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  • TITLE: “Inmates”
  • DEVELOPER: Davit Andreasyan
  • PUBLISHER: Iceberg Interactive
  • GENRE: Indie Psychological Horror
  • PLATFORM: PC (Steam)
  • PRICE: $9.99 USD
  • RELEASE DATE: October 5, 2017

Released just in time for the Halloween season, Inmates is a psychological horror that takes us deep within the mind of a man lost within a prison of his own making. The game is a horror-themed adventure that contains puzzles that will need to be solved during your quest to uncover the truth behind the prison you find yourself confined within.

The game begins when the protagonist, Johnathan, wakes up in a dark, disgusting-looking prison with no clue of how he got there. Everything seems strange and yet somehow familiar to him. As the player takes control of him and begins to explore this strange place they’ll start to discover that not only is what they see not just a simple nightmare, but that they are not alone within these dark walls. While the game does give you some sense of freedom as you explore, ultimately you’ll find that the game is fairly linear and that its goals are generally quite clear. That’s not to say that you aren’t encouraged to explore your surroundings, but rather that you’re unlikely to ever truly get lost. In the main prison area, for example, it’s clear pretty early on that you’ll need to push onward and find your way to the medical area located downstairs. As you walk down the corridor, though, you’ll pass numerous prison cells, most of which are unlocked and contain letters, books, notes or drawings scribbled on the walls, and matches that will help you see in very dark places. You’ll also come across several other prisoners who all seem to suffer from a strange phenomenon that makes their heads shake in a fast, erratic manner.

While you certainly don’t have to enter all of the cells in the prison, if you want to unlock all of the Steam achievements you’ll probably want to do so. A couple of the cells are “traps” where once you enter them the door locks behind you and you are forced to solve a simple puzzle before moving on. Also, at a couple spots during the adventure you’ll find yourself deep within Johnathan’s subconscious where you’ll have to solve a more complex puzzle before moving on with your journey. However, it’s interesting to note that these puzzles are not required to be completed for you to finish the game. If for some reason you find them too difficult, quitting the game and then loading your save data will put you at the next checkpoint after the puzzle sequence. Unfortunately, though, this will mean that you did not complete the puzzle and will not get the associated achievement. One issue that you may encounter with this mechanic is the fact that if you need to quit the game during one of these sequences (by necessity, not because you find the puzzle too hard), that will mean the game will skip the puzzle for you and you won’t be able to return to it without loading a previous chapter of the game. This is unfortunate if you’re the type that wants to successfully complete everything and not get past a challenge because of a minor technicality.

Overall, the game can be completed in around three hours at a casual pace, and while it tells a compelling story that generally will leave you wanting to push forward, the game is certainly not without its faults.

Inmates is a fairly buggy game, though to its credit none of the bugs completely breaks the game or ruins the experience. There are a couple spots where interacting with a critical object requires incredibly exact precision, such as activating the radio in the medical office. Oddly, in this specific case, the switch to activate the radio cannot be clicked on from the front but instead you’ll need to walk around to the radio’s side to activate it. Also, the game has a very annoying habit of letting you know that it needs you to interact with a certain object. When this is the case, Johnathan will suddenly turn to face whatever the item in question is and make a remark like “That looks interesting” or “Looks pretty neat.” While this could be seen as a good thing that keeps you from missing important items, it also can get you stuck in a room and unable to leave it unless you realize what you are missing. Sometimes, what you’re missing is essentially a false-positive. For instance, I had an issue in one of the trap cells after completing the puzzle where, even after the cell door opened and I tried to leave he would turn around and say “That looks interesting.” Every time I tried to leave he repeated that, despite the fact that I had already solved the puzzle. After a couple minutes fondling around in the cell, I finally realized that after I had completed the puzzle a box of matches had appeared in the room. Apparently, the game was not going to let me leave the cell unless I picked the matches up first!

Another issue I had with the game involves its overall level of lighting. Depending on your display, it’s possible that you’ll either find Inmates overall to be way too dark or way too bright. On my screen, overall while I felt like the game’s lighting levels were decent (you could see in pretty much all the locations though usually the corners and other peripheral spaces were quite dark), I never really found much of a need for the matches that I had other than a couple dark rooms that I wanted to see in. Of course, the game does have settings to raise or lower the brightness as you desire, so it’s not a huge issue. Still, it’s something that a few people will likely notice pretty quickly.

