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No GravatarNever would I have thought that I would enjoy a golf game, but here I am invested in a golf game. Golf Story is a wonderful game, from what I have played so far. The game has a great story and much exploring to do. Following a young boy who just wants to golf, you will meet a cast of characters, some you’ll hate and some you might adore.

The main character is a lovely chap, who just wants to be a pro golfer. He puts it off for years but eventually gets out there. He might have it rough, even though at a young age he was a pro, or he could have been. Playing with his father, he helps you learn how to play the game and at the same time warms your heart.

The game is simple yet you will certainly make mistakes. It might seem easy and depending on where the ball is, just like in real life, it can be. But watch out, there will be traps and other things to mess you up. One wrong swing can have you lose a 9 hole game and make you play it all over again!

There is a pretty nice map to walk around on, that shows off the different areas you can visit. Each of these areas, of course, houses quests, story, and challenges. You will always have to be on your watch and make sure you equip the right gear. That’s right this game has the equipment and using the right or wrong equipment can change the course of your game.

Challenges are given by people and passing them is tantamount. Fail a challenge and see the words Too Bad appear on your screen. Of course, this makes you want to complete the challenge all the more. This game gives you money and experience which of course level up your game. Get money and you can buy new equipment as well pay certain characters.

The experience system opens up a whole nother layer of gameplay in that it affects how your character plays. Leveling up certain attributes will, in fact, lower other ones. There is a distinct give and take, and while it might seem simplest to just level them up evenly, it may work against you, in the longer term. This game is certainly one where you need to invest your points wisely not unlike other RPG’s. 

The game itself is also so lovingly created. It is truly a game made with love, and you can see that so clearly. The first game from a company with this much heart shows how much they want to succeed. It is just so beautiful to see a world crafted with such creativity in the style that this game is crafted in.

Golf Story is certainly a game that you should play, a solid Golf based RPG, something, unlike anything I’ve seen before. The writing is witty, and the characters are great. You’ll want to play it and see what happens next as it really is just that type of game. Golf Story is available now on the Nintendo Switch and I wholeheartedly think it is worth anyone’s time. This is one of those weird games that while it may not seem appealing it will change your mind. So tee up for some fun in Golf Story!

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Thimbleweed Park is truly a game unlike any I’ve ever played before. A true mystery game that takes on the majesty that is point and clicks adventure, but allows you to bring it on the go with you. This game has amazing voice acting all the way through, and really goes the extra mile to tell you a magnificent story.

Thimbleweed Park is set in the 80’s mostly but there are some bits of time travel. I won’t spoil the game for you, but it does get quite crazy. You control a few different characters first be two agents Ray and Reyes. They are looking for a murderer and it is up to the three of you to solve it. Along the way, you will learn about the other weirdos in this town and even control a few of them. There are some super annoying characters that actually are the same person because it isn’t so easy making so many characters. But, in hindsight, it was actually quite humorous.

The story is rife with exploration and so many different things to pick up. You cannot be sure what you might or might not need. So if you can pick it up, do so. This game will give you so many items that you will have quite a stuffed inventory but it’s interesting seeing how the characters react to certain items.

This game offers up a decent mystery and you may find yourself stuck. Don’t worry though, there is an automated tip line in-game. Just find a phone and call the given number and bam, you can get help on just about anything in the game. There are moments where it won’t work, and that just means you are already doing the right things.

Thimbleweed Park is clearly a game that the creators put a lot of time and effort into. It is one of those labor of love games, that you play and you smile. As a Kickstarter game, it also is just so cool to see that so many people wanted this game to exist. With the creators of the game being backed by so many no wonder they truly put their heart and souls into this game.

If you need a great mystery to solve then this is certainly a game for you. When I played this game I was in the throes of practicing for a production of Sherlock Holmes the Hound of the Baskerville, and this game just fit right into my mental state. This game is truly something worth playing. The voice acting is top notch, the game is well done and reminiscent of classic games, and it will have you yearning to find out how this all ends. So, head down Thimbleweed Park and help the “federinos”, they need your help, there’s a murderer on the loose!

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