The Road Is Bumpy – SpaceRoads Review ( Wii U)
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No Gravatarspace


Sci Fi games that involve obstacle jumping and dodging with ships are a strange breed. Some can be good and some….not so much. Sadly, this game falls more into the latter category.  What do I mean by this? Well let’s go into detail.

SpaceRoads pretty much involves guiding a spaceship to jump over obstacles and reach a goal. Not too much involved and what is involved is not a good product. The controls are completely broken and veer from too stiff to too sensitive to the touch.  Given that this involves a lot of jumping and dodging, this can easily lead to much frustration. The awkward controls repeatedly got in the way and after numerous instances of this, my frustration reached an all time high.

Another point against this game is the music. It is a repeating loop that immediately gets on your nerves and makes you want to pull a Mick Foley and get your ear ripped off ( Much Love Mick, I’ve always been a big fan). The music is bad enough, but being on a repeated loop just drives you that insane. Its bad in small doses but as its presented? Horrible.

The visuals in the game are not bad, but are not anything to write home about. They are decent to average graphics. In fact they may be the only thing decent about this game. If I seem harsh, that is because this game was just that unpleasant to play. I don’t want to discourage the developer, Wurd Industries, as I think they do have potential to be great developers. They should take this opportunity to learn from this experience and do better next time.  I would love to see what they can do with some more experience and learning.

Overall, I would suggest passing on this game.

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