Ultimately, while I felt like the game did a good job telling its story, I did find the ending to be a bit bleak and not fully within my tastes. Of course, this is simply a matter of personal preference and nothing more. However, I will admit that I would have liked for there to have been a way to meet certain criteria and therefore get a better ending than the default one.

While Inmates is a game that shows some promise, it’s ultimately crippled by the various bugs that plague it as well as the incredibly slow walking pace the player is forced to endure. It’s linear design and pacing will also be a bit off-putting to those that would prefer a much more open style of exploration in their games.

For $9.99 at full price I’d only cautiously recommend picking up Inmates. It’s one of those titles that you may enjoy, but you’ll want to temper your expectations a bit. However, if you find the game on sale or as part of a bundle that contains some other potentially fun horror games, then you may want to consider picking it up.




Disclaimer: A review key was provided by the developers.

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A couple of years ago, Bethesda and Machine Games released Wolfenstein The New Order. It was a bold new take on the series and helped give it new life in the modern era. Now Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus has been released, but does it up the intensity or fall flat?


The first thing I noticed when playing The New Colossus is how gorgeous the game looks. This is one of the best looking games this year and makes full use of the resources it has available to itself. I cannot stress this enough, but Machine Games upped the ante in terms of presentation, and I applaud them for it. Along with that, there is an amazing soundtrack that works so well with the action that occurs. It just fits perfectly even as the scenarios change and this just adds to Wolfenstein’s enjoyablity factor

But now it is time to talk about the gameplay and wow is it amazing.  I did notice a few framerate stutters here and there but nothing too major. Playing this on the PS4 was an enjoyable time, and before I knew it, hours had passed.Wolfenstein II gives us multiple ways to take down Nazis and crush them in the name of the resistance, and therein lies the bizarre controversy of the game. For some reason people are offended that Nazis are the villains of the game and that is just strange to hear in this day and age. If anyone would be uncomfortable about anything in the game, it should be the sheer horror of a world where the Nazis won. Admittedly this did in fact bother me a little bit as the grandchild of holocaust survivors, and alternate history fiction like this does give me pause, but I am able to look past it and see the game for what it is.

Wolfenstein II is packed with content, both immediately visible and also hidden for you to find. I do not want to give spoilers, but I enjoyed finding all the secrets the game had to offer. I must admit, if it were not for the framerate issues I mentioned above, I would find this game perfect. I understand that some have issue with the game not having multiplayer modes, but I actually like that the focus was on single player gameplay. DOOM’s multiplayer felt like an ill fit for the game, so I am glad the focus and polish went solely into making a great campaign.

If there is anything I would change though, it is the pacing as the game feels like it slows down too much at times in terms of progression nd advancing in the plot. Again, this is not a deal-breaker and I still love the game. I was wary of this reboot from the beginning due to my family’s experience in World War 2, but these games are so well done, that I have been won over. I highly recommend this game.

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Stardew Valley is a game that is one you certainly won’t want to miss. A classic farming game that ever since its release has become such a hit, it has found homes on every system it could. Stardew Valley finally finds it’s home on Nintendo Switch and now it just feels like it’s found a perfect home. Stardew Valley is one of those games that you can spend hours on in a day, or a few minutes here and there. It’s a simple game yet one that people have dissected enough where you can now tell how intricate it can be. There are so many different things you can do in this game, and so many characters to meet that you won’t always have time to do everything you might want. Before you know it, it’s late and your character better head to bed.

Stardew Valley is at its core a farming game likened to Harvest Moon. When I was younger, playing Harvest Moon, I assured myself that one day I’d live in a Harvest Moon game and have a great life. While that never happened, I am happy to say I’ve found that magic again in Stardew.  This magic is something of an anomaly because, I’m not usually one for rustic living but the charm of these games is pure magic.

This game is one that is filled with so much to do. You can obviously farm and build your farm to be the best. This is always something I seem to not do so much, but I’m working on my farm this time. You can mine for ore and fight monsters so it’s not all about farming. Plus you get to meet strange people and find out their stories. You can even get married, and you can even be in a same sex relationship, if that floats your boat.

