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Super Mario Odyssey is clearly the culmination of all that Mario is and ever has been. A series where you control a pudgy gent, just trying to rescue his lady from a monster. This game is also about traveling a world and seeing all that it has to offer. Combining these two ideas makes for quite an interesting experience. In a crazy way, this game has become just a source of unbridled fun, something that games don’t always bring to the table. With Odyssey, you have so much game to play, but it just is truly a fun time all the way through.

In Super Mario Odyssey, you are paired up with a magical cap named Cappy. Cappy is by far the best sidekick Mario has had in a while. He is ready to help out at any turn, and knows what style is. That’s not to say the Lumas of Galaxy or Fludd from Sunshine were bad but Cappy is just too cool. The fact that he can inhabit any hat in the world is truly something interesting.

The worlds in this game are also just too great and need to be seen to be believed. They are numerous, and each hide their own secrets and challenges. You may not find them all on your first go through, and that is okay. This game is certainly one to be picked up time and time again, as you work your way through the moons. I will say that some of the moons are quite easy to find. But, I’m sure that is partly because Nintendo knew people would want to speedrun this game.

The music in this game is also so good, and you really get a feeling for every world just from the music. Like all Mario games the music is great. With the inclusion of lyrics into a few songs, it really brings the game up to 11. Jump Up Superstar is an instant classic that will probably be in my head forever. That is a great thing, as only great music really sticks with you for all time. I just find it really cool that Mario games have progressed so much that a voiced song really fits in the world. Pauline is literally singing a song in a game where very few characters actually speak. Mario has alway said little, and Peach may say a sentence but here is a fully sung song. It just goes to show where thoughts and ideas can change over time.

I also found it interesting how many costumes there were in the game. Here you have Mario on a world journey, wearing quite a hodgepodge of costumes. The coolest aspect about this though is that the costumes weren’t just random. They were all worn by our mustachioed hero in the past. True homages to the classic antics this hero has enjoyed. Plus, there is a certain nostalgic world, that will make many people smile, especially when they see what costume it brings.

Snapshot mode is also just a treat and can be used all the time. You can really just go crazy with this mode and that is great. With the continued push of games to doing more, photo modes are becoming even more prevalent. It is crazy what Nintendo put into this mode. Mario is by far one of the most emotional characters, and you can really see it. Taking pictures is fun, because you can even make the pictures your phone background or wallpaper which cool. It’s just another fun touch.

Lastly, this game really is great because I can see it as a game perfect for new gamers. If you want a kid to love Nintendo, plop them in front of this game. It’s amazing to me that there will be new gamers whose first game is this. While I’m glad my first game was Super Mario and the 6 Golden Coins, I may just be a little jealous of kids whose first game is Odyssey.

Super Mario Odyssey is an amazing game and one that I will certainly always think of. I am curious how Nintendo will top such an undertaking but with what this game is I’m sure it’ll happen some day. Super Mario Odyssey for me will always be up there for being one of the most fun games I have ever played. Something that while it keeps me playing to collect, really keeps me there because of how fun it is. Here’s hoping many more people buy this game and have some solid fun. If you haven’t gotten the game yet, you seriously are missing out. This game really is just the embodiment of all Mario is and a truely fun experience. So, if you haven’t gotten it yet, Jump up Superstar, and do the Odyssey, The Super Mario Odyssey, that is!

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