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No GravatarGFF is in session and found some pretty sweet figures that should be in high demand and sold out within a few days, I begin with….

Arkham City Play Arts Kai Batman and Robin

Remember seeing Robin in Arkham City and having your jaw drop because he became one of the sexiest things ever? I know I do. But back onto figures they made one of Robin and his former boss Batman.

Batman figureRobin figure

They’re both articulate and have extra parts. Robin has two hands and his famous baton while Batman has only one versatile grappling hook and three hands, one of which comes with claws.

Robin figure

It’s a bit sad Batman doesn’t come with loads of gadgets, remember when he had the most awesome utility belt one the planet? My only complain with Batman is he looks very bulky, even for modern Batman. Other than that we have another round of beautiful Square Enix masterpieces.

Maker: Square Enix  Average online price: $55.91

Super Sonico: Tiger Hoodie Version (Limited Edition Nendoroid)

Super Sonico with hoodieSuper Sonico singing

The figure is rather new, and I don’t know what its parts exactly are but it does come with a microphone and a guitar with at least three interchangeable faces.

Maker: Good Smile Company  Average online price: $78.13

GUMI Nendoroid

The Megpoid mascot finally gets her own Nendoroid figurine to the joy of Vocaloid fans everywhere. It surely resembles he lineness, except tinier and cuter.


She has other faces and changeable hands. There you see her winking while flashing a rock on sign!

Winking Gumi

There’s she’s putting her goggles on, not sure why she even has them in the first place but it looks cool.

Gumi with goggles on

And now for the ultimate adorableness she’s riding her character prop, a carrot with….. I don’t even know what to call that face but it WORKS.

Gumi on carrot

Maker: Good Smile Company  Average online price: $38.56

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Rocksteady and Warner Bros Interactive have finally let Bruce strap the cap and cowl on today, and after seeing this trailer on the Real Otaku Gamer YouTube page, I thought I would talk a little about it.

The gameplay in Batman Arkham City will build tremendously on the last game, players will use Batman’s suit to glide over their air, akin to his protege’ in Batman Beyond and the 1989 Batman movie starting Michael Keaton. He boast a lot of fighting moves from the Dark Knight and all of the previous games mechanics stay intact. There are going to be plenty of villains and a few heroes. Catwoman and Batman look like they will be teaming up, (insert random Capt. Save her Moments). Not to be out done the Joker and Two face are posed to be the top dogs in Dr. Hugo Strange’s No man’s land of Arkham inmates.
check out the trailer below and comment rate and subscribe on the ROG Youtube Channel.

Bonus Trailers to catch you up

Arkham City Easter Egg

Arkham City Teaser

Batman Arkham City 2010 VGA Exclusive Trailer