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No GravatarArc System Works and Aksys Games have released a new story trailer for Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR. The trailer shows off the new plot of the game and hints at some major events occurring. Given that a major theme of the game is revelations, we can expect this story mode to answer many questions people have had for years.

Check out the trailer below.



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Shadow of the Beast was a game for the Amiga, ZX Spectrum and other platforms, developed by Psygnosis and was a visual masterpiece for its time. Psygnosis was later purchased by Sony who thus acquired the ownership of Shadow of The Beast and have now revived the IP for the Playstation 4.

The first thing to note about this game is the fact that this is NOT your traditional beat-em-up game. There are precise controls and movements to be done along with quick time events in order to do well in the game. It can be tricky to learn at first but once you get the hang of it, you will find the game is actually very fun. Some have written off this game, simply due to the control scheme and that’s pretty unfair since the game makes no illusions of what it is. Combat can be fluid and quick, or thought out and deliberate or even both but all it requires is one to follow the directions. When you do that, the game flows well and you get into it much better.

The visuals in this game are absolutely stunning.  The game has beautiful layouts and transitions from 2D to 3D done so well that it can actually leave you speechless for a time. The various areas you visit all seem alive and unique, unlike anything in a video game before it. It is something truly to be seen.


However, if there is a major flaw in this game, it is in the platforming. The game attempts to mix styles but it is here where it falls short. The platforming in the game is awkward and, at times, can be downright frustrating. The game just doesn’t seem to be made with proper platforming in mind. This can really mess you up when you are in some of the later stages for example where you are in need of precise jump. Its a big mark against an otherwise great game.


The highly visual style of combat led me to jokingly call this “Odd of War” when I saw the trailer but its not necessarily a bad assessment. The game has a stunning 2D visuals and an ultraviolent combat system that is a beautiful marriage of style and substance. Its not perfect but then again, nothing is. The game can be beaten in just a few hours but there is so much replayability that you will keep coming back. There are unlockable extras including the original Amiga version, which has options to reduce the difficulty (and you will have difficulty with this).  It just has so much in it, that it really does have something for everyone, for both modern and retro gamers. While the platforming does bog it down somewhat, the game is still fantastic and I can easily recommend it. For once, this is a remake that’s done right.

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No GravatarSNK and Atlus have revealed the King of Fighters XIV “Burn To Fight” Premium collector’s edition.

To quote the release

The King of Fighters XIV represents an evolution of the respected fighting game
series, so what better way to celebrate than with a premium edition packed with
awesome goodies? Although the folks at SNK are working around the clock to make
KOF XIV one of the most competition friendly games in the genre, they took the time
and effort to help us create a premium package worthy for those who live, breathe,
and eat fighting games. With series-first 3D graphics, meticulous gameplay tweaks,
streamlined controls, a strong roster of fighters, and vastly improved online
experience (get hyped for Party Battle mode!), it’s only right that the “Burn to Fight” edition
reflects the high standards of the game.
The King of Fighters XIV “Burn to Fight” Premium Edition include the following:

* SteelBook® – The game disc will be encased in a collectible SteelBook® emblazoned
with the series’ fiery mainstay, Kyo Kusanagi, literally burning to fight.
* Art book – This 144-page art book will be filled with original character/stage
drawings from throughout the series.
* 3-Disc Soundtrack – Those looking for an audio fix will be able to enjoy a three-disc
soundtrack (housed in a gorgeous Mai Shiranui illustrated case) comprised of 60+
electric songs worthy of the greatest fighting tournament in the world.
* Collector’s Box – All the above items will be packaged in a scorching box adorned
with familiar characters.

You can see an image below




This looks to be a top notch collector’s edition and we are more excited than ever for this game. King of Fighters XIV releases this August.


Source: PR Email


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No GravatarSNK and Atlus have shown off another trailer for the upcoming King of Fighters XIV, this time showing off Team Fatal Fury, comprising of SNK mascot Terry Boggard, his brother Andy and Muay Thai Boxer Joe Higashi. The trailer’s visuals look awesome and we cannot wait to play this,. KOF XIV releases this August.




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No GravatarScrewAttack Games sees opportunity where others see humor and have released this amazing trailer for AVGN2. Presenting the MasterASS trailer. the game is on sale now.

See the trailer below



And see our interview with ScrewAttack games here

No GravatarDeep Silver has released this…unique trailer for Mighty No. 9 that shows off the game and has a very interesting narration. Make of the trailer what you will, but it is rather unusual in our opinion. Mighty No. 9 release June 21 of this year.




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No GravatarThe sequel to StarTropics is also coming to the Wii U Tomorrow. Interestingly the description mentions the Tetrads which were changed in the Wii VC version.







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Tomorrow’s Wii U VC game has been revealed as the cult classic startropics. This classic game was compared to Zelda at the time and is a favourite of many. Will you be getting it?


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No GravatarNintendo revealed on twitter that one gamer proposed via a course in Super Mario Maker. She said yes. And now the course is available for all to enjoy.

See the tweet below




Update: you can see the video below of her reaction.



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meat 1

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A few weeks ago, I started playing Super Meat Boy and it’s kept me busy since then. This game will haunt my nightmares for the rest of my days. It is this game that I have learned the true meaning of “platform hell”……and it’s actually a decent video game as well.

Super Meat Boy has a notorious reputation for being a balls hard game. It is well earned reputation but that doesn’t mean the game is bad by any account. The game is difficult but not impossible. This is a game you play if you want to show your friends that you can be good, or if you want to really learn how to get good.

You play as Meat Boy, a wad of meat who has to rescue Bandage Girl, which seems simple if not for the fact that every stage is a sadistic deathtrap. You will soon be ducking and dodging everything imaginable, just to reach the goal and as you progress, it only gets harder and harder. Eventually the early stages will seem like the easiest levels of “Sonic” compared to what happens later on.

But just because a game is hard, does not mean it’s bad. Super Meat Boy is a game that will knock you down and make you like it. It is a game that mocks you at every turn but at the same time, motivates you to continue. This is one of those rare games where no matter how much you die, something just clicks inside of you that makes you want, nay, NEED to beat it. Hard games come out all the time, but only a few actually succeed in this sweet spot like Super Meat Boy,  in terms of 2D Platformers anyways. You will find yourself playing and replaying the levels and becoming more determined than ever to beat it. That is one of the best feelings a game can give you.

Sadly, Super Meat Boy lacks the original soundtrack that it had before, due to licensing issues, but the new soundtrack is a very suitable replacement. The visuals look great and the presentation is all around top notch.

If you are a fan of platformers, hard, easy or otherwise, then you owe it to yourself to check out this game.



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