There is trouble in the desert in Of Mice and Sands Revised-Review
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Of Mice and Sands Revised tells the story of mice trying to restore their homeland while trekking through the vicious desert. These mice, however, are different than the average mice as they have been surviving in the colossal wasteland. This all changes when the vicious sandworms converge on their base and destroy their oasis town.

It is quite interesting seeing these mice travel and work on their motorized base. Finding scrap allows the mice to build new tools and machines for their mobile base. Stocking up on scrap metal and upgrading all that the base holds is necessary to help save the mice from death. The player should never let the mice go to battle without being properly ready as sandworms use the surroundings to destroy all that go against them. Preparation really is key, as the player never knows when the sandworms could strike. There really is a never-ending threat when your enemy is underground always lurking.

This game is about scouring the desert for anything that can be of use. With a scrappy band of mice at the player’s disposal, the desert really has no idea what is coming its way. These mice are crafty and can make just about anything they need in order to aid them in their mission to revitalize their home. Traveling through the desert might be difficult but by crafting weapons, forges, and eventually making food, the player will begin to thrive. It’s truly heartwarming to see mice banding together in their own house. These mice don’t run around human houses like in the cartoons, they live in their own bases.

Of course, as it is a desert, the player may occasionally come across an oasis, which will allow them to fill up on water. There might even be new mice to be found at given Oasis, that will join the group and help is good to have. Traveling through the land, it’s also important to complete quests as this will offer treasure. In this revised edition of the game there are also other bonuses, that will keep players who played the original coming back for more. While the desert might be vast, will the mice be able to survive in a frosty wasteland? There are also other additions such as new story and events to enhance this game, and that is a good thing. These new parts of the game certainly make it all the more playable.

All in all, Of Mice and Sands Revised is a charming adventure game. A game, that will take you on a trek through a vast desert enjoying life as you lead your armada of mice. This game is rather sweet, as who would have thought mice could do so much? If anyone is feeling up to a mice led adventure this game certainly might be for you.

Disclaimer: A code was given for review purposes.

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  1. Kris says:

    I really love survival/strategy games like this where you have to send a certain amount of characters out to maintain the structure The idea of mice in a strategy game like this seems really cute. I also really like the idea of the sandstorms, and now I’m really interested to try it out myself to see how well I can do. I’m really happy that we’re getting so many great indie games this year. Another one that I’m really excited about is Nova Nukers. It’s a competitive multiplayer with a lot of cute characters to choose from. It really stood out to me because it’s using a rotating spherical map/stage. I’ve never seen a multiplayer do this before, so I’m pretty interested to see how it’s going to turn out!

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