Tallowmere is an infinite hellish dungeon! -Review
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Tallowmere is a dungeon crawler, that let’s face it, is deadly. It sets you up with heading through a dungeon that is randomly generated, giving you know way to prepare for it. There are traps and monsters and everything just wants you dead. There is a lot of room for replayability though, as this game is just something that makes you want to come back for more.In a day and age where roguelike games make me want to scream, there is something about Tallowmere that sits well with me. While yes, I am terrible at it, it is just so nicely done in its pixelated style that I can’t help but marvel at it. Its simple yet, the characters and enemies are designed well, and that means it is just nice to look at.

As you play the game you collect coins which you can use to buy new things. You will need to buy all you can to survive in this dungeon. This dungeon will test your mettle everytime you play it, as when you die of course you start over. But, there is one nice thing the game gives you. At the start of the dungeon, you will meet Lady Tallowmere, a gracious healer, who  will heal your wounds. There are countless teleporters that will carry you to the entrance and back again. This makes the dungeon crawling much easier knowing if you are close to death, you can be saved.

Tallowmere is a game that really makes you work, and sometimes you really do want that. While it isn’t a game for everyone, anyone, who likes roguelike games will probably enjoy it. I think that it is interesting to see a game that wants you to last as long as you can also gives you reason to continue playing.There are shops to buy spells and items to last longer in the dungeon. You can even find  a certain item for more power. The trippiest thing however, is that you can sacrifice kittens for more health. The caveat is that with each kitten you sacrfice you change leader boards. In a game where time is key, changing leaderboards changes how you play. It makes you rethink if you actually want to sacrifce a kitten. Stay on the same board or move to the next. You will have different times for each board or you should and that is a cool thing.

Tallowmere is a great game and as a cheap one, it certainly is worth looking into. While, no, not everyone will like it, those that will, should give it a go. Tallowmere is out now on the Nintendo Switch, and as deadly as it is, you may just keep playing it.


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