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Hideyoshi and avatar on chair

No GravatarFull Metal Panic! Another extra: Blaze Raven 2

This is a special figure, as it is just an extra to a limited edition book. My best estimate is it’s an art book or a colored manga, so if you like either it’s a good buy. I don’t know the robot’s height but it looks to be of a good quality. It’s a tad expensive like any import is, but if you happen to be a fan of FMP and are soon shopping online I’d recommend it.

 Blaze Raven

Maker: Fujimi Shobo  Average online price: $49.72 

One Piece World Collectible Film Z Volume 2

Have you ever wanted an entire set of figures that is nothing but pure Chopper goodness? Well my fellow lovers of this furry blue nosed creature can join me in celebration with this upcoming figure release endorsed with the new One Piece Film Z movie….. not coming to a theater near us anytime soon. Anyways back to the figure. They’re not blind boxes so be grateful they’re not trading figures that cost infinitely more money to collect a full set.


You have many of Chopper’s forms, which is splendid because I love his various transformations, and especially all these adorable costumes!

Maker: Banpresto  Average online price: $11.90

1/7th Scale Kinoshita Hideyoshi and Shokanju

This is my favorite Hideyoshi figure of all time, and I’ve never seen it in real life before; everything about it is perfection. His careless sideways glance, his opened shirt, his lifted legs…. My ero senses are on high alert. Before my mind goes off the rails the set comes with Hideyoshi, a chair, and his avatar. It’s just amazing how the avatar can life the chair. Keep up the sexy antics Hideyoshi.

 Hideyoshi and avatar on chairHideyoshi up close

The featured characters in action (fanservice warning)….

Maker: Griffon Enterprise  Average online price: $78.06

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Luffy as a kid with different shirts

No GravatarHello everyone, here at ROG we’re all into many things. So I’ve decided to dedicate a weekly report on all things figures for fellow collectors like me. Check back every Friday to stay updated on newly released action figures. Including more obscure and cheap ones.

One Piece World Collectable Pre-Painted PVC Figure word

I have a feeling I’ll see those cute little guys sold in conventions soon. Just LOOK AT THEM!

Luffy as a kid with different shirts

That's right, a whole army of little Luffys.

Ace as a kid wearing many shirts

And you can't forget the recently popular character!

They’re the type of small figurines commonly seen around in conventions. They’re roughly around 75mm tall, and come in boxes that show what shirt they’re wearing. Each with a different background. Making it easy to know what you’re getting so you can collect them all! All these figures look the same, but they are made so with a purpose in mind. The goal was to make figures that focused less on the characters themselves and more on what they’re wearing. The clothes themselves are not random, however. Fans voted on which T-Shirt designs brought out the personality of each character.

Maker: Banpresto: Most common online price (per figure): $12.90

Gundam 1/100 Scale Model Kit: Unicorn Gundam (MG)

You can never forget about the Gundams!

Gundam figures

Still manly even with inappropriately placed stand!

It’s sort of impossible to not have accurate mecha models come out as awesomely, especially with the makers of this one.

Maker: Bandai: Most common online price: $59.90

Dog Days Figure: Figma Millhiore F. Biscotti

I don’t know about Dog Days, but it hasn’t prevented me from falling in love with this beauty.

Twirling figure

Singing pose with microphone

As a Figma she’s completely pose-able, with an articulate stand, three different faces, two sets of ears, and a microphone. She’s quite lovely and reasonably priced for her quality.

Makers: Max Factory: Most common online price (cheaper prices available): $45.95