Stardew valley is an amazing game and one that will have you playing for hours upon hours. You will always find something to take up game time. From festivals, to different normal activities. It is always fun to see what comes up and as you continue to play the events change based on how you play. Going to a dance with a date will allow you actually take part in the festivities. Nothing will ever be the same when you take certain actions.

This game is also quite real in that you can ruin relationships. Unlike Harvest Moon where it really is one and done, you can divorce your spouse or be divorced. This is an all to real thing that makes you work a little harder for your in game spouse. This game really is like a modern Harvest Moon and that is a great thing. A game that wants to be all it can while taking on more to make it stand out. That is why it’s so amazing.

Stardew Valley is now out on the Switch as well as just about every other system you night want to own it on! So get out there, create a legendary farm, and live a long farm based life in Stardew Valley!

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Chris Jericho is well known for his time in WWE and his band Fozzy. He has chronicled his life and experiences over three previous books and now has turned his attention to making his new book about life lessons mixed with autobiographical details. With his trademark wit, Jericho takes us through the journey of an entertainer and a person and lets us in on his lessons learned.

The book is not arranged in traditional chapters like his Jericho’s previous books, but instead each chapter is a different lesson and covers a different part of Jericho’s life and experience. He details in full abut meeting Paul Stanley and getting invited to exclusive Grammy parties, auditioning for America’s Funniest Home Videos and having drinks with Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash while on a flight. Each of these involves a different life lesson and Jericho plays the part of the teacher well.

I have to say that I truly enjoy Jericho’s writing, and the format chosen for this new book is a great idea. It allows Jericho to tell numerous stories and details and what to take away from them, and also leave people wanting more, thus setting up his next book if he should write one. While some parts are a bit much to read ( Jericho going on in detail about his drinking habits) there is much to like in the book and just get lost in his writing. Whether you are a WWE fan or a music fan, or just a fan of good writing, there is something for everyone. Jericho gives more detail about his early years in wrestling in Calgary and what he learned from other wrestlers for example. He also discusses how one should sell themselves when trying to get a job or make a pitch. When emphasizing not to take no for an answer, Jericho goes into detail about what you can accomplish if you stick to that idea. And music fans will appreciate his discussions of the industry, his interactions with stars like the late Lemmy Kilmister as well as what it took to get Fozzy ahead.

There is also plenty of humor included, whether it be jokes about things that had occurred, or just the interactions themselves. Jericho definitely knows how to tell a story and this is a good one. it may bill itself as a guide, but it is a guide based on experience and that experience is what we all need to know more of.


No Is A Four-Letter Word is available in stores now.

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Fire Emblem is one of the greatest tactical strategy games of all times. With this amazing game as the source, coupled with the fun and energetic warriors style gameplay, something amazing is born. The warriors games are known for having huge lists of characters with different powers, taking on all sorts of enemies. This game is no exception and the Fire Emblem characters really do shine. In what looks to be an example of what Fire Emblem will look like in a main series game in the future Fire Emblem warriors really does shine.

This game is one that you can get into for as long as you like. There is always something to do in it, like in all other warriors games. This game is just about busting at the seams with content and that is a good thing. You will probably never find an end to the fun, unless you really are a completionist, because these games are just like that. This game is so fun because if you have a limited time all you have to do is find a short mission and you’ll feel like you spent your time wisely!

This game has a robust story mode, that is longer than the Hyrule Warriors Story mode. With voice acting, this game surpasses that by really letting you watch a story unfold. The story itself is similar to Hyrule Warriors, because heroes from different universes are all falling into the one the main characters live in. This is actually a good thing as it provides a solid base for why the events are occuring in the first place. While it might seem odd, these characters could float between any of the games and probably find a home anyway.

This game has characters from many different Fire Emblem games, from Fates, to Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and even Gaiden. These characters all come with their own storied paths which fit in part into the story mode. With the way the story ends though you have to wonder what happened to them when they returned. Along with all of the characters people know and love, there are also a few new characters. Rowan and Lianna are twins heirs to the throne of Aytolis. Rowan is a brash upstart who at first seemed way to cocky for his own good, while Lianna is a voice of reason. They both aren’t too keen on becoming King or Queen of Aytolis, but they know they will most likely have too. There is also Darios who is there childhood friend, but something about him may not be so good.

