Zero Gunner 2 receives major update on Switch
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Zerodiv brought Zero Gunner 2 to the Nintendo eShop in January, but the port was riddled with issues.  The studio  hasreleased an update to fix the problems present in the port of the classic arcade game.

The following was included

Adding the following features to options:

– Can now change button assignments
– When using the same controller you’ll have the option to turn vibration/rumble on or off
*The above settings are available for player 1 and 2 separately.

– Fixed the input delay of Turn Marker, which was previously longer than the arcade version, to be the same with it.
*Turn Marker can be placed farther than the player unit by mashing buttons, but they had problem processing reactions to button mashing.

– Fixed the method to display items, because they became difficult to see if there are enemy bullets or explosions.

– Fixed a bug where items dropped by enemies wouldn’t be displayed during continuous play
(Score increasing on its own without seeing anything on screen was the effect of this)

– Also fixed another continuous play bug where enemy and enemy bullets on the upper screen weren’t displayed
(Player unit getting destroyed on its own without seeing anything on screen was the effect of this)

Its great to see the game get patched so that it finally plays more like the classic arcade experience. Will you be checking it out now?



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