Steam World Dig pickaxes it way to the Nintendo Switch!-Review
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Steam World Dig is considered a classic to many, as it should be. Steam World Dig is a fantastic game that tasks the player with digging their way through a seemingly endless mine. This game tells the story of Rusty a robot who finds his uncle dead and is forced to go on a journey. Along the way, he might find out a few things about this strange new land he’s found himself in.

Steam World Dig is, at its core, a platformer fused with an endless digging world. Trekking around under the old mining town Rusty now calls home; the player must dig and return home. Bouncing back and forth might seem tedious but it gets easier when the player reactivates elevators. These elevators are spread rather far so it is, of course, paramount to find as many as possible. The deeper the player digs the harder it will be for them to get back to the surface. As the player digs into the ground, the footholds also are picked away, making elevators the only way to return to the top.

Rusty also gains powers that he can use to travel deeper into the mines. He can run at super speed and use a water jetpack, among other abilities. Rusty might not be so thrilled to mine but he does end up getting quite good at it. It is also interesting finding new powers for Rusty as these abilities change the game. While it might not be easy at first to travel upward, once the jetpack is acquired, it gets easier.

Along the way, the player will come across gems which can be traded in for money. With the money, the player can buy upgrades for his pickaxe, pouch space for gems, and other nifty goods. Outfitting Rusty with all of these goods will make traversing the underground far easier. Depending on the level of his pickaxe Rusty can break a rock in a more timely manner. The player’s gold isn’t assured as the rewards hidden in each gem rock are randomized, it is up to the player to choose the best upgrades. This can lead to the player’s playthroughs being different which is always a plus for replayability.

Rusty, while he might be a robot, needs to see. As Rusty travels his lantern depletes and then, of course, it gets harder to see. This can lead the player to have to maneuver through territory blind which isn’t always a good thing. As Rusty travels deeper he also comes into contact with monsters and machines. These baddies want nothing more than to end his life and will not stop till he’s dead. The pickaxe is the only way to send them packing, so keep it sharp.

Steam World Dig is a fantastic game and one that has been out for quite a while now. With the game now available on Nintendo Switch, the player can enjoy a digging adventure anywhere their heart desires. So pick up Steam World Dig and get digging!


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