots in many different areas of the city.


  • Drive down the Magnificent Mile and snoop on people.
  • Go see downtown Chicago and the Willis tower.
  • Take a drive to Pawnee and “get away from it all.”
Chicago offers urban exploring at its best!

Chicago offers urban exploring at its best!

What do you think?  Which video game vacation would you prefer? Click here to take the survey and let ROG know where you’d like to go.  Be sure to come back next week for another location.

Last week’s location: Rapture

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