All the characters play as you would expect them to play. Characters like Marth, Chrom, and Lyn are fast as they simply wield swords. Robin is a bit slower as he has to ready his spells, along with Elise and Leo. Camilla and Cordelia both fly so they also take a little longer but can bust up foes. Frederick is a tank as usual and his horse can mow down enemies just by charging through them. It all takes a little adjusting to figure out what type of characters you will play as. Though, you will probably just end up picking your favorites and will learn how to control them. This is certainly par for the course for this series, as the series itself is quite fanservicey in that regard.

There is also a History mode which is comparable to Adventure mode from Hyrule Warriors. In this mode you get to relive historic battles from the series. There are missions to complete and heroes to unlock like, Lyn, Celica, Female Robin, and Male Corrin. This mode is cool because it shows off what happened in these games while giving you more game to play. All of the missions have different directives and it is interesting seeing how things change. As you progress through the missions the battle field changes and different routes pop up changing the history. It is all very interesting to see things go differently.

Being a Fire Emblem game there is also a decent tactical side to the game. While you are playing you can adjust your characters locations to give you the edge. You can also order them to different locations midbattle so they complete objectives. They will devastate enemies as you do, and that is always a good thing. Traveling on foot isn’t always going to cut it and you will need to have a good assortment of weapon types to really get the job done.

As it is a Fire Emblem game there is also Pairing up. You can pair up units to devastate opponents with a combo attack if both of their gauges are full. They will also aid each other in battle which is the norm. The other cool thing is that when the relationship is maxed between certain characters, a scene will be shown. This is fun because most of them are between characters who would never normally meet. This leads to fun encounters that really need to be seen to be believed.

The game itself also has a robust achievement system which is great for adding play time, a good collection of things to collect, and a great soundtrack. The music is great because depending on the stage you can hear remixes of classic songs from the series. It is always cool to see what remixes the creators come up with. You never know when  you will hear a riff from one of the past games and that is wonderful.

Fire Emblem warriors is a fantastic game and one that is surely not to be missed. If you like either series you should do yourself a favor and at least try out this game. There is so much to do, and so much game to play. Plus, with DLC coming out including 9 new characters, 9 history maps, new costumes, and new support conversations this game could last till the end of time. So do yourself a solid, and engage in some exhilarating Fire Emblem Warriors Combat today!



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FreakZone Games has made some truly amazing games over the years. From Manos: The Hands of Fate the game, to the two official AVGN video games, FreakZone has brought amazing experiences to us all. Now with the Nintendo Switch out, there is a new market for their games, and FreakZone and Nicalis have started out strong.

Knight Terrors is an auto-runner budget title. That may sound off-putting to you but it should not. There is a difference between crummy Flappy Bird clones and high quality auto-runners. The closest game I would compare this to is in fact the ios game Punch Quest, which bills itself as an auto-puncher, and was full of content that kept players coming back for more. The same is here with Knight Terrors, simple intuitive controls, with fun gameplay that mixes things up. There is the usual dodging obstacles but you will also be attacking enemies along the way. You must hit a certain amount to progress to the next level, which occurs automatically once you hit the goal. Miss more than three monsters and it is game over, but the counter resets every level.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the art style is excellently done to evoke a retro style monster themed game. FreakZone clearly put a lot of work into the art and animation and that is to be commended. They have made excellent retro style games in the past like those mentioned above, and Knight Terrors follows proudly in that tradition. I also must mention the amazing soundtrack that is both eerie and epic at the same time. Just listen to the music at the start screen for a few minutes and you will understand why I am saying that. It is some of the best retro style music in an indie game ever.

I found Knight Terrors to be a joy, the game was fun and addictive and there was an incentive to replay, as doing well unlocks new modes to play, and doing well in those modes unlocks even more modes. For a cheap eShop game, Knight Terrors is packed to the brim with stuff to do, has a good amount of challenge and keeps things fresh with new power-ups you can earn. Budget games often get a bad reputation, but the truth is, there are good ones and Knight Terrors is proof of that. I daresay this is better than some games on the eShop that cost significantly more. I fully recommend this game! You will not regret it, and I daresay this is a hidden gem.

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I will admit right away that survival games are not a genre I have played very much of. There is no real reason, I simply have not been interested in it, until now. The Flame in the Flood is a game that provides both a good entry point and a good challenge at the same time.

