Steel Rats Coming To Consoles, PC In 2018
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No GravatarPolish video game developer and publisher Tate Multimedia has released a trailer announcing a new game, Steel Rats scheduled to be released in 2018.

Steel Rats is a 2.5D arcade motorcycle action game in a world reminiscent of the Road Warrior/Mad Max landscape.

Players will choose a character that is part of a punk biker gang, the Steel Rats who find themselves defending the streets of Coastal City against an army of junkbots, that they once ruled. While unlocking new abilities and customizing bikes to help defeat them throughout areas of the city.

Steel Rats is set in an atmospheric, stylised, retro future version of 40’s and 50’s Americana” says Jacek Gburczyk, Tate Multimedia art director. “We’ve taken everything we love from America in that time period and mixed it up with our favourite parts of diesel punk and steam punk influences to create something that has a wholly original feel and character”.

Wojtek Bili?ski, head of studio at Tate Multimedia says “In terms of gameplay, we want to have something for speedrunners, racers, brawlers, stunt drivers and all those who want to pull off insane and stylish fight moves from the back of a turbo powered motorbike. We hope that everyone will enjoy playing Steel Rats in one of these ways and discover the many styles of gameplay we aim to deliver”.

Check out the CGI trailer below, created by Deep Blue Studio and featuring Japanese rock trio ‘The’s’ track “Hoovering”. Further down you can check out concept art and screenshots that were also released.

Tate Multimedia is developing Steel Rats for the PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One and does not have a definitive release date yet, the studio announcing it will be sometime in 2018.

Concept Art


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