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By Inactive or EX ROG Staffer On 15 Mar, 2012 At 12:22 PM | Categorized As Conventions, Nintendo DS, Portable/Mobile Gaming | With 0 Comments

Today, Nintendo has given club Nintendo members the privilege to get 3 free AR cards from the up and coming Kid Icarus game. These 3 cards feature Grim Reaper, Drill Arm, and apparently a rare one of Palutena. This is what appears to be a promotion for the new Kid Icarus game Nintendo fans have been […]

By otakuman5000 On 24 Jan, 2012 At 06:10 PM | Categorized As Editorials, Portable/Mobile Gaming | With 0 Comments

Cards n’Flux: Best Cards of 2011 By: Corlando             Well everyone, 2011 has come and gone leaving us with 2012.  I am so excited for this year and the promise it brings.  New experiences, new friends, all just a few moments of time away.  However, before we rush off with the new 2012, let us […]

By otakuman5000 On 1 Jun, 2011 At 06:35 PM | Categorized As Reviews, TableTop Gaming | With 0 Comments

  Welcome readers new and old to Cards n’Flux, an article series based around the Magic the Gathering card game, its updates and evolutions, the strategies, and the general flavor that drips off every card.  I am Corlando, your guide through this multitude of cards and ideas.  This month marks the release of MTG Commander, […]