The Legend of Hercules Review: The 3D Experience of the Season!
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I had a hankering for a good action filled movie when I went to see Hercules in 3D at my local theater, and in that area the movie delivered. Now Hercules is just one of those countless movies everyone forgets about that airs in that time period between movies released during winter break and the famous “Summer Blockbuster” time period, but I definitely think everyone who just wants a straightforward violent movie should go see it.


Now imagine him shirtless for more or less half the movie and you’ve got an idea of what you’re paying to see.

The movie is based on Greek mythology and focuses on the story of the demi-god Hercules. The tale begins with the husband of Hercules’ mom killing a king and taking his kingdom. Overcome by grief of how she couldn’t change her bloodthirsty husband who came to be known as the “slayer of kings” she begs the goddess Hera for help. Hera appears before her and says she’ll help her but she’ll have to sex up Zeus, her husband and the king of Gods. Yeah it sounds weird but she says (in a more theatrical way) my husband can’t contain his horniness for you so I’ll let him have at you, but in return you will bear a son who will end your husband’s reign, let his name be Hercules. So after the most unintentionally comical sex scene I’ve ever witnessed and the even more hilarious reaction King Amphitryon had to Alcmene committing adultery with an invisible man; the stage is set as Amphitryon renames Hercules as Alcides to compliment his brother’s name Iphicles.

In terms of accuracy to the origin, if you know of how Hercules came to be born you would know it isn’t accurate from the get go. If you came for a lesson or a reenactment of Greek mythology you will be greatly dissapointed. However I believe the film does a good job at adapting the idea the general public has of Hercules and giving it life. Hercules has everything you would expect out of a great hero, might, courage, strength, and a thirst for justice. The film also involves a love interest, Hebe, whom is to be wed to his younger brother. The bond between Hercules and Hebe is actually well done, and it’s the first time in a long time I’ve seen a film execute a love subplot quite well, which adds more intensity to the film and its climax. The movie also involves the bond that forms between Sotiris (a commander) and Hercules as they try to survive together. I would go into further detail but I fear it might spoil the movie too much. It’s not a masterpiece by any means, as Iphicles is a character I believe is quite unexplored; doing so would have pushed this film past being a really great action movie. Iphicles is a tragic character that tries to live up to his brother but can’t, and doesn’t feel the same love from those he loves, including his mother. I feel the end of the movie hasn’t done justice for this overly villainized character that had great storytelling potential.

There are many movies I go see in 3D that simply don’t use the medium as well as they could, and there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the 2D and 3D versions. This movie however is greatly improved by the use of 3D, things fly in your face, crumble around you, and faceoffs become that much more intense. The CGI in the movie is perfectly balanced with the hand to hand combat, which will make fans of good old fashioned action scenes quite happy. From wardrobe to environment, everything works out in the film’s favor to suck you into the movie viewing experience. The Legend of Hercules is definitely the film you’ve got to go see next time you go to the movies, but only if you’re into larger than life action.

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