The Real Gamer Show Episode 33: For The Enigmatically Inclined

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We are back again!! Again!! Even though we said the wrong episode number. We are old, what do you expect? Sit back and enjoy us rip on the NFL replacement refs and all of our gaming opinions. Our good friend Robert Workman stops buy and classes up the place, or downgrades the place? We need all the help we can get sometimes. Robert is one of our favorite gamers. Anyway, we also discuss kids playing online, and Big Shel moving to Texas. We talk about the new games coming out as well. Enjoy the show!!!

About - I am a 44 year old Gamer/Geek/Otaku who has been gaming and watching anime since the late 1970's. I am a passionate otaku who loves all types of games, anime and comics. I have been writing about games since I was a young man. I am an entertainment retail expert and an avid game collector. You can always find me playing or watching something geek related.

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  1. GehennakatNo Gravatar says:

    Liked the bit on the Vita. Vita has a lot of new apps and old school ps1 titles. Zen Pinball 2 has cross play, LBP Vita is going to sell Vitas. Bunch of new titles are going to have cross play or options. Vita will have app as well for Dust 514 ( I’ve been in BETA since day one) and new CoD. Vita is coming back big.

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