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Animal Crossing: World Connections (?) is a premise of what the new title for the Nintendo Switch could possibly be.

  • After another massive update to the now 5-year-old Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer games and your Nintendo Switch console will allow cross-connectivity.
  • AC:WC will allow more storage. Up to 5 containers (total of 500 items) can be used all over your town/campsite.
  • This will be the ultimate Animal Crossing title. It has features and locations from ALL previous titles.
  • Your town has a massive campground, so you can implement your new features from the New Leaf update (at Launch) and Pocket Camp. (at a later date)
  • Nintendo Switch feature: If you have My Nintendo accounts for multiple regions, you can use the new International Re-Tail shop to acquire those rare items that were so limited in other versions ie, the 7-11 branded items.
  • Up to 8 local co-op players can visit your town. 4 players total online.
  • You can carry your current items from New Leaf over to World Connections. Not Vice versa.
  • Amiibos and amiibo cards will allow special items to appear in the towns, buy either shaking trees or purchasing them from the shops.
  • Amiibo cards will allow characters to appear in your town as visitors or new residents.
  • With Happy Home Designer you can use the items from the 3ds to the Switch and customise Campgrounds, your homes and also special locations. 
  • The number of Museum pieces had grown exponentially, including artifacts such as pottery and weapons.
  • Not only do you get a coffee sh0p, there are now restaurants and drink stands (sushi, anyone?).
  • For the first time, The Able Sisters will sell Nintendo licensed clothing.  Your ability to create designs has increased as well.
  • You can now take photos with your New Nintendo 3ds and save them and use them in New Leaf and World Connections.
  • There are now 3 Islands to go to now. More info on those is forthcoming.
  • One more thing about Amiibo, ALL Amiibo figures will have some functionality whether it be clothing or other items. or even guests in your town.
  • More shops and stores are being added. Including 2 theaters, one that shows movies and the other for stage shows.
  • Nook’s Store has 7 upgrades with the largest being a multiple story complex.
  • You have the ability again to sell your home. Now you can have Campground and a home!
  • You can now share a video of your town and properties and share them with the video capture feature.
  • For you lazy people, for a large fee, you can transport your home and items from your New Leaf game to World Connections.
  • You can play minigames on ALL game consoles you find in the game. 

Well, we are looking into the possible (?) future.  This article is a collection of rumors, juicy tidbits and maybe even some actual information. You will be the judge of that.

This is a work of pure fabrication from the mind of a huge Animal Crossing fan.

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No GravatarOn this episode, we talk about a variety of topics including what we are playing and the pros and cons of the N64 mini, The high prices of retro games, L.A. Noire for the Nintendo Switch, EA not releasing sports games every year and the PSN trophy for credit model. Your Hosts are me, James and Zoe. We had some technical issues and a surprise at the end.

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No GravatarIn a timed exclusive with the creator of the show, The Scarlet Derby Plays comes to Real Otaku Gamer. This is a new series from my good friend Mike Cervantes. This is a very entertaining show. We are glad to showcase the show on Real Otaku Gamer.



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Last month, Billings Farm and Museum challenged Nintendo to a cow milking competition in 1-2 Switch after feeling Nintendo made it seem easier to milk a cow than it really is.. Nintendo then responded that they would accept the challenge, and we now have video of the competition. Did Nintendo treehouse members do well vs actual farmers? And what did they think of milking actual cows? Well, its safe to say that if nothing else, this proves Nintendo will always be a unique company.

This competition was good for Nintendo in more ways than one. For one thing, it is offbeat advertising that sticks out more than any marketing plan would ever do. As well, it helps to refute the accusations made by PETA about animal cruelty, which were baseless as well.

See the video below.


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No GravatarThe good folks at Smosh Games have released an Honest Game Trailer for Breath of the Wild. They take time to poke some fun but also praise the game.

This is a game everyone seems to love, and even the parodies cannot hide their enthusiasm for it. Of course, they do point out some of the elements aren’t new, but it is all in good fun.


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File this one under things that you would never expect to hear about Nintendo. The British tabloid, The Sun, has actually stated, rather unbelievably that 1-2 Switch’s Cow Milking Game is a sex act simulator.

Their headline reads “Nintendo Switch games lineup includes a VERY suggestive ‘sex act simulator’. This is a stretch even for the Sun, who are no strangers to exaggeration and sensationalism. However, there is an upside to this. Namely that the the insane article might actually generate some free publicity for Nintendo in the UK, and given that Nintendo has always had a difficult time with the UK market, this could actually end up helping them in the long run. No such thing as bad publicity in this case.


No GravatarGeeks on the Internet Having a Beverage is the new show where I talk to my friends in the geek culture. This episode is featuring my good friend Torrence Davis, formerly the Editor In Chief of The BitBag and STFU and PLAY.  We talked about Old School games and going to arcades and playing Pong and other games. Two old guys talking about the good old days. We had a great first episode. We even talk about Animal Crossing New Leaf!

Thanks Torrence!

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No GravatarThe Good folks at Smosh have made an honest game trailer for Minecraft Story Mode. The trailer is full of humorous insight but also some scathing remarks about the nature of the game.




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No GravatarSmosh Games has released an honest game trailer for Recore. They point out many of the flaws and while making some nice comments, they really savage the game. From the visuals to the game design, nothing is safe, especially not the loading. Take a look below.



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No GravatarThe brilliant people at Smosh Games have released a new honest game trailer, this time poking fun at Dead Rising. With the remakes having just released, taking a look back at the series with a humorous view isn’t all that bad.