Skywind – Experience Morrowind With Skyrim Graphics
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No GravatarHave you ever wanted to go back and play Morrowind, only to think, “I can’t play this after beating Skyrim. The graphics are too outdated.” Well, now there’s a team of Elder Scrolls fans who want to give you that old Morrowind experience back, but this time with current generation graphics. This new Morrowind mod for Skyrim is called Skywind.


Currently, there is no known date for when the game will be finished. You can download an early version of Skywind, but so far it’s only landscape and some static meshes. Still in development are quests, monsters, weapons, armor, NPCs, and everything else to truly bring Morrowind alive. The mod requires a retail PC version of Morrowind with the expansions and Skyrim. Pirated copies will not work. This isn’t just importing Morrowind meshes into the Skyrim engine. Morrowind is practically being made from scratch.

Because the Skyrim engine is still being used, expect to see the Skyrim UI, skill tree, fast travel, and quest markers. If you want a more traditional Morrowind experience, there will be mods that will turn those features off. If you want to revisit a whole new Morrowind sooner, you can actually volunteer to work on this project. Just visit for more details. There are a range of different tasks that need completed for all different skill levels. I can’t wait for Skywind to be finished that I might just volunteer myself!

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