The game is set in a world where rising water ha flooded the world. Into this world, we have Scout and her dog Daisy who must survive while trying to find a radio tower. Their journey will take them to different areas in this procedurally generated world, and find what they need to survive. It seems daunting at first but the game doesn’t make things too hard and instead eases you into things, while giving glimpses into what happened in the world. This helps create a better atmosphere, while also advancing the story and giving more direction. I have no faults with that and appreciate the way it kept things interesting.

I do have some issues, with how the pacing did feel strange at times, and the major issue is inventory space. It does create problems, especially a the start and that could make the game seem worse than it really is. That is a shame, because the game does have a lot going for it, even if you spend so much time going through the various menus. If you can get through this rough start, however, you will see a game with a realized world, interesting environments, as well as beautiful visuals.

The game also must be noted for its amazing soundtrack, and I had to stop every so often just to take in more of the music and appreciate it far more. It isn’t often that happens to me to anymore, so I always get a little excited when it does. Good music is something that needs to be appreciated in gaming.

Overall, I am still not very interested in survival games, but I must say that The Flame in the Flood did a lot to make me appreciate the genre more. If you like survival games, or are curious about them, this is one you should keep an eye on.




Disclaimer: A review key was provided by the developer


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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus comes out tomorrow. While this may seem like just another video games (albeit an amazing looking one), it is actually far more significant. Wolfenstein: The New Order was released a few years ago, but in many ways that seems like a different era altogether. In the time since then, America and indeed much of the world, has become very divided politically. This is normal for most countries, but what is not okay is the rise of extremist hate speech and people advocating racism.

Now while those individuals do have a right to say what they say due to first amendment rights, it is also important to know that we can stand up to them. The fact is that this is a pivotal moment, not just in terms of politics but also in terms of society in general, i.e. what direction we will be going in. That is where a game like Wolfenstein II: The new Colossus comes in. Given the rise of what has been dubbed the Alt-Right, it is necessary to make sure we do not let the fact that the Nazis committed horrible atrocities and murdered millions. We cannot let their image be rehabilitated by those who seek to hide the past and pretend they were not evil, those who seek to revive their movement an ideology.

Wolfenstein II, is in fact more than a game. It has become a response to the extremists and lets them know “No, you aren’t the heroes. You are most definitely the villains”. It holds nothing back and that is what is needed. While punching someone in real life can end up with you being arrested or charged (since it is assault), art does not have that same limitation. Wolfenstein II carries on the tradition of works like Captain America and shows that those who resist against hate will triumph in the end. B.J. Blazkowicz is in many ways the Captain America we need today, and it is good we have him.





The above is the opinion solely of the author and not necessarily  hat of Real Otaku Gamer or its staff.

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Survival horror has gone through many changes over the years, but with the Evil Within 2, we have a true return to form for the genre. This is a game that will not only test your mettle, but will in fact scare you, or at least make a you a jump a few countless times. Created by the great Shinji Makami, this game is certainly one that you will enjoy if you the genre, and playing this game in the month of October will certainly help in making your Halloween time that much more horrifying.

In this game you play as a man named Sebastian Castellanos who is out looking for his daughter Lily who was abducted years before. He tracks her down to this crazy place called the Union, where things are definitely not what they seem. Sebastian has a lot of baggage concerning his daughter as clearly he wasn’t always the best dad, and he just wants to find her now, but really has no idea where she could actually be. With this idea in his head, he must also face villainous monsters who want nothing more than to kill him. There is also the threat of Lily not being all that happy to see him when he does find her.

This game, is great because it allows you to play as you want. You can of course go in guns blazing and kill all the enemies on sight. Which isn’t always the best way to go about it, because some of your foes will be quite sneaky. You can also of course, if possible sneak around. Being careful always has its advantages as you don’t want to go in to hot and waste ammo. You can also craft in this game, which is an interesting and modern addition. In the game you can craft anywhere, and make things to assist you on your journey. Or you can use a workbench, which while harder to come by, will lessen your use of crafting items. It is a good balancer for crafting as you will have to use your own judgement. While it might be easier to craft anywhere, if you know it will use too much you’ll be forced to strategize and wait for the work bench.

