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The King of Fighters XIV is not done yet.

SNK’s newest fighting game masterpiece will be bringing in a new DLC character and stage.  The character will be a Saudi Arabia-themed fighter and the stage will be a Masmak fort stage.

This DLC is the result of a contest held by the company Manga Productions in the Middle East to design a character and stage to appear in a fighting game. Over 300 entries were received from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and so on.

This new DLC will be coming soon but no date was given. It is great to see the world of fighting games getting even more international.



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No GravatarBethesda sent out the following


Continue the fight to make American Nazi-free again in Wolfenstein II: The Freedom Chronicles. Starring three different heroes, this multipart DLC will give players a chance kick Nazis out of America but from a trio of fresh perspectives. Available as individual DLC packs or all together in the Season Pass, The Freedom Chronicles includes:


Episode Zero

Included with pre-order or Season Pass. Available now.

Episode Zero introduces players to Joseph Stallion, Jessica Valiant and Gerald Wilkins as they fight for freedom in the American Territories. Blast your way through Nazis using unique abilities and an arsenal of guns in this opening DLC mission.


The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe

December 14

As former professional quarterback Joseph Stallion, smash through Nazi hordes from the ruins of Chicago to the vastness of space!


The Diaries of Agent Silent Death

January 30

As ex-OSS agent and assassin Jessica Valiant, infiltrate Nazi bunkers in California and discover the secrets of Operation San Andreas!


The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins

March 2018

As the US Army’s renowned hero Captain Gerald Wilkins, embark on a mission to Nazi-controlled Alaska to dismantle Operation Black Sun!


The Freedom Chronicles Season Pass is available now for $24.99. Each episode can also be purchased separately.

This is a great detailing of the post launch dlc. Wolfenstein II is an amazing game, and if you haven’t seen our review yet, you can read it here


source: Bethesda PR

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Nintendo sent out the following



Fire Emblem Warriors offers a twist on the acclaimed Fire Emblem series by uniting fan-favorite characters from Fire Emblem history to participate in over-the-top battles focused on real-time, tactical action rather than turn-based strategy. In addition to the paid DLC that starts to roll out in December, a free software update is coming to the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS* versions of the Fire Emblem Warriors game on Nov. 16.
After downloading the free software update, the following will be added to the game:
  • A new history map featuring main characters Rowan and Lianna
  • A new costume for Rowan and Lianna
  • Armor Strike, a new weapon attribute associated with destroying armor and causing a Broken Armor state
  • New Blessings to aid you in battle
  • The ability for the player to sell multiple weapons at once
Nintendo is committed to bringing new content to Fire Emblem Warriors, and this software update is a fun (and free!) first step. Starting in December, the first of three paid DLC packs will launch for the game, with the second and third packs launching in February and March, respectively.
A Season Pass, which includes all three DLC packs as they become available, can be purchased for $19.99. By purchasing the Season Pass for either the Nintendo Switch or New Nintendo 3DS version, you will also receive a bridal costume for Lucina. (The bridal costume can only be received by purchasing the Season Pass.) Each DLC pack adds three new playable characters, three new history maps, additional costumes, additional support conversations and additional weapons, and can also be purchased individually for $8.99 each.
For more information about Fire Emblem Warriors, visit
Fire Emblem warriors is an amazing game and one that is a must buy for Nintendo fans. This update just makes the game sound even more amazing.
Source: Nintendo PR
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While Nintendo has yet to give a concrete date for when The Champions’ Ballad DLC for Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be launching, the European eShop seems to have given us a window.

The European Switch eShop contains a listing for the DLC, that clearly says that The Champions’ Ballad is planned for December.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s new DLC pack features a new dungeon, an original story, and more new challenges. Hopefully we get an official announcement soon but this sounds like very reliable information.



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EA sent out the following


We’ve made changes to crates and progression based on player’s feedback. The Star Wars Battlefront II beta gave us a welcome chance to test all of our systems in action and tune things up for better balance. A few weeks ago, we mentioned we were going to take another look at how the progression system works and after incorporating community feedback, we’re happy to share our plans for launch:


  • Epic Star Cards, the highest tier of Star Cards available at launch, have been removed from Crates
  • You’ll need to reach a certain rank to craft upgraded Star Cards
  • Weapons are locked behind specific milestones
  • Class-specific gear and items can be unlocked by playing as them


We’ll be continuously looking at player feedback to help fine tune and improve this system and others in the game, as we’re committed to keeping the community together including releasing all post-launch content for free and going to make sure that the game is fun for everyone.

