Runbow (Wii U) Review
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Runbow wants you to die.

Well, it doesn’t want you personally to die, it wants your Runbow character to die and all of your friend’s Runbow characters to die too.

Maybe I should back up for a second.


Runbow is a Wii U exclusive platformer that’s been out for a little bit now. I’m sure most of you have heard about it and some of you have even played it. Runbow is packed with multiplayer modes, achievements, unlockable characters, and two big modes that you can play by yourself if you want. Though, I wouldn’t recommend playing Runbow alone.

When you die in the Runbow single player mode, the game tells you to try harder or various other sarcastic/witty comments. At first, I found these comments funny. Then I was annoyed by them and later, I found them funny again. If you die a lot in Runbow (and you probably will), then you’ll have the same feelings that I did. The game is mocking you and it wants you to die. And I can provide even more proof that the game is out to get you.


Runbow has achievements for dying and you can even unlock a character by purposely dying. The game also rewards those who don’t die by giving them very sarcastic comments too! And if thats not enough evidence for you, please consider this: there are no midpoints in most Runbow modes. If you or you and your friends all die, its back to the beginning of the level (or onto the next one) in most cases. As I mentioned earlier, don’t play this game alone.

Runbow is a game where someone is going lose. My advice is get some friends and play the local multiplayer mode. This mode is a lot of fun and you won’t see the sarcastic death comments unless you all die. The game also has an online mode. I had a problem finding someone to play this game with during the week, but on the weekend, I finally played a few online games. Runbow’s online mode is much more competitive than the local multiplayer. I died more often, but I had a lot of fun anyway. If you love local and/or online multiplayer, Runbow has you covered!

Though, throughout this entire review I haven’t mentioned how Runbow actually plays. Are any of the death’s caused by bad controls?


Runbow’s controls work really well for the most part. The running and jumping works the way you would hope. There is a bit of slow down via frame rates here and there that I noticed, but it never caused me to die. Every death in this game was my fault. When you die, it’ll be your fault too.

The rest of the Runbow package is pretty great. Runbow has excellent graphics! They remind me of the beginning of the Pink Panther movies or Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Runbow also has a really good soundtrack. I especially love the surfing music!

Oh and if that’s not enough for you, Runbow has Off-TV Play and it has a special local multiplayer mode that uses the Wii U gamepad’s touch screen. There’s a lot to love about Runbow.

So, hug your friends and family and then download Runbow. You might die a lot, but you’ll have a lot of fun too.


All of the above pictures were taken from Runbow’s official website.

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