There are also side quests in which you can gain other items which are scarce. This is another solid mechanic as you can always use more items to take on the foes you may come across. Plus, who doesn’t like taking on quests to hold off completing the main story. There is even customization for your character through the use of Green gel. There is a skill tree which is broken into five sections or health, stealth, combat, recovery, and athleticism. Putting your points to the right skills will make your game your own, and customization always is a good thing. You can even upgrade weapons with parts you may find, adding to further increase your firepower.

Sebastian is an excellent character to play as, and you really feel for him. Having to lose your daughter at any age is difficult and knowing that she is actually still alive makes it all the worse. He knows that deep down he wasn’t there for her as much as he could have been and that he lost her mother too. Losing both wife and daughter in one fell swoop would make any man go the distance to find his lost but living daughter. Playing through this game, I really felt that if he could turn back time, he would change his ways and be there for his family.

This game is a great one, and is packed with at least three playthroughs of content. Casual mode, which is what the creator of the game suggests, is actually the best one to start with as it will ease you in. Though I’m sure there will be many who will jump right in with Survival or Nightmare. This game really has something for all who dare attempt it, anyone who loves this type of game should find a difficulty setting perfect for them.

This game certainly is horrifying in a way that I have not experienced since I played Resident Evil 4. Now, I don’t play many Survival Horror Games as often as I’d like. This game has me feeling exactly like I did when I first played Resident Evil 4. Feeling totally lost and all alone, not knowing what was coming. My blood pumping as  I walk through derelict places and have to hold my own, not knowing if I’d find bullets soon. This game is something that puts me back to the time, where I was trying out my first survival horror game, and the true fear that I experienced back then. While I may have improved in my gaming, there is something apparently integral to this genre that will always scare me shitless and for that I am so thankful.

Though this game is infinitely also much more improved than Resident Evil 4, as there is true stealth. Now, not only do I feel like I can be a ghost and dodge enemies if need be, I also fear that I will be detected and immediately killed on sight. The enemies are fantastically frightening in their own rights as are the bosses. This game is one that keeps me on the edge of my seat as I roam its land, and that is a great part of this genre.

Evil Within 2, is an awesome game and one that will really test you wits. Heading around the Union, completing side quests, killing monsters, and maybe getting a little freaked out are all par for the course. Will you help Sebastian find his daughter, or will this all turn out for naught? Find out when you play Evil Within 2 for Playstation, Steam, and Xbox One!



Reviewed on PS4

Disclaimer: Bethesda provided a review code

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Games made as licensed tie-ins to movies have a certain reputation of not being particularly good. And then there are instances where a movie that was not particularly good gets a gam adaptation, which can be cause for worry. However, every so often we come across a licensed game that is actually good, such as the classic Goldeneye 007 on N64. This year saw the release of the reboot of “The Mummy” franchise, and while that movie is sadly best left forgotten, I am happy to report that the same is not true of the tie in game.

The Mummy: Demastered  is a throwback to classic gaming, particularly Super Metroid and Contra, with elements of Casltevania as well as WayForward’s DS game Aliens: Infestation. Like in the latter game, if your marine is killed, you start over with a new marine from your last save point. However, here the difference is twofold in that there is no limit to the amount of lives and also that you can kill your zombified former character to recover your gear.

It is strange, but this feels less like a movie tie in game, than a game that just happens to take inspiration from the ideas in the movie. This is a very good thing, as it means the game is not held down by anything and can just go all in on being a great game. As noted above, the game takes a lot of inspiration from the classics, and I daresay this is one of the best metroidvanias made in recent years. The atmosphere is tense, like in Super Metroid, and the enemies and powerups are used well as tools to expand the game, rather than just being powerups. The openness of the game, is combined with a claustrophobic feeling that truly helps create an amazing atmosphere for the game.

On Nintendo Switch, the game makes excellent use of the HD rumble and this comes in handy more than might be expected. I have to say that WayForward did things that one wouldn’t expect, and I do not want to give away spoilers about that. I will note that many complain about the game being too difficult, and say that it is hard, but it is also very fair at the same time. It doesn’t put cheap challenges in your way, and gives you multiple ways to make it through. This is just a well done masterpiece and a brilliant example of a licensed game done right. I fully recommend this!



Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Disclaimer: WayForward provided a review code.