These are welcome changes as there were many complaints about the loot crate system. It is good that they are listening to fans and will not just rush blindly into a bad decision.


Source: EA PR


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[ Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto is the Second Character DLC.. ]

With the conclusion to Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladiolus DLC, Episode Prompto is the second of a  three-part DLC pack for Final Fantasy XV. This particular set goes more so in depth with the character of Verstael Bestihia who was a key villain and an integral piece of the overall plot within the original game who was for the most part cut from the original game outside of the small piece of exposition we got of him beforehand. Within Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto’s DLC a rather large amount of it is exclusively focused on Verstael’s overall character arc and development. But sadly knowing this? You really do not see Verstael’s character enough to justify his inclusion into the plot this late into the game, this is a bit disheartening considering that Verstael himself was pretty much the predominant focus of this specific DLC.

Where does Episode Prompto Take Place At?

[ Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto opens up with a plethora of modes specifically the  “Intensive Training” mode. ]

: Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto takes place directly after the train scene following the events of Cartanica. In which if you have not played Final Fantasy XV up until this point? Prompto gets separated from the party thus this specific DLC follows that narrative and is mostly geared from Prompto’s point of view. The settings within this DLC are mostly geared with two things in mind “Research Facilities” and “The Wilderness“.  So for the Final Fantasy Fan who’s expecting to see towns and the such and more of Niflheim within this DLC? Sadly that does not come to light. However, Episode Prompto from first glance has less of a full-blown dungeon experience and instead more of a hybrid experience between a dungeon / open world experience type DLC. With the DLC’s dungeon based maps being “The Research Facilities” and the games open world based maps being “The Wilderness” respectively.


How is Episode Prompto’s Gameplay? : 

[ Most of Episode Prompto’s gameplay involves the player shooting down waves of enemies with various weapons in order to proceed.]

Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Prompto feel less like an actual chapter within Final Fantasy XV and more so like a weird blend between Final Fantasy XV’s story and lore and Metal Gear Solid. ( This is mostly due to the setting of Episode Prompto and Metal Gear Solid both being in snow-covered facilities and both having chase sequences which were both shown in the trailer. ) It is this specific point where the overall opinion of the DLC will be divided between two different between two different subgroups of gamers. The first group being the type of gamers who are playing this specific DLC with the core concept of clearing it as fast as possible in mind. It is these type of gamers who regardless of the onscreen instructions would just run up to the enemy all guns blazing and do whatever it takes to take down the enemy just so they can move on with the story. As while the game might tell you to specifically “Stealth Kill” an enemy in order to steal their weapon? Chances are if your the gamer on the go your just going to walk directly in front of the enemy and shoot said enemy without actually employing “Stealth” at all.  It’s this sort of reckless indiscretion that allows the gamer without a lot of time on their hands to just steal the enemy’s weapon outright from the weapon rack instead which is conveniently placed right beside said enemy thus defeating the purpose of even following the on-screen instructions in the first place! The other group of divided gamers is those who would actually follow the on-screen instructions regardless of the fact that there are no real benefits of following said instructions in the first place. It’s this complete lack of punishment for not being stealthy that defeats the whole point of adding stealth elements to this specific DLC.

What Episode Prompto Does Right?

+ The Lore and Storyline Exposition
+ The Inclusion Of Verstael Besithia
+ The Amount Of Plot Heavy Elements
+ The Overall Character Development Of Prompto

What Episode Prompto Does Wrong?

+ The Games Stealth Elements ( Its bad for its time. )
+ Certain elements are very unbelievable as a whole.
+ This DLC only has three new enemies one normal and two bosses
+ The fact that the tent/inn in this DLC is a Vending Machine.


Is Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto Worth The Purchase?:

[ The most jarring fact about Episode Prompto is that this DLC treats the campfire/tent area as a Vending Machine? So the game expects Prompto to rest overnight at a vending machine and not get caught? By enemies who patrol the hallways. Okay. -_-;]

