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By Charles On 25 Oct, 2011 At 08:24 PM | Categorized As Animation, Editorials, Featured, Tales of Real Otaku | With 0 Comments

This editorial is the second of a two-part series. The first half was published on October 17th, and can be found here. 6: Durarara and Baccano!- Because these two shows are essentially the same. Drrr/B! managed to do for me the same thing FMA did back in 2007- they taught me how to have fun […]

By SarahTheRebel On 1 Oct, 2011 At 12:05 AM | Categorized As Animation, Comics/Manga, Editorials, Featured, Reviews | With 2 Comments

  When someone first tells you about “that awesome show Durarara”, you may be tempted to bless him or her or expect an imminent dinosaur attack. Please don’t: it was not a sneeze or monster noms, it is simply the wacky name of a wonderfully wacky kick-ass show.   Let me give you a little […]

By otakuman5000 On 2 Aug, 2011 At 05:36 PM | Categorized As Animation, Comics/Manga, Conventions, Editorials, Featured | With 2 Comments

There I was: at the mecca of Otakus: Otakon! I was so excited I kept trying to take pictures of every cool costume I saw, shouting characters’ names and grabbing my friends’ arms with excitement. For about 30 minutes. And then I was bored.   The real fun That’s when I started digging through the […]

By Charles On 25 Feb, 2011 At 03:54 PM | Categorized As Animation, Featured, Reviews | With 1 Comment

What happens when you shove a dozen different anime styles into one show and set to blend? It might sound something like a DRRR…

By Charles On 21 Dec, 2010 At 03:10 PM | Categorized As Comics/Manga, Editorials, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360/Xbox One | With 0 Comments

Wow, is the year over already? Doesn’t feel all that long ago that I was shoveling snow and preparing for Katsucon, and now it’s already Christmas and I can close the curtains on 2010. A lot happened this year, a lot was released, and there was no way for me to experience it all. But […]