Switch Dock Sold Out On Nintendo Store – Wasnt Pulled For Sale
By Jonathan Balofsky On 7 Mar, 2017 At 03:01 PM | Categorized As News, NINTENDO, Nintendo Switch, ROG News | With 0 Comments

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Here is some more interesting Switch news for everyone. When Nintendo recently removed the Switch dock from their online store,  many began to suspect it had something to do with the rumors of a defect, and/or the dock scratching the screen. This rumor spread quickly but Nintendo has now issued a statement on the matter, and the real reason turned out to be far more basic and mundane. The reason being: They ran out of stock.

Nintendo’s statement reads,

“The dock wasn’t ‘pulled’ from the replacement/refurbishment store—it’s out of stock.  As previously announced, the Nintendo Switch dock set (which includes the dock, a HDMI cable, and an AC adapter) will be released Spring 2017.”

So the rumors of it being pulled were false,  the item just happened to be so popular that Nintendo ran out of stock much quicker than anticipated.  If anything, this is a good sign for when the Switch Dock set releases in Spring. If the Dock sold out quickly here, then the set should do well in sales.


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