Now, this is where another divide between fans and their expectations will happen. If the consumer of this product is a Final Fantasy Fan because they want more lore and storyline exposition out of this specific DLC? Then yes Episode Prompto is recommended as the sheer amount of nods this DLC has to its overall lore elements alone makes this worth the purchase for the lore-heavy gamer. Now on the other hand if the consumer is playing this just to see whats new that they added? There will be lowered expectations, to say the least. This is mostly outside of one new enemy  ( an orbital sphere like enemy and the DLC’s two bosses omitting the DLC’s re-skinned super boss.) There is nothing new outside of the limited amount of weapons Prompto can use with limited amounts of ammo. The maximum being the Rapidus SMG  with 100 rounds the other weapons have limited amounts of ammo thus making them non-viable choices to defend the player in their endeavors. Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto is a mix of what we’ve already got within Final Fantasy XV namely the cross between the DLC’s open world like maps and the Magitek Research facilities that this DLC entails. Even Episode Prompto’s overall “Hype Moments” feel rather unbelievable at times and that personally cheapens what would be a rather intense moment within the whole storyline. Even with the open world elements most of your time will be spent upgrading your means to get around as heading further along with the story will put you on a linear path to the DLC’s two final bosses. Outside of that? Minus the time spent with the guest character for this DLC be it in the DLC or the games “Intensive Training” option. Unless the consumer is specifically getting it for the lore purposes? This DLC will feel less like an actual full-blown DLC episode and more like a half hour special. However, upon completing this DLC you’ll get to see a short teaser for Final Fantasy XV “Episode Ignis” so there is some incentive to playing this DLC chapter overall. Basically, this DLC is for the gamer with either the Final Fantasy XV season pass or a little bit of extra spending money or just someone who wants to know more about the lore of the game overall. Otherwise? pass on it for something else.

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Ever since Creation Club was announced at E3 2017, I was curious and worried about what to expect. Paid mods had been tried before and ended up being a bad idea then, so how would Bethesda handle it now?

I cannot comment on how Creation Club is with regards to Fallout 4, but Skyrim is another matter. As soon as the update launched for Steam, I was there to check it out, and see what was offered. As it stands now, I am very disappointed in the offerings and with good reason. While the limited offering are understandable as Creation Club just launched for Skyrim, the issues is that what is there, is expensive and often times has better free alternatives.

Admittedly, the free alternatives are more for PC users, even with free console mods, but it does raise a major issue. That is the pricing and nature of the content. Consider the Hearthfire DLC. It brought new houses that you could build yourself, adoption, new followers and minor quests along with some other content. It also only cost around five dollars. Compare this to some of the Creation Club offerings which are asking up to four dollars for a single weapon. Granted there is a quest often attached to some of the Creation Club offerings but they are nothing all that special.

Sheogorath’s staff for example is 2.50 and boasts of having a bonus artifact…… which is a fork. The quest to get it is nothing special and the actual item is just a magic staff that looks unique but doesn’t offer much. There is also Chrysamere, which looks almost exactly like it does in Morrowind, and that is not a good thing. To get it, you go through a dungeon as part of a quest, that sounds good except for the fact that the dungeon is just like every other dungeon with nothing unique in it. It is a superfluous quest that offers nothing, other than taking your money.

What is worse is that Chrysamere, and Stendar’s Hammer ( another offering), both have free alternatives that look and play much better. A major selling point Bethesda pushed was that Creation Club would have unique content, but the content just feels like paid versions of stuff you can get for free elsewhere, and better versions as well to boot. Then we have the four dollar option “Plague of the Dead”, which was hyped as a zombie mod…….and is essentially a minor quest, to kill retextured Draugr with minimal other effects. Some more undead spawn randomly after but again, it isn’t worth the money. There are more pieces for sale but I think you all get the point.

There is one other piece of content mention though. Originally when I wrote my first draft, I mentioned there was one piece that did stand out as worth getting. Ruin’s Edge is 4 dollars, which again is steep, but the bow was highly detailed, and there wasn’t anything like it elsewhere, and it had some truly unique features and ideas. It was truly unique to Creation Club. The key word in that last sentence being “was”. Within a few days, there was a free version made available for PC players and it is superior in almost every way. The Creation Club version visually looks better and has some neat touches, but the random effects were picked from a small set. The free version has a lot more variety to its effects and is far more true to the spirit of Shivering Isles. In addition, the quest to get the Ruin’s Edge in the free version is far superior and is a truly unique quest that involves returning to the Shivering Isles and ends with a memorable boss fight. I can no longer suggest the Creation Club version and this was almost the final straw for me. But There is also another issue with Creation Club that I have not mentioned yet. That issue is that some of the content offered has been causing issues for players, such as corrupted saves, and game crashes, which has ruined hours of gameplay for many people.

I want to like creation club and went in with an open mind but it was honestly as bad as people said it would be. Maybe Bethesda can turn this around, but it has definitely not left a good impression so far.






