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No Gravatartad

Rhythm Games are a popular genre of gaming as are Runners, so what happens when you combine the two? You get Tadpole Treble, an auto-runner where you play as a Tadpole that must find its way home through levels based around music from the creator of Brawl in the family and his brother.

In most rhythm games, you must make specific movements in order to proceed but in this game things are different. As with many other Auto-runners, there are obstacles to avoid and that includes the musical notes that make up the soundtrack of the level. This may sound easy but from the very first level, the game makes no effort to hide just how tricky that will be. In addition, you must also smack things in your way to put them in the right place or get them out of your way. You can also collect bubbles which serve as your in game currency and can later be spent on various extras. Collecting points builds up your meter which can be used to burst forward and smash through obstacles.

As the game goes on, there are more challenges such as more obstacles showing up such as enemies you have to avoid or smack and boss stages. The game also keeps the level design fresh by shaking things up every so often. You will find yourself going in the other direction at one point, or fighting a boss in another. Fighting the boss consists of mostly playing normally except with an enemy chasing after you that you must constantly avoid. This, given the frantic nature of some levels can create a challenge for many players although auto-runner fans might feel more at home.

The game is amazingly addictive with the amount of content and replayability it has. You will constantly be trying to do better and playing over and over just to prove yourself. But it is the music that stands out so much, which is understandable as this is half rhythm game. The music notes that layout the level create different soundtracks for each level, with some being orchestral and some being jazz oriented. Some have lyrics and you will even be serenaded at points by others, created some of the best video game music ever. This is one of the most creative uses of music I have ever seen in a video game and I must applaud the developers. The music is sign beautifully and I would not mind a soundtrack release for the game. But the fact that the music is combined with  a beautiful storybook art style helps make it perfect for all ages. Kids and adults can both enjoy this as well as casual gamers and hardcore gamers, all for different reasons. This is a game for everyone and I must recommend it in full. You will not regret it.