The above was solely the opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect those of Real Otaku Gamer or the other staff.

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Microsoft released the following



Hey, everyone!

Excited to finally announce that Killer Instinct is coming to Steam TODAY (surprise!) for $39.99! This link will take you to KI’s page on the Steam Store once it props to the servers around 9 am:


We know, you’ve had a lot of questions about the Steam version, and while we ironed out the kinks the past few weeks, we remained purposefully mum on the details…until now. We’ve collected the top questions that were asked of us around the Steam version of KI, and we are going to answer them here. Without further delay, let’s jump in!


Q: Who is the Steam version of Killer Instinct for?

A: We are committed to making Killer Instinct available to as many players as possible and creating a large, strong network so there is always someone to fight–er, play against. Gamers who purchase the game through Steam now have access to play Killer Instinct and even better, they can also play against players on Xbox One and Windows 10 (and vice versa) for the first time ever.


Q: What’s included in the Steam version of Killer Instinct?

A: Killer Instinct on Steam includes all seasons of KI –  all 29 characters (including the newly released Eagle, plus Kilgore and Shin-Hisako remix characters), all 20 stages, all costumes, all colors, and all modes.


Q: I own KI on Xbox /Windows 10, is the information from Xbox cross-saved to Steam?

A: The cross-save and cross-buy features within Xbox Play Anywhere are enabled through the Xbox Live service on Xbox and Windows. However, Steam is a separate network which does not support Xbox Play Anywhere, so cross-saves accessing save game data are not supported.


Q: Is the game cross-buy? Does my purchased content carry-across platforms?

A: The Steam ecosystem is completely separate from the Windows Store and the Xbox Store, and therefore content does not carry across. We want to give gamers the choice of where to play – so if you love Steam and prefer to play with your Steam account, you now can.


Q: How can I play with my friends on Xbox/Windows?

A: Cross-Network play is limited to Exhibition, Lobby mode, and Shadow Lords MP, however, you cannot invite friends to compete in Exhibition if they are not on the same platform. The easiest workaround for this is to create a lobby, name it with specific parameters, and have players search for that lobby.


Q: Will my fight sticks work on Steam?

A: All XInput fight sticks work on Killer Instinct Steam version. Fight sticks that are D-Input are not currently supported by the Steam version, however, will work with the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions. Key note to this. Xbox One sticks will work with the Xbox & Windows version of KI, but not Steam.


Q: Are skins included in the Steam bundle?

A: Because of the development process and a bunch of other jargon that is too complex for my simple mind, Steam includes ALL* of the skins released for purchase. Yes, every Terror and Gold Skin will come with this Steam bundle.

*This does not include promotional skins from Ultimate Source figure collection.


Q: Does this include KI Classic 1 & 2?

A:Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition, which includes the classic versions of KI and all the behind the scenes features is still only available for Xbox One.


That question about the skins may be raising some eyebrows. Currently, skin packs have been a purchasable product on Xbox and Windows. The reasoning behind having them bundled into Steam is beyond my developmental comprehension, but what I do know is that we didn’t have a perfect solution for everyone. Bundling them in with Steam means that those who purchased the packs may feel slighted. Leaving the packs out of Steam meant that a subset of players wouldn’t have access to the wonderful Gold & Terror skins. Ultimately we decided on the following, and most important part of this paragraph: all Gold and Terror skin packs will be free for KI: Definitive Edition owners in the coming days.


If you’ve already purchased the skin packs, we very much thank you, and hope you enjoyed using them to your heart’s content. Now you can enjoy any packs that you may have missed out on without having to purchase them (if you’re a DE owner – just reiterating). There are still a few remaining skin packs, and they will be rolled out in the coming months. Gold Skins for Rash, Kilgore, Shin Hisako, and Eagle. Be on the lookout!


That brings us to another point. We mentioned that DE owners would also be able to download Eagle, Kilgore, and Shin Hisako for free at a later date. That date is also today! If you haven’t done so yet, hop into the Xbox or Windows Store and download the additional characters.


There are bound to be a ton more questions that you want answered, so drop into the forums to let us know. Thanks for playing and as always…


Killer Instinct is an amazing game and we have a review of the Steam version in the works. Will you be checking out this version?


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More DLC characters are coming to Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

Call from Mighty No. 9 as well as Joule from Azure Striker Gunvolt are available now in Japan for 200 yen. The characters should be available tomorrow in North America and Europe

Will you be getting the DLC?



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Bethesda sent out the following


Skyrim Creation Club’s all-new Survival Mode is now available on Steam for beta testing. You can be one of the first to check it out by simply opting-into the Steam beta.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will get to experience Survival Mode and other Creations early next month. Both PC and console players will get Survival Mode free for one week once it launches on their preferred platform.


Survival Mode adds new gameplay features and challenges to transform Skyrim into a land of unrelenting cold and harsh wilderness.


Survival Mode changes Skyrim in the following ways:


Over time, you will become hungry, which will impact your total stamina, as well as your ability to wield most weapons. As you become hungrier, your total available stamina will decrease, represented by a dark region inside the stamina bar. Eat food to restore your hunger. If you eat enough, you will receive the Well Fed bonus. Cooked food restores more hunger than uncooked food. If you eat raw meat, you may contract Food Poisoning, which can prevent you from receiving health benefits from food until the effect wears off. Hot soups can now be cooked by using fire salts, which restore your cold and also grant a bonus to your warmth rating.


Even the most stalwart adventurers will need to rest from time to time. Fatigue decreases your total available magicka, represented by a dark region inside the magicka bar. As you become more fatigued, the effectiveness of potions will begin to decline, and your ability to recover magicka and stamina will begin to suffer. You will need to periodically sleep in a bed in order to restore your fatigue. In Survival, the Well Rested bonus is no longer granted automatically after sleeping. If you sleep outside, you will not be able to get a restful night’s sleep, waking up Drained at best. If you sleep in a bed indoors, you will receive the Well Rested bonus.


The frigid chill of Skyrim is now a formidable foe unto itself. Traveling in snowy or rainy areas will increase your Cold. Cold decreases your total available health, represented as a dark region inside the health bar. As you become colder, your movement speed and ability to pick locks and pick pockets will begin to suffer. If you reach the highest level of Cold, your health will be reduced to zero and you will die from exposure to the elements. You can warm up by standing near a fire, eating hot soup, or moving to a warmer location. A sun or snowflake icon will appear near the compass to note whether you are currently getting warmer or colder.


The higher your warmth rating, the more slowly you will feel the effects of cold environments. Most clothing and armor provide warmth, displayed on the item’s description. Some armor is exceptionally warm, while others are ill-suited to protect their wearer from harsh climates. You can also temporarily increase your warmth rating by eating hot soup or holding a torch.

Freezing Water

Taking a swim in an ice-cold river can make for a quick death. If you swim in a freezing area, you will immediately become colder and begin taking health damage. Exit the water as soon as possible in order to begin warming up and stop the loss of health. Using a Flame Cloak spell or the Dunmer Ancestor’s Wrath ability can make you temporarily immune to the effects of freezing water.

Fast Travel

Fast Travel is disabled. If you wish to go somewhere, you must do so on foot or by horseback. You can also take a carriage or boat to your destination, but note that you may arrive hungry, cold, and in need of rest after a long journey.

Health Regeneration

You no longer regenerate health. You must use restorative spells, food, and potions to replenish your health.

Leveling Up

To level up, you must now sleep in a bed. You may still spend your perk points later once they have been granted after sleeping.

Carry Weight

Your carry weight has been significantly reduced. Becoming over encumbered also quickly drains your stamina and causes you to become fatigued much faster. Arrows and lockpicks now have weight.


Creatures across the land now carry threatening new diseases, and previous diseases are now even more debilitating. Eating uncooked meat can now cause Food Poisoning. If you fail to cure a disease, it may progress into a more serious version over time.


Time spent while unwell puts you at risk of contracting an affliction, which causes effects that can linger long after you have improved your condition. Afflictions will naturally wear off, or can be cured like other diseases. Some Afflictions include:

  • Weakened: You are less effective at using melee weapons and blocking damage with your shield.
  • Addled: All enchantments and spells cast are less effective.
  • Frostbitten: You are less effective at picking locks, picking pockets, and doing damage with a bow.


Shrines no longer cure diseases for free; you must now make a gold offering in order to receive the shrine’s benefits. Shrines you craft in a house you have built can be used for free.

Perks & Standing Stones

The Extra Pockets perk and The Steed Stone now grant 50 extra carry weight, instead of 100.

Vampires & Werewolves

Both vampires and werewolves can restore their hunger by feeding on their victims. While transformed into a Werewolf or Vampire Lord, you will become colder much slower than normal.


This is certainly a good addition to creation club. There are mods that do similar things but this seems to be a refined version with some more detail. Will you be checking this out during the free week?